Trump Co-Defendant Jenna Ellis Revels in ‘Mugshot Barbie’ Moniker

Trump Co-Defendant Jenna Ellis Revels in 'Mugshot Barbie' Moniker

Jeena Ellis is one of the 18 members who are accused in the election held in 2020 along with former president Donald Trump. She refuses to accept the charges levied on her during the election time. Last month, All 19 defendants were charged as part of a 41-count indictment.

Let’s read the news and find out more about the case

Trump Co-Defendant Jenna Ellis Revels in ‘Mugshot Barbie’ Moniker

Jeena Ellis is the former senior legal advisor of former President Donald Trump. She has worked for him since 2019 as a legal advisor. When the election occurs in 2020, she will be the legal advisor for Trump’s family.

At that time, she claimed in 2 memos that the election’s result was incorrect; Trump should have won that election in Georgia.

She enjoys her Mugshot photograph in Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, which was taken for the allegation that arose against her. She also shares her Mugshot Photograph on Twitter and other social media accounts as “Mugshot Barbie” Moniker, where she wears pink lipstick and smiles widely when photographed in Jail.

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On August 23, 2023, she shared her edited photograph on Instagram as “Mugshot Barbie” Moniker, with laughing emojis. She wears Pink handcuffs and pink lipstick, and wears a bold smile.

She also states, “Thank you for your Prayers and Support as we fight Criminalizing the practice of Law.” This statement she wrote on her social media with a link.

Donald Trump Co-Defendant Jenna Ellis Revels in 'Mugshot Barbie' Moniker
Credit- New York Post

After the allegation or charges were held on Jeena Ellis, who is a senior legal advisor and the personal counselor of former President Donald Trump, she was targeted by the government and stopped her legal practices.

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Also, former President Donald Trump refuses to accept the allegation, which will be levied on him for forgery, false statements, and other charges. It is the fourth criminal case levied on Former President Donald Trump. He said he was not Guilty at all.

On August 24, 2023, Trump surrendered at Fulton County Jail, where he was treated badly as the first former President who took the mugshot.

Jeena Ellis goes against Trump and supports Joe Biden, who was in the election against former President Donald Trump. She also said that Trump doesn’t give her salary as she was her legal advisor.

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Jeena Ellis works with the former President, and now she is against him and supports Joe Biden.

Jeena Ellis is also one of the several people who raised their voices for former President Donald Trump in the election held in Georgia in 2020 and stated the lies that the election was stolen from him.

The former President, Donald Trump, worries about Jeena Ellis as she starts supporting his competitor, Joe Biden. Jeena Ellis mentioned in her statement that she has not gotten any payments for her work for a long time.

Shockingly, Jeena Ellis is enjoying her Mugshot at Jail because she could not find her guilty. Because she mentioned in her statement or the post she posted on her social media account that she didn’t do anything wrong. Even Though she is not getting paid for her work.

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