How safe is Oregon for Travel – Oregon Travel Safety Guide

How safe is Oregon for Travel - Oregon Travel Safety Guide

In this Oregon travel safety guide, we have covered all safety-related questions such as how safe is Oregon for travel, the safest and most dangerous places, safety tips, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

How safe is Oregon for Travel – Oregon Travel Safety Guide

How safe is Oregon for travel

Located in the northwest Pacific region, Oregon is a state covered with beautiful hills and deserts. The southern state of Washington, Oregon, shares the boundary with Idaho and the Colorado River. Apart from the capital city, Oregon consists of some other big cities, including Portland, which was named “the best city to live in” in 2021.

If you search for the best places in Oregon, in the first recommendation, you will see the serene blue beauty of Crater Lake, which originated from a volcanic eruption. The tallest peak in Oregon, Mount Hood, also witnessed some volcanic eruptions in recent years. If we talk about the cities, all movie lovers of the 80s must know the town called Goonies for its presence in cult classics.

The safety stats related to the state looks confusing. Some suggest that Oregon is quite safe, while others suggest that the crime rate is increasing. It generally makes things confusing and raises the question of how safe is Oregon actually for travel.

But don’t worry because, in this article, we have covered everything in detail that will help you understand whether you should pack your bag to visit Oregon.

So, here we go –

Warnings & Danger in Oregon

Warnings and Dangers

Overall Risk – Low

Oregon is overall a safe place to visit or live. However, there are some places that are a bit dangerous and can be risky to visit. But if you could avoid such places and follow all security measures, you will be quite safe in the state.

Transport & Taxi Risk – Low

The state primarily consists of urban and suburban areas, and public transit is available here for visitors. Taxi, rideshare, or buses are affordable and considered quite safe to ride.

Pickpocketer Risk – Medium

The state is known for some of the best tourist spots, and pickpocketers are quite active in such areas. Therefore, the risk of getting pickpocketed is medium. Therefore, when in crowded areas, try to keep your wallets safer and avoid getting close to strangers.

Natural Disaster – High

Natural disasters can pose enough trouble to tourists as the state has recorded some active volcanic eruptions; Crater lake is one of them. Apart from that, the state is quite vulnerable to natural disasters. If you are concerned about how safe is Oregon to visit, you must know about the deadliest flood of 1972.

This state also witnessed several earthquakes, landslides, and coastal hazards, and as per FEMA, Oregon is the 12th deadliest state regarding natural disasters.

Mugging Risk – Low

The state is relatively safe from mugging risk. It ranks among some of the safest states in the US.

Terrorism Risk – Medium

The state has never witnessed threats from global terrorism; however, some local groups are active here. Some extremist groups spread out terror in the state. Also, regional terrorism is increasing day by day, which again puts a question mark – is Oregon even safe to travel to? 

Scam Risk – Medium

Scam risks are quite common in Oregon, and the risk should be considered medium. The scammers come with different offers to make loot money from tourists. One of the most common schemes is to show the property from a fake website, and people who need places to live generally get the victim of it. 

Woman Risk – Low

A woman in a group or a solo traveler is relatively safe here as most cities are pretty educated and open-minded. However, no matter how safe is Oregon, the woman should always carry her safety tools.

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Safest places to visit in Oregon

If you are planning to visit Oregon, it is essential to understand how safe is Oregon for travel and what are the safest places in the state where you can stay.

Below, we have shared a list of the safest places in Oregon – 

West Linn

West Linn - Safest place in Oregon
West Linn – Safest place in Oregon

This city tops the list of safest cities in Oregon, located in the Portland Metropolitan area. This suburb is full of affluent people as the poverty rate is 5% here. The total population in 2021 was 26,680, and the violent crime rate was 0.7 per 1000 people.

West Linn hasn’t recorded any mass murder crime in 2021. Low poverty and unemployment restrain the city from committing crimes. The town also holds the most educated people in the state.

You must take the Portland Brewery Bike tour as an outdoor activity, along with the Multnomah Falls tour. You are also open to taking the experience of a jetboat and cruise tour. Mount Hood is located in this area, and you can conclude the exploration with a thrilling downtown strolling in Portland.


Tualatin valley, Oregon
Tualatin valley, Oregon

This city holds the 2nd position in the safest city list with a violent crime rate of 16.08% per lakh people. The total population is around 20 thousand, and the crime rate is 84% below the national crime rate. The poverty rate in this city is very low, at around 2.87%, which reasons why Sherwood is quite safe to visit. 

