Elise Stefanik’s Net Worth – How Much She is Worth?

Elise Stefanik's Net Worth - How Much She is Worth?

Are you curious to know American politician Elise Stefanik’s Net Worth in 2023?

Elise Stefanik is an American politician acting as the U.S. representative for New York’s 21st congressional district since 2015.

Stefanik has been the chair of the House Republican Conference since 2021. She is also the third-ranking House Republican.

Stefanik is a member of the Republican Party, and her district includes a significant part of the North Country and Adirondacks, some of the outer suburbs of Utica, and the Capital District in New York.

Here, we will provide you with all the information regarding Elise Stefanik’s Net worth, salary, earnings and source of income.

Elise Stefanik’s Net Worth 2023

Elise Stefanik is one of the wealthiest politicians and is listed as the most popular political leader.

As of 2022, Elise Stefanik’s net worth is $1.5 million. She possesses a minority interest in a townhouse near Capitol Hill, Washington D.C., worth $ 1.3 million.

She has harvested a massive amount from her political career. Her annual salary as a U. S. House of Representatives would be around $174,000. Elise’s net worth is estimated to be $1.8 million.

Elise Stefanik’s Early Life and Wiki

Stefanik was born in Albany, New York, on July 2, 1984. Elise’s mother, Melanie, is of Italian descent, and her father, Kenneth Stefanik, is of Czech descent. Her parents owned Premium Plywood Products, a wholesale plywood distributor in Guilderland Center.

She was covered in a Times Union profile about U.S. Senator Al D’Amato on October 14, 1998. In the article, she is highlighted, saying she supported the republican view.

She worked in Washington for six years before entering politics. According to Stefanik, she preferred a career in public service and policy after the September 11 attack. 

Elise Stefanik’s Education

Stefanik enrolled in the Albany Academy for Girls and was admitted to Harvard College, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in government in 2006.

Stefanik was selected as Vice President of the Harvard Institute of Politics in 2004. At Harvard, she was awarded the Women’s Leadership Award.

After graduating from Harvard, she joined the George W. Bush administration as a U.S. Democratic Policy Council staff member.

She later worked in the office of Joshua Bolten, the White House Chief of Staff. In 2012, she established the blog American Maggie, a platform to promote the views of conservative and Republican women.

Elise Stefanik Career

Elise Stefanik’s career achievements helped her to make her net worth. Stefanik served as director of new media for Tim Pawlenty’s presidential exploratory committee and worked at the Foundation for Defence of Democracies and Foreign Policy Initiative.

She returned to New York after Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lost the 2012 presidential election. Stefanik bought a home in Willsboro, New York, after the 2012 election.

In August 2013, Stefanik announced her candidacy in the 2014 United States House of Representatives election in New York‘s 21st congressional district.

The Republicans had dominated the section for a century before Democrat Bill Owens was elected to represent it in a 2009 special election. Owens declared that he would not run for reelection in January 2014. Dough Hoffman, the conservative party nominee in 2009, encouraged Stefanik.

She defeated Matt Doheny in 2014. Republican primary election. Later, she defeated Woolf and Funiciello, gaining 55% against their 34% and 11 %, respectively. At 30, she turned out to be the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. She ran for reelection in 2016 and won with 66%.

Stefanik ranked the 19th most bipartisan House member during the first session of the 115th United States Congress by the Bipartisan Index. In January 2015, she was appointed to the House Armed Services Committee.

In February, she was selected as the vice-chair of the House Armed Services Committee’s Subcommittee on Readiness.

She was removed from the committee in 2021 as she objected to Pennsylvania’s electoral votes after the storming of the U.S. Capitol. She initiated recruitment for the National Republican Congressional Committee in the 2018 House elections.

In 2018, Stefanik declared she would leave the NRCC to create a “leadership PAC” dedicated to recruiting Republican women to run for office. 

When Biden won the 2020 election, and Trump refused to submit while making claims of fraud, Stefanik helped Trump in their efforts to overturn the election results. She falsely claimed fraud and said “more than 140,000 votes came from underage, deceased, and otherwise unauthorized voters” in Fulton County, Georgia.

In December 2020, she endorsed the lawsuit Texas v. Pennsylvania, an effort to reverse Donald Trump‘s electoral defeat in the 2020 election.

Ahead in January, she opposed the impeachment of Trump over his role in inciting the storming of the U.S. Capitol. On January 12, 2021, Harvard University declared that it had been removing Stefanik from the Harvard University Institute of Politics over her role in encouraging false claims of fraud within the presidential election.

Doug Elmendorf, the dean of Harvard Kennedy School, said Stefanik would not serve on the school’s Senior Advisory Committee after the school leaders’ review.


What is Elise Stefanik’s net worth in 2023?

In  2023, Elise Stefanik’s estimated net worth is $1.8 million.

How much does Elise Stefanik earn annually?

As a U. S. House of Representative, Elise Stefanik earns $174,000 annually. 

Is Elise Stefanik married?

Yes, Elise Stefanik married Matthew Manda on August 19, 2017.


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