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Anna Paulina Luna Husband

Anna Paulina Luna Husband – Anna Paulina Mayerhofer is a Republican and ex-Air Force veteran who served a term of over six years from 2009 to 2014.

Shortly after retiring, she turned to politics. Being raised by a hardworking and independent mother, Anna realized the importance of self-sufficiency from a very young age. She chose to serve her country even better after the Air Force.

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Anna Paulina Luna Husband, Andy

Anna Paulina Luna Husband, Andy
Anna Paulina Luna Husband, Andy

Air Force is where Anna Paulina Luna met her husband, Andy. Andrew John Gamberzky, known as Andy, was born and raised in New Jersey.

Being close to New York, Andy’s family witnessed the gruesome 9/11. This pushed Andy to think about becoming a pilot.

Andrew joined the Air Force just a year after Anna. Shortly after that, he was assigned to Florida, where he met Anna, and the couple got married in 2011.

Unfortunately, soon after the marriage, he had to return to duty and was deployed in Afghanistan. There he was shot by enemy troops and suffered severe injury.

Andy’s recovery process was a long and hard one. However, this incident made the couple more involved in their country and fellow veterans who suffered from injuries. Andy still serves the government as a member of the 125th STS Air National Guard in Oregon.

The couple began involving themselves in various NGOs to help veterans and in organizations that support veterans. Andy and Anna have continuously advocated for supporting veteran-led businesses. Andy and Anna still talk about his recovery process.

Anna Paulina Luna Biography

Anna Paulina Luna Biography
Anna Paulina Luna Biography

Anna embraces her European heritage and identity from Mexican and German origins. She changed her last name to Luna, a name from her mother’s side, honoring her upbringing by a single parent.

Anna grew up in an impoverished background in Los Angeles and often described her family situation as a low-income household, as her mother was left by her father at a very young age. As a result, her mother slipped into depression and dealt with severe drug addiction.

She had also experienced a lot of violent crimes like shootings and robberies from a very young age in school and at home. Anna still remembers and fights back to eradicate the struggles she faced while growing up.

She’s also an active advocate against child trafficking. She has supported numerous child rescue programs, rescuing children from trafficked environments and rehabbing them.

Anna has received a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of West Florida. She was also about to begin medical school. That is when she was invited to co-ordinate Turning Point USA, an NGO aimed at transforming and educating youngsters as the director of Hispanic Engagement. This was a turning point in her political career.

Right after this, Anna realized it was important to make an impression and voice her opinions from a place where people would listen. She wanted to ensure the values of America she had ingrained should reach everyone. That is when she decided to run for Florida’s 13th congressional district.

She was soon nominated for the election and was endorsed by former president Donald Trump. By winning the election in 2022, she will be assuming office as United States‘ representative for Florida’s 13th Congressional District.

With real-life experiences of growing up in a poor community, she has real solutions for ordinary people’s problems and aims to improve all Americans’ lives.

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