Arizona 2020 Election Report ( Real or Fraud? )

Arizona 2020 Election Fraud Report

The 2020 US presidential elections have been rather controversial, and the biggest of all those controversies is obviously the US election fraud allegations. While these allegations are yet to be accepted in the court, there is already sufficient proof of election fraud available for the public to decide whether the current elected president of the United States is truly deserved this post. Since the first round of voting across all the United States, the news of something shady with the votes started coming in. Well, Donald Trump and his allies are not the ones you can keep in dark for too long, so Donald Trump went into this with his sources and came out to the press soon. He openly alleged the Democrats of rigging the elections, and since then, things haven’t been going quite well for people of the United States.

The Conservative supporters of Donald Trump launched widescale protests everywhere and things went a bit too far in the month of January when some people stormed the US Capitol. The Investigations on this matter are yet to be done, and who was actually behind this attack is still unknown. Was this done to tarnish the image of Donald Trump? Well, you never know. Anyways, this led to Trump and his staunch allies getting banned from major social media platforms and eventually them forming their own social media platforms providing Americans, access to free speech in the truest sense. Examples of such platforms are – Gab, Gettr, Frank Speech etc.

Let’s come back to the topic of Arizona and its Election results, Arizona is one of the Swing states of the 2020 elections and it becomes extremely crucial to get a plus in this state for a candidate to possibly win the elections. The history of Arizona states that it is one of the strongest states for republicans, but it came out to be extremely shocking for everyone when the state turned blue and democrats had a win. Arizona has a crucial 11 votes and these votes were majorly won by Joe Biden. Just imagine what sorcery the Democrats must have done to win in a state like Arizona.

There have been numerous court cases, suits, and hearings on the election fraud cases in Arizona and we are here to summarize all of those in our Arizona 2020 election fraud report. This compilation of allegations, hearings, facts and evidence will help you to frame a proper view on the election fraud, and take a better part in shaping the future of the United States. Make sure you read this report completely.

The 2020 Election Fraud Report For Arizona

Arizona is a big enough state with more than 3,00,000 disputed votes alone, Joe Biden’s winning margin is small but pretty unexpected, as till this date too, the state is considered to be hardcore republican, surveys show that nearly 80% of the people are Republican and voted for Donald Trump, but the results are so different from what various surveys conducted by top experts say. Biden won by only 10,000 votes which are only 0.3% of the total votes. 11 electoral votes from the state of Arizona are in dispute and 36 of such votes are needed for Trump’s win.

The Court proceedings are continuing rather slowly, but it is better late than never. Let’s have a look at the key allegations for Arizona 2020 election fraud.

Key allegations for Arizona 2020 election fraud

Some solid evidence needs to be presented before the court to have a strong stand in a case, and so far, the allegations made here are logical and are backed with considerable evidence, the key allegations are as follows: 

  • Unobserved and Unaccountable vote counting

Among the many heinous crimes against fair elections, one was the most prominent across many states, while the counting rooms were announced to be closed, counting still secretly continued, this has never happened in any election and is not a standard practice.

  • Votes By Non-citizens

Various evidence suggests that numerous non-citizens and non-residents of the state voted in the elections, all of these votes are going for the democrats. While the official counting data does not state anything alike, a survey by the Trump legal team shows that as many as 37000 non-citizens have voted. 

  • 21,000 voters can’t prove their citizenship

There are 21000 voters who haven’t proved their citizenship. These people have all voted for Democrats as displayed by several estimates. Senator Kelly Townsend alleged that these voters are not registered in the MVD and all they need is an easily forgeable bank statement to get a ballot. 

  • Huge vote surges for Biden

It is easy for anyone to understand that a large number of votes don’t come out of thin air, but this actually happened with Biden. The official vote inflow graph shows that Biden got high and unexplained surges in his vote count on several moments. This indicates the theory of unidentified ballot trucks going in and out of counting centers.

  • Mathematically incorrect data

Bobby Piton, a renowned mathematician states that the whole election data is filled with anomalies, and he would bet his life. The mathematician also claims that if a truly independent audit of this election is done, it won’t be long when the Republicans will be back in power again.

Court Cases

Arizona Senate, Cyber Ninjas provide update on election audit -

As of now, the Republicans/Trump supporters have prevailed in 66% of the cases. There have been numerous cases that have been shut, but countless others are still open. Many lawsuits have been filed against major Republicans like Mike Lindell, Giuliani, and Sidney Powell, these lawsuits total billions of dollars. Dominion has been quite active in fighting these cases and lawsuits against them. According to the state law, there needs to be a verified suspicion on at least 0.01% of votes for an automatic recount, but such has not been found till date.

Two supposedly independent auditors were hired for this purpose, but the problem is that Dominion has already worked with these two to describe their machines as legit and true, so the trustability of these auditors is equally questionable. 

In the July Senate hearing, the auditors highlighted several issues which were preventing them from concluding their audits, these were: 

  • Around 73,000 mail-in ballots have no record of being sent out. 
  • Some 18,000 people were removed, these people voted in November.
  • Thousands of duplicate ballots lacking serial numbers have been found.
  • 168000 ballots were printed on unofficial paper.
  • An unaccounted digital breach in the system in November.

The Final reports of the various forensic audits are yet to be released and are expected to be released in late August. You will be able to read these reports on our website once these reports are published.

Mark Finchem in Cyber Symposium

In a presentation on Aug. 12, Arizona Representatives Mark Finchem, Sonny Borrelli, and Wendy Rogers discussed their audit process at the Cyber Symposium. The tasks included responding to early election fraud reports and continuing the forensic audit despite opposition from Maricopa County as well as the media.

Video Summary : They demonstrate in the video that there is no such thing as an accredited election auditor in America, only accredited voting system test laboratories (VSTLs). Voting machine companies such as Dominion hire these laboratories to grant them EAC certification, so as such, they are biased against identifying any problems with the machines they are being paid to certify. After the Senators approached the large financial auditing companies, they all refused, saying that the government contracts would be at risk. These crucial points have not been covered by the media.

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The Bottom Line

The Republican claims are looking very strong in the state of Arizona, even after many cases getting rolled out, the anomalies displayed by the auditors are creating huge troubles for the conspirators. Hopefully, United States will be saved from this fraud soon.

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