Detail review of Bombshell proof – A new research by Mike Lindell

Detail review of Bombshell proof - A new research by Mike Lindell
This article gives a detailed review of Bombshell Proof by Mike Lindell. Read on to find out what the audience thinks. 

Bombshell proof – A new research by Mike Lindell

Bombshell proof shows the result of an analysis based on the forensic analysis of the drive image of Mesa country, Colorado’s dominion Voting systems (DVS), and Election Management System server (EVS)The authors prepared the findings in this report as consultants to the legal team representing Tina Peters, the Mesa county clerk, and recorder, under her statutory duties as Mesa County’s chief election official.
Detail review of Bombshell proof - A new research by Mike Lindell
The evidence found in the report depicts unauthorized and illegal manipulation of tabulated vote data during the general election of 2020 and the Grand Junction Municipal election of 2021. Because this evidence led to the total votes for those elections being impossible to identify, the quality and results of Mesa County’s 2020 general election and Grand junction Municipal election of 2021 are in question.
The evaluation was performed with the help of a forensic image of the EMS server, which was backed up before the Colorado secretary of state and DVS overwrote the hard drive with D- Suite Version 5.13.
Detail review of Bombshell proof - A new research by Mike Lindell

Significance and outcomes of Bombshell Proof Documents

  • During the general election 2020 on October 21, 2020, unauthorized election bases were created, followed by the digital reloading of 20,346 ballot records into the new election databases. It made the original voter intention recorded from the vote unknown. Besides this, 5,567 votes in 58 batches did not have their digital records copied to the new database, though the votes from the ballots in those batches were documented in the database of the main election.
  • The same issue of unauthorized creation of new election databases was repeated during the Grand Junction Municipal general election in the year 2021 on March 30. It was also followed by the digital reloading of 2947 ballot records, making the real voter intent recorded on that vote ambiguous. Besides this, 4,458 votes in 46 batches did not have their digital records copied to the database, even though votes from the ballot in those batches were recorded in the database of the main election.
Mike Lindell with Donald Trump
  • The absence of a secure hash algorithm for each digital ballot image makes verifying the realism of each digital ballot image and the ballot level records for those votes difficult.
  • The actual total vote count in Mesa county, Colorado, could not be precisely calculated for the general election of 2020 or the Grand Junction municipal election of 2021 from records in the county’s voting system databases.
  • No function or feature on the server of EMS could be executed inadvertently or deliberately by a local official election that would lead to the event happening, particularly in the time frame when these incidents occurred. It is described in the report that the complex sequences of data manipulation and omissions are inevitable. The combination of the events could not have been the outcome of either wittingly or inadvertent actions by the election officials.
Detail review of Bombshell proof - A new research by Mike Lindell
  • In May 2021, Dominion’s installation of the trusted build gave an update on the EMS as ordered by the Colorado Secretary of the State. All data on the EMS drive was destroyed, and reprocessing of the ballot records has already been described in Findings 1 and 2. Tesa destroyed all data in the “Mesa County Colorado voting systems Forensic Examination and Analysis Report.”
  • It is a fact that such vote records manipulation demonstrates a critical security failure with the DVS EMS wherever it is used. An election official would not be able to identify the manipulation using the voting system, nor a viewer or judge by overlooking the election conduct. There is also not much access for the citizen to the voting system. The manipulation can not be accessed without cyber and database management system techniques and unfettered access to database records and computer log files (the Secretary of State destroyed many of them) from the EMS server.
Detail review of Bombshell proof - A new research by Mike Lindell


  • During the general election of 2020, the unauthorized creation of a new tabulation adjudication database happened along with the selective copying of batch and voted records from the accurate database to the new ones. The manipulation places all 25,913 initial votes counted into a new state where it was impossible to validate – some of it because their vote information might have been changed, and it was also not verifiable and remaining because their ” chain of evidence” has been wittingly obfuscated. If the count and content of the ballot images accidentally match the number and counts reported by the database, but due to the missing “sha” files, there is no method to assess those ballot images which are aimed at providing such validations.
Detail review of Bombshell proof - A new research by Mike Lindell
  • It is found that thousands of ballot records have the serious question of their validity. Neither the election result of 2020 nor the election result of Grand Junction Municipal of 2021 in Mesa country is trustworthy. If Mesa country had preserved vote papers as it is mandatory for them to do by law and if those votes were forensically authenticated with a confirmed chain of study from capable electors to vowed county election officials, then counting of ballots by hand might support a verifiable and trustworthy conclusion about the results of these two elections took place in two different countries.
Detail review of Bombshell proof - A new research by Mike Lindell
  • As an unauthorized method is used to alter batch and ballot level, the information explained above are available with the DVS EMS server. To use this system in any election is not trustworthy. An investigation encompassing all physical and cyber evidence, including a source code audit of the exact verifiable version of all DVS, supplied executable and library files, is essential to identify the same software method which is used to produce the manipulation and to determine the other potential unauthorized actions that the code can cause and enable.

