Piers Morgan Challenges Trump to Appear at First Primary Debate

Piers Morgan challenges Trump to appear at first primary debate

Fox News Host challenges Donald Trump to face the first Republican Primary debate next month.

Let’s read the news and Find out what the Fox News reporter said about Trump.

Piers Morgan Challenges Trump to Appear at First Primary Debate

Fox News temporary host Piers Morgan has challenged the United States former President Donald Trump to participate in the upcoming first Republican presidential primary debate.

Morgan was discussing the 2024 Republican presidential race with former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway on Tuesday’s Fox News Tonight when he called out the former President to appear in the Republican Primary debate next month, on August 23, 2023, in Milwaukee, which is scheduled to be streamed on the network.

Morgan said, “Donald Trump is many things, But in all the time I have known him, I’ve never known him to duck a challenge or be a coward. So, if you’re watching, Donald, come on.”

Morgan called Trump ‘cowardly’ for not agreeing to participate in the Republican primary debate. But Convey defended his ex-boss by saying, “Trump is not being a coward at all. He is acting like a front-runner instead.” He praised Trump by asserting that his candidacy faces more competition.

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Morgan again emphasized Trump being a coward for skipping the debate saying, “No, it’s cowardly. He urged the former President to face the debate, “Get on that stage and show us what you’re made of. If you want to be President again, you got to come out and face the debate music, haven’t you? Come on, Donald. You know you want to secretly.”

Morgan asserted that Trump’s reluctance is meaningless as he was good at debates. The host suggested that the former President could lose his status as the 2024 GOP front-runner if he acted cowardly and skipped the first Republican Primary debate. Morgan said, “Trump remains the biggest star out there. But he has to turn up. Otherwise, your star can quickly wane.”

While Convey objected to Morgan’s continued criticism of Trump, he also urged the former President to participate in the debate, despite what he called the debate to be having “very little to gain.”

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Conway told as Trump is currently the front-runner to win the nomination, he should do the debates. He said, “The more people who run, the more competition, the better for Donald Trump. Trump loves competition. I think he should show up to the debate.”

Piers Morgan challenge Trump to appear at first primary debate

Morgan has emerged as a sharp critic of Trump since joining Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. In April, he wrote a New York Post encouraging Republicans to support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over Trump.

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Earlier, Trump suggested he may skip the first Republican Primary debate, which will be hosted by Fox News anchors Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum. He has referred to his conflicting relation with the network for considering not appearing in the debate and has claimed that the network is prejudiced against him.

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The former President has condemned Fox News in recent months since the network covers his top GOP rival DeSantis for his lead in most polls.

In one of his recent interviews on another network, Trump said, “So, you have a hostile network. And you have people that are their candidates. They are obviously against you, and if you are leading by 30, 40, 50 points, what is the purpose of really doing it ?”

Although Trump has yet to confirm his appearance in the upcoming Republican primary debate, he will reportedly attend the town hall event with Sean Hannity on July 18, 2023, and other interviews with top Fox News hosts, such as host Maria Bartiromo in the next week.

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