The city is based in the Tualatin valley, and the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most visited places by tourists. It is an excellent place for wine lovers as you can find Blakeslee Vineyard Estate, Ponzi Vineyard, Alloro Vineyard, etc., in Sherwood.

Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego, Oregon
Lake Oswego, Oregon – How safe is Oregon

Lake Oswego is located in the southern part of Portland and ranks 84th safest city in America. The city ranks 3rd in the state, where the crime rate is 18.86 per 1000 people. Overall, crime is also 85% lower than the average crime.

The poverty level is also low here, and the central part of the city is named the most live-worthy place among other cities in America. The city is also the best place for the young to have a bright future.

Portland Oregon Temple, Foothill Park, and George Rogers Park are the top visited places in the city. You will always be welcome to the Lakewood Centre for the arts, and if you want to visit places with minimal cost, the Arts Council of Lake Oswego is the place.


Helmick State Park, Oregon
Helmick State Park, Oregon

This city ranks 4th in the list of safest cities in Oregon, located in Polk County. The population is around 10 thousand, and the violent crime rate is 74% below the national average. 

According to some visitors, the trails in Sarah Helmick State Park are one of the most beautiful places to visit in Oregon. The road trip around Emerson Vineyard, Airlie Winery, delivers some remarkable experiences.


Harvey Creek Trail, Newberg-Dundee
Harvey Creek Trail, Newberg-Dundee

Another city that comes under the Portland Metropolitan area, Newberg, ranks 5th in the safest city ranking. The population is about 24 thousand, and the violent crime rate is 11 per 1000.

The city also has several vineyards, and you might taste different wines from Natalie’s Estate Winery, Rex Hill winery, and Adelsheim Vineyard. If you love to be in nature, you must visit Harvey Creek Trail.

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Places to avoid in Oregon

If you are wondering how safe is Oregon to visit, you must check this section. The previous section might indicate the cheerful sight of the state, but it should not be forgotten that the state has some places with higher crime rates.

Below, we have shared some of the places that have the highest crime rates and hence, should be avoided –


Ontario city poses the most threats when it comes to the places you must avoid. This city police records make it clear that most crime comes under the Federal Youth Criminal Justice Act.

The city was not polluted with crime since 2019, but now the town can be a threat to any visitors as one out of 16 people has the chance of being a victim of violent crime.


Portland is one of the major cities in Oregon and is popular among tourists for its scenic beauty. However, the city becomes relentless after witnessing the 82 years old professor killed at the bus stop. The rising violent crime poses a threat at the rate of 544 among 100,000 people.

Coos Bay

When the USA witnessed a declining graph in crime, Coos bay accelerated the carve. Property crime is prevalent here, with 87.0 per capita, where the average crime rate is 35.4. Violent crime is also widespread here, and the pace is slightly higher than average.


The city has seen a boom in crime records after 2019. In that year, the crime rate was 747, whereas the average crime of America was 379.8. However, the violent crime rate is lower than the average, but property crime can pose a threat to travelers.

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Safety tips for travelers

Safety Tips

  • Check the weather report – The state is not very safe as per the natural disaster risk, so you must keep checking the weather report.
  • Do not trust easily – You might encounter some strangers with different plans for you. Not everyone is a fraud, but you must cross-check every fact before spending.
  • Complete the homework – It is highly recommended that before stepping into a new place, you must finish the study of the site.

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How Safe is Oregon for Solo Travelers?

The state does not pose any significant threat to travelers. So solo travelers can explore this beautiful state without any hesitations. However, you must take care of yourself and follow all safety measures to keep yourself safe.

How Safe is Oregon for Solo Woman Travelers?

How Safe is Oregon for Solo Woman Travelers?
How Safe is Oregon for Solo Woman Travelers?

The state is safe enough for female travelers. However, solo female travelers should follow all safety measures and avoid trusting strangers to be safe in the state.

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How Safe is Oregon for Traveling?

The overall crime rate is 2.87 among 1000 people, which seems a decent number. On the other hand, the state has recorded significant property crimes. 

However, Oregon is one of the safest states in America, so tourists are safe enough to travel to this place. Also, the state is vulnerable to property crime, so you must stay aware and keep the stranger at one arm’s distance.

With that said, here I am wrapping up this article. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them in the comment section below. Our team will try to respond ASAP.

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