How Does Triple Minutes With TracFone Work?

How Does Triple Minutes With TracFone Work

Do you wish to know about triple minutes with Tracfone? If yes, you have stumbled on the perfect page.

Tracfone is an American wireless provider that offers prepaid services. With many promotional deals, it offers its customers the popular triple minutes plan to promote the purchase of their devices.

This feature allows people to triple the amount of airtime they buy with phones and use it.

If you need more information on the Tracfone deal, please read our post detailing how they work. This article also has other relevant information related to the topic.

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What Is Triple Minutes With TracFone?

Triple Minutes with Tracfone is a unique feature found in Tracfone smartphones that allows you to enjoy the increased number of minutes on your airtime.

When you buy a mobile, you need to add airtime. With triple minutes, the amount of airtime you get with smartphone activation is tripled once you add an airtime card. You can also activate your TracFone without an Airtime card.

The company began this feature plan in 2017 to promote the sale of mobile devices. Since then, the feature has been incorporated into many phones.

How TracFone With Triple Minutes Works

Triple Minute with Tracfone is a promotional deal that gives you a three-times airtime benefit than what is prescribed in the airtime card once you purchase a phone.

For example, if you purchase a 60 minute card, you will have 180 minutes; if you buy a 120 airtime minutes card, it will give you 360 minutes. The Tracfone deal is available in three different price ranges: 60, 120 and 200.

To enjoy the deal, you must have a TracFone free government phone that comes with the minute feature. Once you buy and activate the smartphone with triple minutes, your triple minute feature gets activated.

However, it is important to note that all minutes will be tripled. Also, you must purchase the specified airtime cards if your phone does not have built-in triple minute features.

In that case, you can bring your unlocked smartphone, which will be regarded as a triple minutes phone. Tracfone offers a BYOB kit with SIM cards for a phone compatible with AT&T or T-Mobile network.

You can bring your phone through TracFone bring your own phone program, get the SIM card and enjoy minute deal.

What It Means To Have TracFone With Triple Minutes For Life?

Tracfone with triple minutes for life means you get to use the minute benefits with the provider as long as your phone supports this feature.

Your minutes are tripled once you purchase a phone and activate it by adding an airtime card. This means a 60-minute airtime card will offer you 180 minutes, 180 texts, and 180 MB of data.

If your phone does not have a triple minute feature and as all minutes in the card will not get tripled, you need to purchase a triple minute airtime card. This feature is especially useful for low-income people who can enjoy more benefits with less spending.

Phones That Support TracFone Triple Minutes

As mentioned, you must have a phone that has the built-in triple minute feature to be able to enjoy this deal. It would be best to know some of the phones supporting the Tracfone Minutes deal to help you select a suitable device.

Android smartphones that support triple minutes

Some of the latest Android smartphones that support the Tracfone deal include the following models.

  • Alcatel OneTouch
  • LG Ultimate 2
  • Motorola Moto G6
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 PRO
  • Samsung Galaxy S7

Touchscreen Phones that support triple minutes

Here are some touchscreen phones that support triple minutes.

  • LG 305c
  • LG 306g
  • LG 800g
  • LG 840g
  • Motorola EX124g

Besides, some Qwerty phones also support triple minutes deal. This includes LG 530 g and Samsung T404g.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get triple minutes with Tracfone?

Yes. You can triple minutes when you have or buy a smartphone that supports the triple minutes feature. You can also choose to bring your phone to be used as a triple minute phone to enjoy this feature.

What happens if my Tracfone runs out of minutes?

You need to add airtime before your service date ends. If you do not purchase and add airtime after your Tracfone runs out of minutes, your Tracfone service will be deactivated on the last day of service, and you will lose your phone number even if you have certain minutes left in your plan.

Do I need to add minutes to Tracfone?

Yes. You must add minutes to your Tracfone with card before the service date ends to continue your Tracfone service. If your Tracfone runs out of airtime, you must add a Tracfone prepaid wireless airtime card to add your service.

What can I do if my phone does not support the Tracfone minutes feature?

You must have a smartphone with an inbuilt triple minute feature to be able to use this feature. If your phone does not support the minute feature, you can bring your unlocked smartphone, get a SIM card kit from the provider and activate your TracFone SIM card to use minute features.

Can I get unlimited minutes with a Tracfone?

Yes. You can get unlimited minutes with Tracfone’s TF unlimited plans, which are only available for smartphones. The plan has unlimited talk, text and some amount of high-speed data for 30 days. The unused data will not expire if the service is active and used with one of Tracfone’s unlimited talk and text plans.

Do all Tracfone minutes expire?

No. Airtime minutes added to your phone do not expire if your service is active within six consecutive months for smartphones and twelve consecutive months for other phones.

What smartphones support triple minutes with Tracfone?

Here is a list of smartphones that support triple minutes.

  • Alcatel OneTouch
  • iPhone 7
  • LG Ultimate 2
  • Motorola Moto G6
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 PRO
  • Samsung Galaxy S7

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