How to Get Rid of 1 Expensive Bill During a Recession

How to Get Rid of 1 Expensive Bill During a Recession

Curious to know How to Get Rid of 1 Expensive Bill During a Recession? Your search ends here.

A recession is a significant decline in economic activity that lasts longer than a few months. What do you do if you are currently facing a recession?

There are many pending or upcoming bills to pay, but do you want to reduce some expenses so you can manage them? Bills are part of our daily lives. We can’t escape bills and their payments.

But we can take a few measures which can help us tackle certain expenses.

What is that, and how to get rid of 1 expensive bill during a recession? Don’t you want to know all those things?

Then, stick to the end of the article to learn how to cut certain expenses while facing a financial crisis.

Which Bill Can You Remove During Financial Difficulty?

The one bill which we all pay every month is the phone bill. You can save significant money if you can cut the expenses spent on these bills.

Through the Lifeline program, you can easily get rid of 1 expensive bill during a recession.

What is a Lifeline program?

The United States Federal Communications Commission launched the Lifeline program in 1985 to lower the cost of communications services for low-income customers.

Subscribers of Lifeline receive a discount on monthly phone service from participating carriers in the market. Additionally, subscribers can get broadband internet at a discount from participating providers.

In order to make Lifeline more affordable for low-income households, the FCC increased federal funding in 1997 and expanded the program’s reach under the 1997 Universal Service Order.

As cell phones became more popular, the FCC under George W. Bush adopted additional changes in 2005 to allow wireless phone service providers to give free government cell phone service through Lifeline benefits.

Eligible low-income people can receive a $9.25 monthly service discount from Lifeline. Customers can use the Lifeline discount on either wireline or wireless service, but not both at once. Lifeline also supports broadband and broadband-voice bundles.

This Lifeline Program can help you in your hard times. I want to give you a more detailed insight into Lifeline and the service provider who can provide you with a Government free smartphone.

We will discuss this further!

How can you get into this Program?

To get rid of 1 expensive bill during a Recession, you need to participate in this program and consider a few things. We will discuss the eligibility criteria for this program, so make sure you fulfill these requirements to take advantage of it.

Income Requirement

To be eligible for the Lifeline program, your family household income must be 135% or less than the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Government Assitance Program Participation Requirement

You can take part in Lifeline if you participate in one of the Federal Assistance Programs like

General Requirement

Before applying for the program, remember that the threshold may differ depending on your state, so cross-check with their website for a clear idea of your eligibility.

When you apply for Lifeline, you must provide some documents to prove your income, such as a tax return or three consecutive pay stubs.

Application Process

If you meet the above eligibility criteria, then you can go ahead and apply at

Once applied and authorized, choose a cell phone service provider like SafeLink, a federal program offering income-eligible clients who apply and are approved for the programme free phone service and airtime.

What will you get through the SafeLink Program?

With the SafeLink program, the eligible members will receive a smartphone including Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Long Distance with 350 minutes, unlimited text and 3GB of data per month, free of cost.

If the eligible person already has a SafeLink Wireless free government phone and needs to utilize the discounted plans, it can be done as the program has the SafeLink Keep Their Own Smartphone option. With this option, you can enjoy the same benefits.

To opt for Keep Your Own Smartphone, you must have a compatible GSM phone and ensure that your phone is unlocked to be compatible with this network.

SafeLink carries out the Lifeline program’s objective by giving its clients convenient access to communication and affordable plans also, helps get rid of 1 expensive bill during a recession.


Getting into SafeLink through the Lifeline program can reduce your worries and pressures of expensive phone bills when you have a hard time.

This may not be a lot, but it can reduce your burden a little and will give you the flexibility to utilize the money spent on phone bills on something else. Through this program, you can get rid of 1 expensive bill during a recession with various benefits.

If you are interested in this program, go ahead and apply for it to Get Rid of 1 Expensive Bill During a Recession. To get more information on SafeLink, you can visit their official website.

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