Social Media Reacts to Chaotic GOP Debate, and It’s Not Good

Social Media Reacts to Chaotic GOP Debate, and It's Not Good

Social media users have indicated their frustration over the second GOP debate, denouncing moderators and 2024 Presidential candidates due to what they say is the most chaotic face-off in U.S. history.

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Social Media Reacts to Chaotic GOP Debate, and It’s Not Good

Many users have turned to social media to express their views regarding the second Republican debate as it went chaotic and ended in the most unexpected manner on Wednesday.

The seven Republican presidential hopefuls participated in the debate that took place at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California.

Unlike the first GOP debate that went smoothly in August, highlighting the contenders with their beliefs and political strategy for the nation, the second debate has gained popularity as the worst debate ever for showing a chaotic stage with candidates shouting over one another and targeting their rivals for being in the spotlight.

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Following the debate, critics have expressed their frustration with the pointless debate and the organizer’s inability to manage the chaos on stage. At the same time, some have also praised former President Donald Trump‘s absence in the debate as his success.

Conservative host Glenn Beck has posted on X, “I have officially given up on this stupid @Foxdebate. #SHUTUP This is the worst debate I have seen in my lifetime. Why does the GOP keep going to the networks? Only winner: Trump because he is not anywhere near. #Fox Failure.

Matt Schlapp, chair of the Conservative Political Action Conference, has called the debate a Fox News ratings meeting and suggested that all GOP contestants failed to match Trump.

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He wrote on X, “Absolute chaos at the GOP debate tonight. If they were trying to make themselves look like the mature alternatives to Trump. They’ve failed. Instead, it looks like a Fox News ratings meeting.”

Social Media Reacts to Chaotic GOP Debate, and It's Not Good
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Conservative podcast host Megyn Kelly has also criticized moderators by posting on X, “Moderators, once again, lost all control.” Others have labeled the second GOP debate with many other titles such as “Mess,” “Worst-ever debate,” “Clown show,” or “Muppet episode.”

Additionally, many others have felt that it was Trump who won the crown despite being absent on the debate stage.

One social media user in Michigan posted, “There was no way I would ever watch any of these people, ever. #Trumpwondebate, and he was not even there. It was a great speech.”

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Another user declared the former president as the United States future President by writing, “Our next president is Mr. Donald Trump. They are wasting time debating.”

Although social media’s criticism of the GOP debate can be considered fair to some extent, it is not good for the country’s political environment.

The denouncement can lead to the formation of unfavorable beliefs about moderators and Presidential candidates among the people who blindly follow social platforms.


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