How to Get a Free Samsung Tablet in 2024

How to Get a Free Samsung Tablet in 2023

If you are looking for a way to get a free Samsung tablet from the Government in 2023, then you have stumbled upon the right article.

This article covers detailed information about the free Samsung tablet from the Government, available carriers, retailers, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Why Get a Free Samsung Government Tablet?

Besides smartphones and laptops, people prefer tablets as they are more reliable and provide better portability, a much larger display, and an amazing performance for any task.

Samsung manufactures the most popular tablets in the world with amazing features, making them the right choice for people.

Let’s take a look at some of the best features –

  • Samsung tablets provide portability and versatility and are convenient to use.
  • With a Samsung tablet, you can surf the Internet, watch videos, check email, and read books on a large screen.
  • Samsung tablets have longer battery life than laptops, which makes them ideal for personal and business use.
  • Faster processor and more RAM for multitasking work.
  • Their tablets have cameras to record high-quality videos and great video calling.
  • Samsung tablets have SD card slots to expand memory.
  • Free ACP Samsung tablets are budget-friendly, as the Government bears most of the cost.
  • Samsung tablets are good for seniors as they have larger screens and boast high-quality displays.

A free Samsung tablet from the Government via ACP is a great option for people who cannot afford it or lack the funds to pay their installments.

How Can I Get a Free Samsung Tablet From the Government?

How Can I Get a Free Samsung Tablet From the Government?

There are numerous ways to get a free Samsung tablet.

Let us take a closer look at a few of them –

Free Samsung Tablet Through the Government

The Federal Government maintains many assistance programs, such as the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), to help low-income people. If you are enrolled under ACP, you can get one-time discounts of up to $100 toward a purchase of a Samsung tablet or smartphone from the government.

From a Carrier or Retailer

Many major mobile carriers and retailers offer Samsung tablets as part of their frequent promotional offers and special deals. However, these offers are subject to various conditions, such as switching your carrier, adding a connection, etc.

From Samsung Company

Samsung also sometimes offers a discounted Samsung tablet as part of promotional offers and special deals. You can find these offers on the company’s website and apply if you want to receive one.

From Nonprofit Organizations and Charities

Some nonprofit organizations and charities offer free tablets or other electronic devices to low-income people who can not afford them.

From Online Contests and Surveys

You can also get a Samsung tablet by participating in online contests and surveys that reward the winner with tablets.

How to Get a Free Samsung Tablet From the Government

The government offers free tablets with its Affordable Connectivity program. With ACP, you can get a discount of up to $100 toward purchasing a Samsung tablet, making the tablet mostly free.

However, you need to meet the eligibility criteria for it –

Eligibility Criteria for ACP

  • If your annual family income is below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.
  • You must be 18 or above and a legal U.S. citizen.
  • You will also be eligible if you are enrolled under Lifeline Assistance Program and Lifeline-qualified programs such as –
    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
    • Medicaid
    • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, Children (WIC)
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit
    • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA) Free & Reduced-Price School Lunch Program
  • You may also qualify if you received a Federal Pell Grant in the current award year.

How To Get a Free Samsung Tablet From a Carrier or Retailer

Many retailers and carriers offer free Samsung tablets as part of their promotions and offers. Companies that offer such deals include Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.

However, you may require to do any of the following –

  • Switch to their carrier
  • Add a new line
  • Sign a contract with the company that offers a free Samsung tablet
  • Switching to the plan that offers a Samsung tablet
  • Trade in an old eligible device and get a discount toward a new Samsung tablet

How To Get a Free Samsung Tablet From Samsung

Samsung offers tablets at no cost on its official website through many promotional deals and offers. You have to look out for them and grab the deal when you can, but make sure there are any conditions attached to the deal.

If you want information on free government tablet programs in California, visit the official government websites or search for Government-sponsored tablets in California to find relevant resources and application details.

How To Get a Free Samsung Tablet From Non-Profits or Charities

Non-profit organizations and charities also offer discounted or free electronic tablets to low-income people. You can get used, refurbished, or new tablets from such charities.

However, they may also have some other terms and conditions. Therefore, check their T&C before applying.

How To Get a Free Samsung Tablet Online

If you do not qualify for the ACP program, there are other ways to get a free Samsung tablet online.

Participate in Online Giveaway Contests

Many online contests claim to provide Samsung tablets to the winners. You can search for such contests online and enter them to try your luck.

Participate in Online Surveys

Many online survey platforms, such as Amazon Vine, reward the winner with a free tablet. You can participate in such online surveys and receive a free tablet.

Become an Online Reviewer

If you have a YouTube channel that reviews smartphones and tablets, many companies, such as Samsung, can provide you with a tablet you can review.

Become a Marketing Agent

If you have a large following on social media, companies may pay you or provide you with a free tablet to advertise their products.

What Kind of a Free Samsung Tablet Can I Expect to Get

A list of Samsung tablets that you may get from the government, wireless providers, and Charities are –

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2018
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab E
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2020
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S


Are Samsung ACP tablets really free of charge?

ACP providers offer one-time discounts of up to $100 for internet-connecting devices like tablets, laptops, or desktop computers. According to the FCC rule, you must pay a mandatory co-pay of at least $10 and, at most, $50 to purchase the device. So, technically, these free Samsung tablets are not completely free, but they are yet quite affordable.

Can I receive a replacement for my free Samsung tablet if I lose it?

Getting a replacement for your free tablet depends on the provider. Most devices carry a one-year manufacturer’s warranty covering all malfunctions that did not occur by misuse. However, if you lose the device, it will be difficult to get a replacement one.

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