Top 12 Assurance Wireless Compatible Phones in 2024

Top 12 Assurance Wireless Compatible Phones in 2023

The only reason I’m writing this article about Assurance Wireless Compatible Phones is that a few days back, I decided to switch my network to Assurance Wireless as they offered free phone services through the Lifeline Program.

However, I learned that during switching, your phone must be compatible with the Assurance Wireless network. Luckily, mine was compatible, and I switched to the network successfully.

Assurance Wireless is one of the leading wireless service providers in the United States. A Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) uses the T-Mobile network to offer phone services.

The provider also participates in the government assistance program offering the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) benefits.

So, if you want to switch to Assurance Wireless, keep reading this post, as it contains all the information, such as the compatibility checker and the list of compatible devices.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What Does Mean by ‘Assurance Compatible Phones’?

What Does Mean by 'Assurance Compatible Phones'

Assurance Wireless is a government service provider that offers Assurance Wireless free internet using the T-Mobile network. To use any network’s services, your phone must be compatible with that network. A ‘compatible phone’ means a cell phone that can be used on a particular network, here, Assurance Wireless.

What Is Assurance Wireless Phone Compatibility Checker?

As mentioned, if you want to bring your phone to Assurance Wireless, your phone must be able to work on the network. You can check whether your phone is compatible with Assurance Wireless by visiting the provider’s website and checking their list of compatible phones or contacting their customer care services at 1-888-321-5880.

If you find out your phone is incompatible with their network, you can read our guide on Assurance Wireless free government phone and Assurance Wireless free tablet.

How To Choose An Assurance Wireless Compatible Phone

How To Choose An Assurance Wireless Compatible Phone

Only Assurance Wireless compatible phones can be obtained from the provider via the Lifeline and ACP programs. Therefore, you must qualify for the Lifeline and ACP program to get one.

In most cases, you cannot choose the device model you want to have since the company offers you the device on the basis of many factors, including your state, your plan, availability at the time of your application, etc.

However, you can see the phone model Assurance Wireless offers through these programs on their website.

Top 12 Assurance Wireless Compatible Phones In 2023

Here you have the list of Assurance Wireless compatible phones.

Samsung J7 Refine

It is currently the best smartphone compatible with Assurance Wireless. It has a 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display, a 3,300 mAh non-removable battery, an 8 MP main camera, and a 5 MP front camera with flash.

Samsung Galaxy A10e

Samsung Galaxy A10e has a 5.83-inch display and 32 GB built-in memory. It has a Li-Ion 3000 mAh, a non-removable battery with a main camera of 8 MP, and a 5 MP selfie camera.

Samsung J3 Achieve

Samsung J3 Achieve has a display of 5.0 inches and internal storage of 16 GB, expandable up to 400 GB with a microSD card. It has a 2600 mAh removable battery, and the main camera is 8 MP.

LG Tribute Empire

LG Tribute Empire has 5 5-inch HD display with 8 MP Auto Focus, LED Flash Rear Camera, and a 5 MP Front Camera. It has a MediaTek MT6750 1.5 GHz Octa-Core Processor and is powered by a 2,500 mAh Lithium-Ion battery.

Motorola E5 Play

Motorola E5 Play is among our best from Assurance Wireless compatible phones list. It has a 5.2-inch display powered by Li-Ion 2800 mAh and a removable battery. It has an 8 MP main camera and a 5 MP selfie camera.

LG Tribute Dynasty

LG Tribute Dynasty has a 5.0-inch IPS TFT Display and 2500 mAh battery, 16 GB built-in storage, 2,500 mAh battery, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal storage expandable up to 32 GB with micro SD card, and an 8 MP camera.

Coolpad Legacy Go

Coolpad Legacy Go has 5 5-inch display, 2150 mAh battery, 1 GB RAM, and internal storage of 8 GB. It has a main camera of 5 MP and a front camera of 2 MP.

Unimax U683CL

The Android Go 8.1 operating system powers the Unimax U683CL phone and has a 5.0-inch display, 1GB RAM, 2000 mAh Li-Ion battery, 8 GB built-in memory, 0.3 MP camera, and 2 MP rear camera.

Motorola Moto G Pure

Motorola is one of the most popular brands of Smartphones in the world. It has a 6.5-inch display, 3GB RAM, and a 4000 mAh battery with a 13 MP main camera and a 5 MP front camera.