 Reviews by the readers

Detail review of Bombshell proof - A new research by Mike Lindell

  • “Hint – Keep your enemies closer. He knew exactly what he was doing and always has!!! That’s why his celebrity friends turned on him so badly!! He knows their true colors and secrets!! God has given this man to us for many, many reasons!! God bless him !!!.”
  • “When tyrants run out of people who are willing to die to defend them, they run out of power, run away, hide in some country that will hide them for some of their stolen loot… Why do you think they installed two nitwit puppets like Biden/Harris? You couldn’t pick two more worthless, disposable idiots than them… While the real tyrants run off with trillions and trillions of our stolen tax dollars!.”

Detail review of Bombshell proof - A new research by Mike Lindell

  • “You can look at a lot of elections. One thing you won’t see is a 20-plus percent increase in the turnout. Especially with a candidate that didn’t have a groundswell of organic support. I suspected a 10 million vote rig because the money was there to do it. I think Trump-Clinton was around 63 million to 66 million. Biden bet HRC by 15 million votes, and Trump got an extra 11 million? An outlier would be they both got 5 million more votes. Reasonable expectations say there were 15 million “phoney” ballots in the election nationwide.”
  • “Crooked Media! That did everything within their power to get the people to accept a lie.”
  • “This stuff is beyond me, but it appears these batches were reloaded electronically, meaning the workers would maybe be clueless as to what was happening.”

About Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell (Michael James Lindell) was born on June 28, 1961. He is an American businessman, political activist, and far-right conspiracy theorist, founder, and CEO of My Pillow incorporating, a pillow, bedding, and slipper manufacturing company. He is also known as the “My Pillow Guy .”He is a member of the Republican Party. A prominent supporter and advisor of former President of the United States Donald Trump. He was one of the major supporters of Trump who played an essential role in supporting and financing Trump’s attempts to overturn the election result and also spread conspiracy theories about widespread election fraud in the election of 2020. Mike is also an active promoter of toxic plant extract oleandrin as a substitute medicine cure for COVID-19.
Detail review of Bombshell proof - A new research by Mike Lindell 
In the early days of My Pillow, Lindell made donations to the Salvation Army, Union Gospel Mission, and other organizations. Lindell foundation was founded by Lindell. It is an organization that helps former addicts in getting treatment and other services. The organization expanded over the period, including people with cancer and veterans in their outreach. In addition to this, Lindell launched the Lindell Recovery Network in 2019, which connects addicts with others who have gone through drug addiction and its recovery process. He also opened faith-based treatment centers and other recovery organizations to help addicts.
Detail review of Bombshell proof - A new research by Mike Lindell
Lindell met Donald Trump in 2016 when he was the president of the United States of America and became an avid supporter by addressing him as “the most amazing president this country has ever seen in history” after his election victory in 2016. During a speech at Liberty University in August 2019, Lindell said, “When I met with Donald Trump, it felt like a divine appointment, and when I walked out of that office, I decided I was going to go all in.”

Absolute Proof ( Mike Lindell’s Documentary)

Absolute Proof is a political documentary film directed by Mike Lindell and was released in 2021. Mike himself played an essential role in the documentary. It was distributed by One America News Network and promoted the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election instead of Joe Biden. Video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo removed the documentary for infringing their community standards.
Detail review of Bombshell proof - A new research by Mike Lindell

Appreciated or Criticized? A small glimpse

The film never got appreciated but was widely criticized by fact-checkers as being full of “debunked insubstantial claims.” Mainstream news portals such as The New York Times disputed its assertions as well. In August 2021, a staff of Lindell confirmed that Dennis L. Montgomery (a software engineer) gave him data shown in the film with a documented history of fraud.

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