GoNetspeed CEO, accelerated build bring 140K passings this year

GoNetspeed CEO, accelerated build bring 140K passings this year

GoNetspeed’s accelerated build-up covers 140k locations to provide fibre optic internet across five states this year.

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GoNetspeed CEO Says Accelerated Build Will Bring 140K Passings This Year

GoNetspeed, a fibre Internet provider, has announced that it will successfully bring around 140,000 locations under its high-speed fibre optic Internet network this year due to speeding up its construction to execute its objective.

Earlier in the year, the company announced its fibre development initiative to cover over 140,000-150,000 locations under high-speed, reliable Internet. The locations will mainly cover the states of Maine, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Alabama.

GoNetspeed President and CEO Richard Clark has said the company will work in these five states for the next 12 months. “But we’re looking at all states available to us for future expansion. It takes a year or two to plan where we’re going to build, so we’re always looking well beyond the next 12 months,” he said.

In the last month, the company introduced a new service in some locations in these states, including Attalla (Alabama), Plymouth (Connecticut), Portland and Rockland (Maine), and Amherst (Massachusetts).

This month, the company announced that it will start construction in Thomaston, Connecticut, while also expanding its services in other localities of the state, such as Fairfield, Glastonbury, Rockville, Vernon, and Watertown.

GoNetspeed’s fibre construction is mostly Greenfield due to the “competitive landscape.” the company mainly competes with cable TV operators and local telephone service companies, whose majority have yet to upgrade to fibre, as the company’s CEO noted.

Clark said, “We, in many cases, are the only fibre providers in our territories. The fibre provider offers 1 gig to its residential subscribers today and will be offering 2 gigs in the first quarter of 2024.”

Clark also applauded the company’s service and asserted people appreciate it. He said, ”

Fiber provides that symmetrical capability unlike any other offering out there. So we think we have an advantage. And I think our service level really attracts subscribers. We bring that level of local presence because we have people in every state, which people appreciate.”

The CEO attributed the company’s profit to private funding, saying, “One of the things that differentiates us is that we are funding this with private capital rather than using a lot of government programs and government grants. Our focus has been speed, and speed comes with having your own private capital.”

However, Clark has not revealed the amount the company has spent on its fibre builds across the five states in the last few months.
GoNetspeed was formed by a merger of OTELCO, OTTC, Upstate Fiber Networks, Lantek, and Icon in 2021.

Since then, the company has been thriving with its fibre development objective. “We’re building at the highest pace we’ve ever built. And we’ve only been in existence for just over 30 months,” said Clark.

GoNetspeed’s speedy construction of fibre optic internet in 140,000 locations in Maine, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Alabama is a positive development for the growth and expansion of Internet services in these states.

The initiative will provide residents and businesses with access to high-speed, reliable connectivity, enhancing the economy and quality of life in their communities.

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