Latest News - I’ve Seen Enough’: Florida Republican Calls for Impeachment of Joe Biden

I’ve Seen Enough’: Florida Republican Calls for Impeachment of Joe Biden

I've Seen Enough' Florida Republican Calls for Impeachment of Joe Biden

Republican Representative Anna Paulina Luna from Florida has joined a growing number of Republicans calling for the impeachment of President Joe Biden.

Let’s read the news and find out what Luna said about President Biden

I’ve Seen Enough’: Florida Republican Calls for Impeachment of Joe Biden

During an interview on Fox News with Jesse Watters Primetime, Luna said that she knows Biden’s corruption and that federal agencies have obstructed Congressional investigations into the Biden family’s business dealings for too long.

Luna said, “You heard a week ago from a previous IRS whistleblower who was saying that the IRS was, in effect, covering for Hunter Biden because of his connection to Joe Biden. In fact, the FBI is not tracking information and sourcing because of Joe Biden. Along now the Justice Department is literally not doing its job,”

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She added, “So, the only way we’re going to really be able to present these facts to the American people and actually move forward is to get the evidence and start an impeachment inquiry immediately.”

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) and two other Senate Republicans expressed their skepticism about launching an impeachment inquiry, which Luna found horrifying.

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However, Luna is not alone in her desire to impeach Biden. Representative Matt Gaetz from Florida and Senator Ted Cruz from Texas also support impeachment if there is enough evidence of wrongdoing.

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I've Seen Enough' Florida Republican Call for Impeachment of Joe Biden
Credit- The New Republic

The Florida congresswoman said, “This is not a tit-for-tat impeachment.” “This man is publicly corrupt. We have seen it. If anyone did this – if I did this, if you did this, we’d be in jail right now. So, what gives?”

Luna said testimony from Hunter Biden’s former business partner Devon Archer before House Oversight Committee staffers on Monday supports the cause for moving forward with impeachment proceedings.

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Luna said this guy is sitting in the White House selling access to countries that don’t like the United States. “And remember all the Democrats who accused Republicans of being Russia-collusive sympathizers — you have the president’s son working with Russian oligarchs, personally enriching their families. And should we just sit here and keep quiet?”

“I’m done,” She continued. “I want this man to be impeached. I’ve seen a lot.”

Some Republicans are dissatisfied with President Biden, particularly regarding his handling of issues like the Afghanistan withdrawal, the border crisis, and the economy.

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Luna’s call for impeachment is evidence of this, although it is unclear if there is enough support to begin impeachment proceedings. It is important to note that previous attempts to impeach former President Donald Trump were unsuccessful.

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