Patrick McHenry- Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Education, Family

Patrick McHenry- Bio, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Education, Family

Patrick McHenry is an American politician and U.S. Representative from North Carolina’s 10th congressional district since 2005. 

The U.S. House of Representatives voted on October 3, 2023, to oust Representative Kevin McCarthy (R) from his position as speaker.

A fierce competition for a permanent replacement was sparked by the historic removal of Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) from the speakership.

Following two weeks of disagreements and chaos, the House may ultimately choose to designate Rep. Patrick (R-N.C.), the acting speaker, as the interim speaker.

Until the House chose Mike Johnson (R) to be speaker, McHenry presided as speaker pro tempore.

Don’t you want to know what Patrick was doing before he was chosen as the acting speaker?

No need to worry; we have covered everything you need to know about Patrick McHenry, including his biography, family, age, and, most importantly, his net worth.

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Patrick McHenry Wikipedia and Biography

Patrick Timothy McHenry
Known as
Patrick McHenry
Place of birth
Gastonia, North Carolina, United States
Date of birth October 22, 1975
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Skin color White
Eye color black
Zodiac sign Libra
Religion Catholic
Nationality American
Political party Republican

American politician Patrick Timothy was born on October 22, 1975. Currently, has been serving as U.S. representative for North Carolina‘s 10th congressional district, which includes the communities of Hickory and Mooresville.

Since 2023, he has also served as the chair of the House Financial Services Committee. Before being elected to Congress, the Republican Party member served one term in the North Carolina House of Representatives.

From 2014 to 2019, McHenry was the chief deputy whip for the House Republicans. He then served as a ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee from 2019 to 2023, for which he is chair now.

Following Kevin McCarthy‘s dismissal from office through a motion to vacate, McHenry served as Speaker pro tempore of the House for 22 days, from October 3, 2023, until October 25, 2023.

Patrick McHenry’s Early Life

North Carolina’s Gastonia is the birthplace of McHenry. As the son of the Dixie Lawn Care Company’s owner, he was raised in suburban Gastonia. He was the youngest of five children and a devout Roman Catholic.

Before enrolling at Belmont Abbey College, McHenry attended North Carolina State University. He started the College Republican chapter at Belmont and went on to become treasurer of the College Republican National Committee and chair of the North Carolina Federation of College Republicans.

When McHenry was a junior in college, he entered the 1998 North Carolina House of Representatives election. Despite winning the Republican primary, he lost the general election.

McHenry worked for the Washington, D.C.-based media consulting company DCI/New Media.

He worked on Rick Lazio’s campaign in the 2000 New York United States Senate race; his main project was running the website

Patrick McHenry Age, Height, Weight

Patrick is 48 years old. You might also be curious to know his physical attributes, such as his height and weight, which unfortunately is not revealed to the public.

So, it is hard to estimate how tall he stands and what exactly his weight measurements are.

Patrick McHenry Wife and Family

Patrick McHenry Wife and Family

Since 2010, McHenry has been wed to Giulia Cangiano. They have three kids and reside in Denver, North Carolina.

Rep. Mike Lawler, a fellow Republican, said to Julie Mason in 2023 that McHenry had saved his 15-month-old daughter’s life when she started choking on food during an event.

Nothing about McHenry’s family is available to the public, like his parents or siblings.

McHenry is keeping his personal life secretive from the public eye. So, we need to find out how many siblings he has, who his parents are and their occupation.

Patrick McHenry Net Worth

One of the most well-liked and wealthy members of Congress, Patrick. As per our sources, Patrick McHenry’s estimated net worth is $5 million.

Patrick McHenry Education

Patrick went to Ashbrook High School. He attended North Carolina State University before enrolling at Belmont Abbey College.

Patrick completed his B.A. in history in 1999. An honorary M.B.A. in entrepreneurship 2012 from Yorktown University (now closed).

Patrick McHenry Career

McHenry was appointed national coalition director for George W. Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign by Karl Rove in the middle of 2000.

He was a volunteer coordinator for Bush’s inaugural committee in late 2000 and early 2001. Following a six-month tenure in 2001 as Elaine Chao’s special assistant to the U.S. Secretary of Labour, McHenry returned to North Carolina and successfully ran again for the General Assembly in the 2002 election.

During the 2003–04 session, McHenry, a resident of Denver, North Carolina, served as the state’s representative for the 109th House district, which includes constituents of Gaston County. He served on the Appropriations Committee of the House.

McHenry wrote legislation that would toughen the penalties for anyone producing methamphetamine in front of a minor during the 109th Congress.

Legislation, including H.R. 1616, was approved by the House and the Senate. It was signed into law in March 2006 as a part of the Patriot Act’s reauthorization.

With 64% of the popular vote, McHenry defeated Democrat Anne Fischer in the general election. Nonetheless, it was widely believed that McHenry’s win in the primary runoff was tantamount to the election in November.

Since 1963, his district has been considered North Carolina’s most Republican district, having sent Republicans to represent it.

McHenry favoured a 2020 rule change implemented by the Donald Trump administration that would have removed the requirement for payday lenders to check that potential borrowers could afford to repay high-interest loans.

McHenry refrained from siding with the Trump campaign’s efforts to rig the 2020 U.S. presidential election, unlike most other Republican members of Congress.

He voted to certify the votes cast in Arizona and Pennsylvania for the U.S. Electoral College in 2021.

Following Kevin McCarthy’s resignation from the speakership due to a successful move to vacate, McHenry was named Speaker pro tempore of the U.S. House of Representatives on October 3, 2023.

After that, he ordered the former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to vacate one of her offices in the U.S. Capitol. Steny Hoyer, the former majority leader, was also told to leave his Capitol Hill hideaway office on October 4.

Patrick McHenry Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality

What is McHenry’s race, ethnicity, nationality, and ancestry? This is a question that many people have. When investigating with the public resources, Patrick’s ethnicity is unknown. Patrick is a Roman Catholic and holds an American Nationality.


Did Patrick McHenry get attacked by a fox?

In 2022, McHenry was attacked by a rabid fox while running over Capitol Hill.

What is McHenry known for on Capitol Hill?

On Capitol Hill, McHenry is well-known for his preference for bow ties.

How many children does McHenry have?

Patrick has three kids with her wife, Giulia Cangiano, and the family resides in Denver, North Carolina.

When was McHenry chosen as pro tempore?

McHenry served as Speaker pro tempore of the House for 22 days, from October 3, 2023, until October 25, 2023.

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