How safe is Utah for Travel?

How safe is Utah for Travel - Utah Travel Safety Guide

In this Utah travel safety guide, we have answered all safety-related questions, including how safe is Utah for travel, the safest and most dangerous places in the state, safety tips, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

How safe is Utah for Travel?

How safe is Utah for travel

Located in the western part of America, this landlocked state covers the border with ColoradoIdahoArizona, and Nevada. This state is mostly known for its beautiful places for several outdoor activities like biking, hiking, and skiing. Park City in Utah is the best destination for that.

Besides that, Utah is the home of the mighty five great national parks – Zion, Bryce, Arches, Capitol Reefs, and Canyonland. The landscape beauty with infinite rivers is the ultimate attraction of Utah.

Utah ranks 3rd among the best cities in America with its livability, environment, and many more. 

If you are planning to visit the state, this travel safety guide may be a lifesaver. This guide will help you understand how safe Utah is, common warnings and dangers in Utah, and more.

Warnings & Dangers in Utah 

Warnings and Dangers

Overall crime – Low

The state holds the 13th position in the safest state index, indicating that Utah is safe enough to travel to. Starting from the environment to its crime, Utah is mostly peaceful and live-worthy, so you must not worry about safety much when traveling to Utah.

Transport & Taxi Risk – Low

Utah has its transport system, which can be a great help for travelers. It has an abundance of access to rideshare and taxis. However, you may find some unregistered local taxis in the state. Therefore, check them before taking a cab or try to rely on reputed rideshare services.

Pickpocketer Risk – Low

Utah is safe from pickpocket risk as the state has not witnessed such a crime recently. However, you need to be aware of your valuable belongings and cash.

Natural Disaster Risk – Medium

The western side of America is disturbed by landslides and avalanches. Utah also faces heavy floods and wildfires because many rivers are present here. So the natural disaster might hinder your trip if you do not keep the weather report handy.

Mugging Risk – Low 

In Utah, violent crimes are at a low rate, so mugging is not a threat in this state. However, crowded places and urban areas have seen such crime recently, but they are not in heavy numbers. Overall, the risk is considered low.

Terrorism Risk – Low 

The state has seen some shooting crimes recently, which can be a threat to tourists. However, the number is low compared to the other states. So, regarding the question of how safe is Utah from terrorism-related attacks, the answer is it is quite safe.

Scam Risk – Medium

Scamming-related crimes are quite common in Utah, so the chances of being a victim of such crimes are somewhere medium. Scammers generally come with different schemes to loot travelers, so it will be best to cross-check the information first and then make a decision.

Women Travelers’ Risk – Low

Women travelers are safe in Utah because the state has enough legislation about women. Also, people are woman-minded, so traveling here won’t be a threat to women.

Tap Water Risk – Low

The state is safe from tap water risk as Utah gets water from more than 900+ connections. So you do not have to carry your water bottle everywhere.

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Safest places to visit in Utah

Utah has several cities you should explore as the crime rate is lower and offers enough tourist attractions to lure visitors –

Lone Peak

Lone Peak
Lone Peak Mountain, Utah

Lone Peak is considered the safest city in Utah, United States. It has a minimum crime rate and ranks 1 as the safest city in Utah. The violent crime rate is 18.7, much lower than the national crime rate. Among 30,191 people, the city records a non-violent crime rate of 51.4.

The beautiful places to visit in Lone Peak are the Alta Sky Area, Thanksgiving Point, Snowbird, Big Cottonwood Canyon, and Mount Timpanogos.


Farmington, Utah
Farmington, Utah

Farmington is another safe city to visit in Utah. Farmington’s violent and property crime rate is 0.5 and 9.3 in 1000 individuals in 2022, making it a very safe city. The population of this city is approximately 26,256.

If you are in Farmington, you must visit Lagoon Amusement Park, Cannibal, Colossus, Wicked, and Bombora. 

North Ogden

North Ogden, Utah
North Ogden, Utah

North Ogden is one of the safest cities in Utah. Its violent and property crime rates are 0.8 and 12.3 per 1000 individuals. Its population is 20,260.

The main places to visit in North Ogen are North Ogden Parks, Barker Park, Nordic Valley Ski Resort, Ben Lomond Mountain, and Ogden River.


Snowbasin Resort, Utah
Snowbasin Resort, Utah

Clinton has a lower crime rate record, so it’s believed as one of the safest cities in Utah. Its violent and property crime rates are 0.6 and 11.3 in 1000 individuals. The city is home to 22,725 people.

