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    The event is set to happen on October 5 and 6 in Miami, Florida.

    Do I need a ticket for the HISPANIC LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE?

    HISPANIC LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE will stream live for free on our website. Therefore, you don’t need tickets.


    The speakers for the HISPANIC LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE are –

    Donald Trump

    Donald Trump
    Donald Trump

    The key speaker for the HISPANIC LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE is Former President Donald Trump. He is a successful businessman and real estate developer and has financial stakes in numerous properties in and around New York City and overseas, including hotels, casinos, resorts, and golf courses.

    Jorge Granier-Phelps

    The next speaker for the HISPANIC LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE is Jorge Granier-Phelps. Granier is a Hispanic producer and businessman. Formerly the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PONGALO, Granier guided the diversified Latino-focused digital media company to build a strong ecosystem of digital media properties.

    He established the Pongalo OTT platform, Pongalo Networks’ YouTube channels, and works with Distributors, which include Hulu, Netflix, Google, Amazon, Telefonica, and more. Granier is also the Director of RCTV International, a juggernaut in the T.V. production, sales, and distribution industry that has been around since 1953 and boasts a collection of more than a hundred telenovelas that have won awards across the world.

    Jovita Carranza

    Jovita Carranza - speaker for the HISPANIC LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE
    Jovita Carranza – speaker for the HISPANIC LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE

    Jovita Carranza is another speaker for the HISPANIC LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE. As the administrator of the Small Business Administration, Jovita Carranza oversees the various programs that help small firms secure financing, including loans and loan guarantees, as well as contracts, counseling, and other services.

    Before joining the Obama administration, Jovita served as the Deputy Administrator of the United States Small Business Administration from December 2006 until January 2009, during the presidency of George W. Bush, and was officially hired by Trump on April 4, 2019.

    Steve Cortes

    Steve Cortes
    Steve Cortes

    Steve Cortes is a T.V. host, public speaker, market strategist, and political commentator who started his career in the financial markets as a sales agent for government bonds at Prudential in 1994. He will be speaking at the HISPANIC LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE.

    Cortes established the research and consultancy firm Veracruz TMJ in 2002 to serve the growing need for real-time market data by institutional investors like hedge funds, broker-dealers, and sovereign wealth funds. In addition to his role as a Trump campaign advisor, Cortes has been an on-air broadcaster since 2007 and has contributed his talents to CNBC, Fox Business Network, and Bloomberg Television.

    Abraham Enriquez

    Abraham Enriquez
    Abraham Enriquez

    Abraham Enriquez founded and now serves as President of Bienvenido U.S., an organization that works to encourage and equip Hispanics to advocate for personal freedom and good public policy. He will also be the speaker at the HISPANIC LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE.

    Abraham developed Bienvenido into a key player in supporting policies that uplift the Hispanic population throughout the Trump administration and has been featured in various news articles and has served as a pundit on Spanish-language television and radio. In the 2020 election cycle, Abraham co-led one of the largest voter engagement initiatives with other conservative organizations, and the Voter turnout among Latinos rose significantly due to his efforts.

    Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue, Representative Carlos Gimenez (F.L.), Representative Mario Diaz-Balart (F.L.), Pastor Mario Bramnick, Director of Hispanic Impact Panel; Giancarlo Sopo, former Director of Hispanic Advertising/Rapid Response Trump-Pence 2020; Rick Figueroa, a former member of the Trump-Pence 2020 Hispanic Advisory Council are other leaders who will attend this fundamental event.

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