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How to Get Standup Wireless Free Phone

How to Get Standup Wireless Free Phone

Standup Wireless is a US-based wireless provider that provides affordable and reasonable prepaid plans like Lifeline Assistance and EBB (Emergency Broadband Benefit) to low-income families. The Standup Wireless Free Phone scheme is available for new as well as existing customers and is a boon for those who cannot afford costly internet services. Standup Wireless services are available in 22 States including Puerto Rico now.

Standup Wireless Free Phone promises a simple and seamless shopping experience, high-value plans, and extremely good customer service. They offer free and highly discounted plans; in some states, those eligible can even get a free phone, depending on the area and state.

Herein you will be provided everything you need to know about Standup Wireless Free Phones, the eligibility criteria, why to choose Standup Wireless Free Phone, and how to get one.

Eligibility Criteria for Standup Wireless Free Phone

Eligibility Criteria for Standup Wireless free phone

To get a Standup Wireless Free Phone, you need to qualify the following criteria; only then can you avail the benefits of the scheme:

  1. By participating in a Lifeline-qualifying program such as the following, a consumer may qualify for Standup Wireless Free Phone:
    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    • Medicaid
    • Federal Public Housing Assistance
    • Survivors Benefit and Veterans Pension Program

2. Individuals having gross annual household income at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines may qualify for Standup Wireless Free Phones.

3. Additional eligibility criteria are unique to ACP; a long-term replacement of EBB includes Pell Grants (current year award recipients), Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch and Breakfast, and specific instances of reduced wages.

Your eligibility will be determined by a verification process approved by the FCC, such as USAC’s National Verifier and National Lifeline Accountability Database.

Reasons to choose Standup Wireless Free Phone 

StandUp Wireless

i) Extremely good Customer Service

Although Standup Wireless is a small company, they attend to its customers and clients with full attention and sincerity.

ii) Highly affordable ranges

They offer highly affordable high-end smartphones for customers looking for a new phone. In addition, their BYOD program is also very flexible and compatible with a wide selection of devices. Besides a generous FREE Lifeline plan, they offer highly affordable plans for customers who need more minutes, texts, or data. Additionally, Standup Wireless has cell phone plans with free phones for its customers.

iii) Flexibility

Standup Wireless is very flexible when it comes to paying the phone bill. They don’t block your accounts if you can’t pay on time, but they float you and let you pay in the future.

Process of getting a Standup Wireless Free Phone

1) Online application

Visit the Standup Wireless website

Enter your email and ZIP code, and click the “CHECK AVAILABILITY” button. If you are in the covered area, you can continue the process. 

Follow the instructions and enter all the necessary information.

If you need help, Standup Wireless offers support to guide you through the process via phone. Call Standup Wireless support at 1-800-544-4441.

2) Mail-in application

You will need to print out and fill in the Lifeline Assistance application.

Send your filled-in application along with all the documentation to the Standup Wireless headquarters address; PO Box 13006, Oklahoma City, OK 73113-1006


  • First, you must know that according to government rules, only eligible low-income households can enroll in the program and receive the benefits. To ensure your household qualifies well, check out the Lifeline/ACP eligibility requirements in the next section.
  • You will also have to prove your eligibility criteria. To do so, you will be required to provide copies of certain official documents that prove your eligibility and verify your personal information during the application process.
  • Then, you can apply for the Lifeline/ACP benefits at Standup Wireless or through the National Verifier. If accepted, enjoy the Standup Wireless free phone and plans.

Standup Wireless Customer Service

Standup Wireless Customer Service

If you have any problems or if you are stuck in the middle of the application process, use one of the below methods to get in touch with Standup Wireless support. One of their professional assistants will care for you and help you.

Call: 1-800-544-4441 (Monday – Saturday 8 am – 10 pm EST, Sunday 9 am – 6 pm EST)

Email: [email protected]

Sales Inquiry: [email protected]

HQ Address: StandUp Wireless, PO Box 2148 Norcross, GA 30091

Bottom Line

Standup Wireless offers free phones in only specific states and areas. Moreover, they provide minimal information regarding which types of devices are free. If you are located in an area where you are entitled to a free phone, it will be chosen by Standup Wireless and delivered to you. The article has provided all the details that will help you make an informed decision about whether Standup Wireless is a good choice for you or not.

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