Roy Blunt Net Worth – How Much is he Worth?

Roy Blunt Net Worth 2022

Roy Blunt Net Worth – Roy Blunt, a soft-spoken American politician, is often known for his political career. He serves Missouri as the senior senator after electing in 2010 and is a member of the Republican Party who also won the 2021 Bill Emerson and Mickey Leland Lifetime Achievement Award.

This article will discuss Roy Blunt net worth and career achievements.

Roy Blunt Net Worth 2022

Roy Blunt Net Worth
Roy Blunt Net Worth

Roy Blunt net worth in 2022 is estimated at around $5.7 million. The primary source of his income is his political career.

Blunt has had a great political career for a long duration, so he has earned ample money through his various positions.

Along with politics, he has earned a good amount of money through teaching in high school. He held several political positions and gained the salary of every post regularly.

Roy Blunt Political Career

Roy Blunt is popular as a politician based in America. He is serving as a senior senator of the United States for Missouri. For this seat in Missouri, he was selected in 2010. Roy Blunt belongs to the Republican Party and served a few other posts as a politician.

Firstly, he has served as the 33rd secretary of state of Missouri for eight consecutive years. The duration of service in this office was from 1985 to 1993. He was preceded by James Kirkpatrick and succeeded by Judy Moriarty as well in this office.

In 1997, he became a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the 7th district of Missouri. Roy served 14 years in this office, from 1997 to 2011. There he was preceded and succeeded by Mel Hancock and Billy Long, respectively.

Along with this position, he became the House Republican Chief Deputy Whip and held this position in office for four consecutive years, from 1999 to 2003. He was preceded by Dennis Hastert and succeeded by Eric Cantor in this office.

In 2003, he became the House Majority Whip. He served in this position for four years, from 2003 to 2007.

Besides these positions, he held some more reputed positions such as House Majority Leader, House Minority Whip, Chair of the Senate Rules and Administration Committee, Ranking Member of the Senate Rules Committee, Chair of the Senate Republican Policy Committee, and United States senator from Missouri.

Roy Blunt Other Careers

Roy Blunt Career
Roy Blunt Career

Before working as a senator, Roy Blunt had other career paths, and all of them were based in the political field.

From 1973-84, he used to work as the chief election officer for Green County. After that, he won the Missouri secretary election.

However, after that tenure, he failed in the Gubernational campaign and joined as the president of Southwest Baptist University.

Roy Blunt Work

  • By mobilizing lobbyists and enabling them to set up a “War Room” in his offices, Blunt convinced House lawmakers to support the 2003 legislation that established the Medicaid Part D prescription medication program. Blunt requested $1.1 billion in 2016 to fight the Zika virus, and the money was eventually included in a measure to fund the government.
  • His other notable work counts his favor towards the No Child Left Behind Act and school prayer. Though he supported the District of Columbia’s school voucher program, he opposed legislation allowing other states to use federal funds to fund vouchers for private or religious schools. In 2003, the National Education Association gave him a 17% rating.
  • In fiscal policy, his works are quite valuable. He earned a 97% score from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. For the debtors, he made some initiatives that favored them. He also claims on climate change, “There isn’t any solid science to imply we are affecting the climate or path of the Earth.”
  • Blunt tries to prohibit lawsuits against gun makers, and his thoughts behind that were whether dealers sell weapons later used in crimes. He also supported mandating a background check that must be finished within 24 hours for anyone buying a gun at a gun show. The National Rifle Association has given him an “A” rating.

Roy Blunt Biography

Roy Blunt was born on the 10th of January in 1950. His nationality is American, and his ethnicity is Niangua, Missouri, U.S.

Roy earned his graduation in B.A. from Southwest Baptist University and later earned his M.A. degree from Southwest State Missouri University.

Blunt has been a history teacher at Marshfield High School for two years.

Blunt has married twice. He was married to Roseann Ray first, but they ended up divorcing.

Later he was married to Abigail Perlman Blunt. Blunt is blessed with four kids: Andrew Blunt, Ami Blunt Mosby, Matt Blunt, and Charlie Blunt.

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When does Roy Blunt’s term end?

Blunt’s term was started in 2018 and ended in February 2021.

Has Roy Blunt been arrested?

No, Roy Blunt has not been arrested, but he has several remarks on St. Loius for his bombing controversy.

Is Roy Blunt running in 2022?

Roy Blunt has decided not to serve for another tenure, so he will not stand for election in 2022.

How to contact Roy Blunt?

You can contact him through his social media handles, or you can go to his official website.

Who is running to replace Roy Blunt?

It is not decided yet who will replace him. However, 70% of Missouri citizens expect a republican newcomer to replace him.

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