Xcel Energy Center Parking Guide – Tips, Maps, and Deals

Xcel Energy Center Parking Guide- Tips, Maps, and Deals

This Xcel Energy Center parking guide will help you find information on all official and unofficial parking options, tailgating rules, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Xcel Energy Center Parking Guide – Tips, Maps, and Deals 

Xcel Energy Center Parking

Xcel Energy Center is a very popular stadium for its WWE Raw championship. This arena is located in St. Paul, Minnesota, and serves as the home of the Minnesota Wild, a famous ice hockey team in America.

Since its establishment in 2000, the arena has been a favorite place for NHL to conduct matches. The arena has the facility of four types of spectators level; one is the suite level, and the rests are the general. The capacity of Xcel Energy Parking is almost 18k.

This multipurpose arena is one of the favorite places of the Minnesota people, and the craze might disappoint you while finding a parking space as the Xcel Energy Center parking lot gets filled in no time.

Therefore, if you are planning to visit Xcel Energy Center, our parking guide might be a lifesaver for you.

Xcel Energy Center Official Parking and Cost

Xcel Energy Center Official Parking Map
Xcel Energy Center Official Parking Map

Xcel Energy Center official parking consists of two parking ramps, River Center and Kellogg. All these lots are well connected with the arena.

Off-street parking on the river center ramp is $4 for one hour, while the monthly parking charge is $115.

Kellogg Boulevard parking charges start at $5 for 2 hours. You can buy the parking lot ticket for $16 for 24 hours.

The entrance for these parking lots are –

North gate

  • Address – 1-35E south to 94 west
  • Exit point – Through Marion street

South Gate

  • Address – 1-35 E North to Kellogg Blvd Exit
  • Exit point – Exit near Kellogg Blvd

East Gate 

  • Address – 1-94 west
  • Exit point – Through Marion street

West Gate

  • Address – 1-94 East to the Kellogg Blvd Exit
  • Exit Point – Exit near Kellogg Blvd

Southeast Gate

  • Address – US-52 North 
  • Exit point – Towards East 7th street / MN-5

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Xcel Energy Center Nearby Parking Options

Public Parking
Public Parking

The Xcel parking lot gets overflowed sometimes, and in that situation, you can look for nearby parking lots. The nearby parking lots are affordable and located within walking distance of the stadium.

Check out them-

Holiday Inn Garage

  • Address – 234 W Kellogg Blvd
  • Distance – 0.1 mi
  • Price – $30

Catholic Charities Lot

  • Address – 183 W. 9th St. 
  • Distance – 0.2 mi 
  • Price – $25

Treasure Island Garage

  • Address – 400 Wabash St. N. 
  • Distance – 0.3 mi 
  • Price – $10

City Walk Garage

  • Address – 69 E. 7th St. 
  • Distance – 0.4 mi
  • Price – $7

Lawson Commons Garage

  • Address – 11 W. 5th St. 
  • Distance – 0.3 mi 
  • Price – $20 

The Lowry Garage – Valet

  • Address – 349 Wabasha St. N. 
  • Distance – 0.3 mi 
  • Price – $18

Town square parking Ramp

  • Address – 405 Minnesota St.
  • Distance – 0.4 mi
  • Price – $23 

 193 Saint Paul Farmer’s parking lot

  • Address – 290 E. 5th St.
  • Distance – 0.9 mi
  • Price – $7

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Xcel Energy Center Handicap Parking

Handicap parking at Xcel Energy Center

Xcel Energy Center authority has specified some space for specially disabled people. As the place is not so spacious, you need to come here early to spot a slot in the parking lot. 

The authority has strict rules and regulations, so you must bring a government-verified document before entering the parking lot. You are good to go if you have a valid placard or license.

175 West Kellogg Boulevard is the official drop-off for the Xcel Energy Center handicap parking.

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Public Transit To Xcel Energy Center 


You can reach Xcel Energy Centre by Bus at your convenience. The transit lines 54, 63, 94, and 74 passes near Xcel Energy Center. By bus, it takes 25 minutes to reach Xcel Energy Centre from the University of St. Thomas. 5th St & Washington, Smith Ave & 5th St W, and Smith Ramp & Layover are a few nearest bus stations from Xcel Centre.


Robert Street rail station is near Xcel Energy Center, so you can reach the center via the light rails departing towards Robert Street. On foot, it takes 28 minutes to reach the Robert Street rail station from the Xcel Energy Center.


If you are not willing to travel via bus or light rail, you can opt for Uber taxis. Uber taxis are available in the range of Xcel Energy Centers, so you can book a ride on the Uber app. Besides, you can take Lyft services to reach the arena. Kellogg Boulevard is the official Uber drop-off location.

Tailgating at Xcel Energy Center Parking

Tailgating Rules at Xcel Energy Center
Tailgating Rules at Xcel Energy Center

Xcel Energy Center Parking does not allow tailgating in the parking area. However, the parking area consists of various restaurants and pubs, and you can enjoy the food from there.

Maharaja’s Gift and Patrick McGovern’s Pub are the best places to enjoy the drink. Wild Cantina, Sausage Haus, City Burger, and Classic Meals are the best restaurants for having meals before stepping into the arena.

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Getting to Xcel Energy Center

Xcel Energy Center is located at 199W Kellogg Blvd, St Paul, MN 55102. To get there, you can travel by your car. However, public transport will be the best option to avoid traffic.

Bus service and light rail are available at the Xcel Energy center. The arena is located between Interstate 94 and 35 E, which makes the arena accessible to the people.

You can easily navigate the location through Google Maps.

Closing Comments

There you have it – a detailed Xcel Energy Center parking guide.

In this guide, we have covered all the details regarding parking at Xcel Energy Center, which will surely help you to get a space in the parking lot.

With that said, here I am wrapping up this article. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them in the comment section below. Our team will try to respond ASAP.

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