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Update 12 October 2022: As we know that Play Store Banned the app from August 2022 to install on Android Devices. But  Banned Has Been Removed and Truth Social app is ready to download & install for Android Users. Such users have waited too long to get on Android Devices, Now No Longer Use the Web Version of truth Social, Now we can Make it happen with a single click.

On 20th October 2021, Trump Media & Technology Corp issued a press release stating that Truth social media would be launched.

After the announcement, hackers began attacking Truth Social by registering high-profile usernames that included Mike Pence, Donald Trump, and Jack (Founder and CEO of Twitter).

In response to the attack, the TMTG group halted registrations, and it is now available for pre-order on the AppStore. A limited number of people will be able to access Truth Social in November, and the public launch will take place in the fall of 2022.

Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) Merges with Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC)

After the press release of Truth Social, TMTG merged with DWAC, and due to this, the whole stock market saw a phenomenal rise in DWAC stock price. On 20th October, the stock price of DWAC was $9, and on 21st October, the stock price rose to 50$ a 500% increase in a single day. As of 22nd October, the stock price of DWAC is 95$.

Trump Media & Technology Group has filed for trademarks on terms such as “ Truth Social,” “Truthing,” “Rethruth,” and “Post a truth.”

Truth Social Playstore and App Store Launch Date

Currently, Truth Social is only available for pre-order on the AppStore. It hasn’t yet been launched for Android. Only iPhone users can have access to use Truth Social For Android at the moment, it is unclear when they would launch.

How Does Truth Social Media Works?

Truth Social media works just like Twitter, but it has removed several features such as polls and bookmark options. Users can make posts called “Truths” just like tweets and share other users’ posts with ” Retruths” just like retweets. Truth Social also has a newsfeed which is called “Truth Feed”.

Truth Social Content Policies

Truth Social launched with the vision of being a “big tent” platform without political censorship, allowing for “free speech”.

In October 2021, when the company was first announced, its terms of service stated that the company would not be legally responsible for “what users might post to the service, whether it is content, accuracy, offensiveness, opinions, or reliability.” It appears that this self-declared immunity stems from Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which Trump opposed vehemently during his presidency.

In addition, the terms of service stated that users were prohibited from “disparage, tarnish, or otherwise harm us and/or the Site”. As well as “taking appropriate legal action”, the company said it has the right to suspend or terminate your account.

According to Truth Social, it has blocked accounts for behavior it deems harmful or inappropriate, such as creating accounts with parody names and making death threats.

Update 29/4/22: Agenda of creating Truth Social

Former President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter and Facebook last year in the month of January.

Many people like then-Congressman Devin Nunes now CEO of Trump Media & Technology group felt that these big tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. were trying everything in their power to suppress the voices and opinions of the users.

In an interview with Joe Pags, Mr. Nunes says that he had a few people look into why he wasn’t getting any views on Twitter or Instagram and they realized that Nunes was being shadow-banned.

That is when Trump offered former congressman Nunes the position of CEO and he accepted it.

The main objective of creating this social media platform was to create a safe space where users can share their views and opinions about political or other matters without fearing that they will be banned from the platform.

Truth Social aims to be a free and open-source distributed social network. This platform was created to fight against the big tech companies of silicon valley that suppress the voices of people.

According to CEO Devin Nunes of TMTG Truth Social is going to take the best of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and combine them to have the best features of all.

Important updates regarding Truth Social

In October 2021 Trump Media & Technology Group had a massive press release in which they announced that the ios version of Truth Social should be released in the first quarter of 2022.

Also in October 2021, a poll survey was conducted which showed that one-third of the American population stated that they would use a social media platform that was to be endorsed by Former President Donald Trump.

The app was published on the AppStore in February 2022 earlier this year but no provisions have been made for Android users yet. Mr. Devin Nunes has claimed to be in touch with google formulating a deal for android users too.

Truth Social’s collab with Rumble

Very recently in April 2022 CEO of TMTG announced that Truth Social was migrating its website and application to the infrastructure provided by Rumble’s Cloud.

This merger will have a great positive impact on the development and performance of this application. Since the collab Rumble has seen a hike in its stock prices.

Problems faced by Truth Social

In the early days of Truth Social, it faced many problems with hacking.

After the 20th October press release merely hours after it the release there was a hacked her who hacked into the systems and discovered all the domains relating to the company.

At the time, the URL also got leaked and the app was being publicly accessed. Many people named themselves after influential people like Former President himself Trump, Jack Dorsey, etc., and made fun of the website and trolled it. The link was discontinued after a short amount of time.

Public response to Truth Social

Many people stood in support and still continue to be in support of Truth Social.

Getty CEO Jason Miller and former advisor of Trump praised the platform by saying that this website is going to make Facebook and Twitter lose even more market share.

The New York Times Magazine described this app as a valuable addition to the already existing social media platforms.

While there were people who stood in favor of this app there were people who criticized it too. Noah Berlaksty a writer in the Independent said that this platform was going to be a threat to democracy. Chris Cilizza of CNN claimed that this website was doomed to fail.

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