Read Bombshell Proof documents Online

Read Bombshell Proof documents Online

This article gives an overview of Bombshell proof documents.

Bombshell Proof Documents

The Bombshell report is a discovery in the matter of presidential election manipulation that occurred in 2020 and the municipal election of Grand Junction in 2021. The report depicts the findings of the examination of tabulated data-based, which is based on a forensic analysis of the drive analysis of Mesa country, Dominion voting system of Colorado, and Electronic management system server. The authors prepared the evidence found in this report as consultants to the legal team report of Tina Peters, clerk, and records of Mesa County. Under her statutory duties as chief election official of Mesa County. Because of the evidence, integrity, and result of the 2020 general election of Mesa County and Grand Junction Municipal election of 2021 are in question.  

A forensic image of the EMS server was used in the analysis. It was backed up before the state secretary of Colorado DVS overwrote the hard drive with the D-suite version. 

Read Bombshell Proof documents Online

Steps to read documents online

 It is elementary to read the documents online. You have to follow some steps given below. Here you go:

•Firstly, search the website named in the search engine.

•As it opens, you will see an icon on the search bar.

•Type the document name over there 

•Scroll the page, and you will get the document, and you can easily read from there.

Read Bombshell Proof documents Online


What are the reasons for Manipulation in the election?

Some of the issues that have been figured out as the main reason for Manipulation in the election are:-

1)Human Error

2)Software failure 

3)Network Breach or Pre-installation of Manipulating software or algorithm 

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Some Reviews by the Readers

Read Bombshell Proof documents Online

•”Hint – Keep your enemies closer. He knew exactly what he was doing and always has!!! That’s why his celebrity friends turned on him so badly!! He knows their true colors and secrets!! God has given this man to us for many, many reasons!! God bless him !!!.” 

•”When tyrants run out of people who are willing to die to defend them, they run out of power, run away, hide in some country that will hide them for some of their stolen loot… Why do you think they installed two nitwit puppets like Biden/Harris? You couldn’t pick two more worthless, disposable idiots than them… While the real tyrants run off with trillions and trillions of our stolen tax dollars!.”

Read Bombshell Proof documents Online

•”You can look at a lot of elections. One thing you won’t see is a 20-plus percent increase in the turnout. Especially with a candidate that didn’t have a groundswell of organic support. I suspected a 10 million vote rig because the money was there to do it. I think Trump-Clinton was around 63 million to 66 million. Biden bet HRC by 15 million votes, and Trump got an extra 11 million? An outlier would be they both got 5 million more votes. Reasonable expectations say there were 15 million phony ballots in the election nationwide.”

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