Watch Donald Trump Interview with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First

Watch Donald Trump Interview with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First

In the Donald Trump interview with Sebastian Gorka, the host of AMERICA First, former Prime Minister Donald Trump opened up about the upcoming primary election scheduled on 8th November 2022.

Also, he talked about how Joe Biden‘s weak administration and policy completely ruined the American military and much more.

So, delve further to learn more about it. 

Watch Donald Trump Full Interview with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First

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Sebastian Gorka welcomed his former boss on the Podcast named AMERICA First, saying he always wanted him to see in the White House to save the country from the destruction happening to great America.

Donald Trump responded to him by saying that he hadn’t seen such destruction in the energy, border, and the country that had been happening to great America continuously for the last two years. Seeing the incidents happening in the country was so sad for him. It never happened in the past, even if it was not in the position of like that it is in the present.

Sebastian said that the Russia-Ukraine war wouldn’t have occurred if Donald Trump were in the White House. Trump was seen agreeing with Sebastian, saying that it wouldn’t have ever happened and never happened in the past. 

Donald Trump on Violence

In the Donald Trump Interview with Sebastian Gorka, Sebastian later talked about the violence across America, primarily in San Fransico. Trump said the threat is a nastiness, a tone, and now they have to explain MAGA, which is not great anymore, and it was a shame because they had to keep America great, which is not great anymore.

This is the primary motive behind this is whatever is happening with the country in the present. He opened up that FBI gave someone a million dollars to tell a lie about him, and they didn’t do anything about it.

Sebastian said he was confident he would be the nominee if he returned and also asked about the solution to fix the corruption after the many impeachments took place.

In answer to the question, Trump said that they couldn’t fix it as they don’t have the country they wanted and don’t have a confident country anymore, laws are not working properly, the Democrats are running the country, and crime is like no one has ever seen before.

People are being randomly pushed in subway trains rather than at a rapid speed, and all these things were not even imaginable. True the Vote, true people are being arrested.

Trump said Catherine Englebrecht, a fantastic woman, was arrested, which he couldn’t imagine.

Sebastian said that the corrupt judges ordered to arrest of the protagonists of 2000 Mules for denying to give up the source for the tiny company that was holding the elections.

Donald Trump on the Upcoming Election

Sebastian asked Trump if the upcoming presidential election in 2024 would be secure enough.

He responded that he is very concerned about the election and said that the year 2020 didn’t prove a good year for him. Trump said that elections could be easily corrupted, but they didn’t make enough changes, votes on the same day, voter-id, and even they don’t want to know what your citizenship was, which is totally unbelievable.

He further added that if you have enough borders, high taxes, horrible law enforcement, and the fun the police have, then you can win the election effortlessly. 

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About Donald Trump 

Donald J Trump was the 45th president of the United States of America from 2017 to 2021 and is an American politician and prominent media personality. He has been depicted as a populist, protectionist, isolationist and nationalist.

He won the presidential race of 2020 against the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016. Still, He couldn’t secure the vote in the election of 2020 against Joe Biden, the current president and a Democrat.

Donald Trump

During his reign, he brought out the offer to prohibit Muslim foreigners from entering the United States after the San Bernardino attack took place in 2015 till stronger vetting systems didn’t implement. Later, Trump restructured the ban and applied it to countries with a “proven history of terrorism.” 

Trump produced 19 books using ghostwriters under his name on various topics such as business, financial, or political topics. His first book named, The Art of the Deal, became the New York Times Best Seller. “The book expanded Trump’s renown far beyond New York City, making him an emblem of the successful tycoon.”

About Sebastian Gorka 

Sebastian Gorka is a British-born Hungarian American media personality, military and intelligence commentator, and former government official. He served in the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump in the post of Deputy Assistance to former president Donald Trump from January 2017 till 25th August 2017. He resigned from his post because the White House Officials were weakening the Make America Great Again outlet. 

Sebastian Gorka 

He served in the Hungarian Ministry of Defense when Jozsef Antall, a Hungarian teacher, librarian, and historian, was Hungary’s prime minister. Sebastian rose to fame as a television counterterrorism specialist after the 9/11 attack took place on 11th September 2001.

Sebastian Gorka was permanently prohibited from the YouTube platform in April 2021 for continuously infringing the policy by circulating lies regarding the presidential election of 2020. He has been described as a Conservative but described as being Far-right. Many critics have challenged him for his views on Islam and radicalization and his aim for identifying the Order of Vitez and backing the EU-banned Hungarian Guard.

About AMERICA First with Sebastian Gorka Podcast 

Dr. Sebestian Gorka, the special advisor to former president Donald Trump, founded the Podcast named AMERICA First. The primary motive behind founding the Podcast was to create new front lines in the current war against the Left.

Watch Donald Trump Interview with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First
Watch Donald Trump Interview with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First

He talks about the Leftist strike on America’s traditional values in each episode of his Podcast and also tells the ways to overcome and win against the Leftists.

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