In Clinton, you must visit Kestrel Park, Hill Aerospace Museum, Sea Quest, and Snowbasin Resort.


Syracuse Mountains, Utah
Syracuse Mountains, Utah

Syracuse is also considered one of the safest cities to live in in Utah. Its violent and property crime rates are 0.7 and 7.2 in 1000 individuals, much lower than other cities.

The most beautiful places to visit in this city are Jensen Nature Park, Syracuse Regional Museum, The Rush Fun-Plex, and Centennial Park.


Bountiful Church, Utah
Bountiful Church, Utah

Bountiful is another safe city in Utah. Its violent crime rate is about 0.8 in 1000 individuals, while the property crime rate will be about 8.2 in 2022. 

If you plan to go to Bountiful, you must visit Bountiful City Park, Tolman Memorial Park, Creekside Park, and Elephant Rock.

Spanish Fork

Spanish Fork, Utah
Spanish Fork, Utah

Spanish Fork is also a safe city in Utah. Its violent and property crime rates are 0.7 and 11.3 in 1000 individuals in 2022, with a population of about 41,605.

The gorgeous places to visit in this city are Canyon View Park, The Escalante Cross, Sierra Park, North Park, and the festival of lights.

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Places to avoid in Utah

Even though Utah is overall safe, there are some places in the state where crime rates are quite high. Therefore, we recommend avoiding these places in Utah –

South Salt Lake

The crime rate in South Salt Lake is quite high among other cities in Utah. Its violent crime rate is 801 per 100,000 people. Due to the higher crime rate, it is better to avoid the place.

West Valley

This city is not considered a safe city in Utah to visit because of the higher crime rate. That’s why it’s believed to avoid this place. The rate of violent crimes is 699 per 100,000 individuals, while the rate of homicides is 11 per 100,000 individuals.

Salt Lake City

Due to the high crime rates, the city is not very safe for visitors and residents. The violent crime rate of this city is 712 per 100,000 individuals, while the homicide rate in this city is 13 per 100,000 individuals.

Woods Cross

Woods Cross is not a very safe place to visit alone as it records many crimes. Its violent crime rate is 364, while its homicides rate is 1 per 100,000 individuals.


Murry has seen a hike in crime in recent years, especially in recent years. The violent crime rate has risen to 439 in 100,000 individuals, which is much higher than the national average. Therefore, you should be careful and aware.

Cedar City

This city also has criminal records, affecting its safety and surroundings. The violent crime rate of this city is about 277 in 100,000 individuals, so you must be aware of its atmosphere. If you are alone in the city, try to be safe before dark.


With a violent crime rate of 301 in 100,000 individuals, Grantsville is quite an unsafe place to visit. However, most of the crime-related activities in Grantsville occur in some specific places. So, you can visit the city for its tourist attraction but try to stay away from dangerous places.

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Safety tips for travelers in Utah

Safety Tips

  • Stay alert – The state is quite safe from pickpocketing, but being alert is necessary. Whenever you are leaving your place, lock your door correctly and keep all your document safe.
  • Focus on the dressing – Utah’s weather changes frequently and gets hot and dry on summer days. You must choose your dress accordingly. Researching the weather of your travel month can help a lot.
  • Consult with local people – It is safe to ask people for help if you are in doubt. Asking local people can be helpful because they can provide the right information.
  • Avalanche updates – The state is more prone to avalanches, so you must check the weather report before heading to any particular place. On top of that, carry protective gear if you are traveling to Utah.
  • Hiking back up – Hiking can be dangerous sometimes in Utah, so you need to ready your backup if you get lost. Keep a copy of the maps and extra safety gear. Wild animals also can be dangerous, so be aware of that.

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How safe is Utah for solo travelers?

The state is quite safe for solo travelers, and they can enjoy the fun activities of the state. However, you must take proper care when you are going hiking. Also, before purchasing any plan from a stranger, try to verify all the information.

How safe is Utah for solo female travelers?

How safe is Utah for solo female travelers?
How safe is Utah for solo female travelers?

Utah is also safe for solo female travelers because the city respects women. However, traveling solo can be dangerous if you are not alert. Avoid strolling at night to shady places and try to be in crowded places as much as possible.

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How safe is Utah for travel?

The state ranks 28th in the national safety ranking, which depicts a positive side of the state. Crime is prevalent mostly in some larger cities. 

However, most of the cities in the state, especially the tourist spots, are very safe cities to travel to. So overall, I could say that Utah is quite safe for travel if you take all safety measures.

With that said, here I am wrapping up this article. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them in the comment section below. Our team will try to respond ASAP.

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