REVVL 4 by T-Mobile is becoming a popular phone brand with wonderful features. The phone has a display of 6.22 inches, 2 GB RAM, a 3500 mAh Li-ion battery with a 13 MP main camera, and a 5 MP selfie camera.

REVVL 4 Plus

REVVL 4 is a reliable device with all the basic features. It has a 6.52-inch display, 4 GB RAM, and a 4000 mAh Li-Ion non-removable battery.


TCL 30 XL is a high-quality smartphone brand. Although it is less popular than Apple, Samsung, and Motorola, its amazing features make it competitive with these brands. It has a 6.82-inch display, 6 GB RAM, and is powered by a Li-Ion 5000 mAh, non-removable battery.

Apart from all these top models, If you are getting a free phone, you might get a Moxee free phone by Assurance Wireless, a low-end phone that can fulfill all your needs.

Comparison table of Assurance Wireless Compatible Phones

Here is a comparison table of our 4 top picks.

Feature Samsung Galaxy A10e Motorola E5 Play REVVL 4 Plus TCL 30XL
Display 5.8 inches, 720 x 1560 pixels 5.3 inches, 720 x 1440 pixels 6.67 inches, 720 x 1600 pixels 6.7 inches, 1080 x 2400 pixels
Processor Exynos 7884B Octa-core MediaTek MT6737 Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 Octa-core MediaTek Helio G80 Octa-core
Storage 32GB 16GB 64GB 128GB
Camera 8MP rear camera, 5MP front camera 8MP rear camera, 5MP front camera 16MP rear camera, 8MP front camera 64MP rear camera, 16MP front camera
Battery 3400 mAh 2800 mAh 5000 mAh 5000 mAh

How We Selected And Rated The Best Deals

Selecting an Assurance Wireless compatible phones deal is a difficult task when you have so many options to choose from. You can select the best deals from all available deals by considering the tips below.

Know Your Need

There are valid ranges of phone deals and plans. As a result, you may find it confusing to choose one for yourself. But if you know your needs, it would be easy to select a suitable deal. Hence, keep track of your data, texts, and minutes usage.

Compare the Deal’s Benefits

Comparing the deals’ benefits and prices will help you to select the deals. Several years have different amounts of data, texts, and minutes. You should select as per your need.

Check for any Contracts

Many deals come with an option to sign a contract. You must check for such contracts and verify their terms or conditions to learn whether you can fulfill them.

Choose the Deals with Cashback Offer

Some deals offer cashback to attract customers. You can check for deals with cashback offers to save a few bucks.

Choose a Deal with a Low Overseas Tariff

If you are a frequent traveler, you can look for deals with low taxes on your international plans to save some roaming charges.

Benefits Getting Phone Compatible With Assurance Wireless

Benefits Getting Phone Compatible with Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless only offers compatible phones with its network through the Lifeline or ACP program. You can also buy a phone from their online store.

If you get an Assurance Wireless compatible phone, you will get the following benefits with the network.

  • You will get good 4G LTE and 5G network coverage as Assurance Wireless uses one of the leading networks of T-Mobile.
  • You can enjoy affordable cell phone plans from Assurance Wireless and inexpensive international plans to around 200 states.
  • You won’t be bound by any contracts or subject to activation fees. This especially benefits low-income people who cannot pay their phone bills.
  • You will get reliable customer care services available 24/7 to solve your issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check if my phone is compatible with Assurance Wireless?

You can check whether your phone is compatible with Assurance Wireless by calling their customer service at 1-888-321-5880 and asking them about your phone’s compatibility with their network. You can also visit their website to see the recommended compatible phones over the Assurance Wireless network.

Is Assurance Wireless GSM or CDMA?

Assurance Wireless operates on the T-Mobile network and thus is GSM.

Is my phone compatible with Assurance Wireless?

Your phones are compatible with the network only when provided by Assurance Wireless for free, or you purchased it from their online store. No other phones work with Assurance Wireless.

What services does Assurance Wireless offer?

Assurance Wireless offers Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program ( ACP) benefits to eligible low-income people and offers free or discounted phone services and free phones.

Can I switch from another Lifeline provider to Assurance Wireless?

Yes. You can change your Lifeline provider from another to Assurance Wireless. But you must meet the eligibility of Assurance Wireless, and the amount of mobile data and talk will depend on your current state of residence.

How do I contact Assurance Wireless?

You can contact Assurance Wireless at 1-888-321-5880 or visit their nearest store within your locality.

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