How-to - How to Fix AirTalk Wireless Not Working

How to Fix AirTalk Wireless Not Working

How to Fix AirTalk Wireless Not Working

Fix AirTalk Wireless Not Working – A recipient of the Federal Universal Service Fund, AirTalk Wireless, offers aid under the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Programs to help low-income families get access to a wireless phone, internet, and TV services for free.

Now, even though their services are amazing, you may start facing errors like AirTalk Wireless not working. In this article, we have covered a detailed guide that will help you fix AirTalk Wireless not working. So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

AirTalk Wireless Not Working – What to do?

AirTalk Wireless Not Working

AirTalk Wireless Not Working

If your AirTalk monthly service isn’t working properly, but you have an active AirTalk account, an AirTalk SIM card, and a free phone or tablet, you can try the following –

  • Visit to see if your phone is compatible.
  • Completely charge the device, turn it off, find the SIM card slot, remove the SIM card from the AirTalk SIM card kit, insert it into the device’s SIM card slot and see if it fixes AirTalk Wireless not working issue.
  • Check if your SIM is activated by visiting and entering your phone number and SIM card number before clicking the Submit button.
  • If you’ve tried everything and AirTalk but still facing AirTalk Wireless not working, it might be because you are in a spot where the signal isn’t good. Just go somewhere else where the signal is better.

It’s also a good idea to double-check some other fundamentals to fix AirTalk Wireless not working –

  • Make sure your phone isn’t using airplane mode, your network is active, and mobile data is turned on.
  • Make sure you have yet to reach your monthly data limit.
  • Modify your APN settings.

At last, if you’ve tried everything else and still need help to fix AirTalk Wireless not working, follow the below-shared tips.

Reset AirTalk Wireless APN Settings to Fix AirTalk Wireless Not Working

Reset AirTalk Wireless APN Settings to Fix AirTalk Wireless Not Working

To reset AirTalk Wireless APN settings, you need to follow these simple steps –

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to the Wireless & Networks option.
  • Select Mobile Networks.
  • Select the Access Point Name option.
  • Select the New APN option.
  • Enter the details mentioned below –
    • Name – AirTalk
    • APN – Reseller
    • Proxy – (Blank)
    • Port – (Blank)
    • Username – (Blank)
    • Password – (Blank)
    • Server – (Blank)
    • MMSC –
    • MMS Proxy –
    • MMS Port – 80
    • MCC – 310
    • MNC – 410
    • For Authentication Type – (Blank)
    • For the APN Type – default, supl, mms, fota
    • APN Protocol – IPv4/IPv6

Save these settings, and boom, you have reset your AirTalk Wireless APN settings.

How to fix AirTalk Wireless APN Settings on iPhone

Here is how to reset AirTalk Wireless APN settings on iPhone to fix AirTalk Wireless not working –

  • Select the Mobile Data option in the Settings menu, then Mobile Data Network.
  • Enter your password, and then go to the bottom and press the Reset Settings button.
  • Copy and paste the APN settings below.
  • Save and apply your settings.
  • Restart your iPhone.

That’s it. After that, your new APN settings will be applied.

  • APN – Reseller
  • Username – (leave blank)
  • Password – (leave blank)

How to reset APN Settings on Windows Phones

reset APN Settings on Windows Phones

Here are the steps to configure your Windows Phone with the AirTalk Wireless APN settings –

  • Launch the Windows Phone Settings.
  • Click on Cellular & SIM, then Network & Wireless, and finally, Add an Internet APN.
  • Fill in the following APN information shared below –

Profile Name – Consumer Cellular

    • APN – att.mvno
    • Username – N/A
    • Password – N/A
    • Type Of Sign In Info – None
    • IP Type – IPv4
    • Proxy Server –
    • Proxy Port – (leave blank)
    • MMSC –
    • MMSC Port – (leave blank)
    • Maximum MMS Size – 2048
  • After entering the Windows APN, restart your Windows phone.

What are the APN Settings for AirTalk Wireless?

An access point name or APN is used as a gateway between different mobile networks like GSM, GPRS, 3G, 4G, etc., which enables your mobile device to connect to a carrier’s network and lets you enjoy your monthly services.

If your APN settings are incorrect, your data transfer rates may be slow, and you may face AirTalk Wireless not working. To use a 4G LTE or 5G mobile broadband network, you will need the settings included in AirTalk’s APN and the security parameters, in addition to a working AirTalk SIM card, plan, and network coverage that allow users to connect to the internet.

Typically the APN settings for AirTalk Wireless are preconfigured automatically. However, you should still double-check it if you are facing AirTalk Wireless not working issue.

Can I get AirTalk Wireless free iPad?

Even though you cannot get an AirTalk Wireless free iPad, you can get a heavy discount on the purchase of one.

Closing Comments

There you have it – a detailed article covering how to fix AirTalk Wireless not working. We tried to cover all of the possible reasons that may be causing this issue in the first place, along with the solutions to fix it.

With that said, here I am wrapping up this article. If you still have any questions, feel free to shoot them in the comment section below. Our team will try to respond ASAP.

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  • After applying these apn settings for AirTalk, I had a 4GLTE signal for all of about 2 seconds then nothing. Been trying to resolve this issue for a few hours now and I live within AT&T’s coverage area. I’m officially lost, don’t know what the next step should be.

      • Hello my name is cristy cook and I’m a little new to airtalk wireless and I need help getting my airtalk wireless working it won’t let me call out it keeps telling me (no service area) and I don’t what to do.will1 you please help me fix this issue

        • Hey Cristy,
          I would recommend you to visit a nearby AirTalk Wireless store and tell your issue to customer care representative. They will surely help you in this regard.

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