FAQ - How to Get Free Government iPhone 7 Plus

How to Get Free Government iPhone 7 Plus

How to Get Free Government iPhone 7 Plus

Free Government iPhone 7 Plus – The best thing about the iPhone is that it will always be an iPhone, and people will want it no matter how old it gets. Looking at the last few years of iPhones, the iPhone 7 Plus is the most adored by its users for how well it works and looks. Even though prices have dropped in the seven years since its initial release, not everyone can afford an iPhone 7 Plus.

However, the iPhone 7 Plus is free through government programs such as Lifeline and ACP and can make a significant difference in the lives of low-income families, opening up a world of opportunities for them.

A well-researched and well-informed application for a free iPhone from the government does not guarantee acceptance but improves your chances. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get your free iPhone 7 Plus easily.

This includes, but is not limited to, what you require, whether you are eligible, what documents you require, and which programs and companies provide the free iPhone 7 Plus.

So without further ado, let us start –

How to Get Free Government iPhone 7 Plus

How to Get Free Government iPhone 7 Plus

The government has always done its best to provide for the people of the country, particularly those who lack the means. It has developed a number of programs that ensure common people’s connectivity without sacrificing service quality.

In keeping with this, the government provides free iPhone 7 through various programs in the United States.

Here is how you can apply for a free Government iPhone 7 Plus –

  • Confirm your eligibility for the program. (Eligibility criteria have been detailed further in the article)
  • Ensure you have all the documents you require for the application. ( Documents needed are mentioned further in the article)
  • Apply for assistance programs through the National Verifier- You can do so online or via mail. To do it online, go to nv.fcc.gov/lifeline/?awsl=link-from-how-to-apply&ebbp=true&id=nv_flow&ln=RW5nbGlzaA%3D%3D or send the physical copies of the proof documentation to Lifeline/ACP Support Center, PO Box 7081, London, KY 40742.
  • Apply through your selected Lifeline/ACP free iPhone provider by going to their physical store or website.

Which Program Offers Free Government iPhone 7 Plus?

There are several government programs where you can get free iPhones.

Below, we have covered all of those programs –

Lifeline Assistance Program

Lifeline Assistance Program assists low-income individuals in obtaining low-cost phone and internet services. It provides low-income households with monthly subsidies and affordable phone and data services, and people who meet their requirements are eligible for government benefits, including a free iPhone 7 Plus.

The Connect America Fund

Another government program that assists in providing services to people in rural areas is the Connect America Fund.

Their goal is also to provide low-cost communication services to people in rural areas of the country who do not have much money and also distribute the free iPhone 7 that the government provides.

Affordable Connectivity Program

Affordable Connectivity Program is another way the government assists people in obtaining low-cost phone and internet services. It offers savings on phone bills, monthly data services and programs, and other items.

Who Can Qualify For A Free Government iPhone 7 Plus?

Who Can Qualify For A Free Government iPhone 7 Plus?

There are several ways to obtain a free iPhone 7 Plus from the government, and the requirements for each program or provider will differ slightly.

Here are the most important requirements so you can quickly begin applying for a free iPhone 7 from the government.

  • Participating in a federal or government welfare program
  • The applicant’s income shouldn’t be below 135% of the Federal Poverty Line.

Once you fulfill any of the criteria mentioned above, you must fill out an application and provide the necessary proof to back up your claims.

These documents vary by provider, but here is a list of the standard ones that an applicant for a free iPhone 7 Plus government phone must submit –

  • The applicant’s most recent income statement.
  • Tribal or federal notice letters of participation in assistance programs such as Medicaid and SNAP
  • A letter stating that a student is eligible for free or reduced-price school meals.
  • The previous year’s tribal, state, or federal tax return or a current Tribal Tanf card or letter.
  • A valid BIA card, if the applicant has one.
  • Unemployment documentation on official forms.
  • Statements of benefits from the Veterans Administration prove eligibility.

Where to Get A Free Government iPhone 7 Plus?

You will receive free government iPhone 7 Plus from the Government Benefit Service Providers collaborating with the United States Government. Depending on which provider you select, you will receive various offers like FREE unlimited internet, voice, and text and FREE 4G/5G devices from well-known brands like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and others as part of the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program.

Many companies give away iPhones, particularly high-end models like the iPhone 7, like AirTalk Wireless and Cintex Wireless, and you can find them by visiting their websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cintex Wireless provides the government’s free iPhone 7 Plus in which states?

Cintex Wireless is known to be a free iPhone 7 government phone provider in the following states: Arkansas, Rhode Island, Maryland, Maine, and West Virginia.

Do government or federal aid programs entitle me to a government-provided iPhone 7?

If you receive government or federal assistance, such as SNAP or Medicaid, the government will give you a free iPhone 7 Plus.

Is the EBB program used to distribute the government’s free iPhone 7 Plus?

You can get a free iPhone 7 Plus through the EBB program in some areas and with certain providers. The number of applicants and the product availability from the provider will influence your chances of receiving a free iPhone.

Can I qualify for a free iPhone if my family and I are on Food Stamps?

Yes. If your family is on Food Stamps, you are eligible to receive a free iPhone.

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