President Biden to come to South Carolina this week

President Biden to come to South Carolina this week

President Joe Biden will visit South Carolina this week to campaign for the 2024 Presidential race.

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President Biden To Come To South Carolina This Week

According to the White House Press release, the United States President and the Democrat 2024 Presidential candidate will travel to South Carolina this week as he seeks the White House for the second time.

Joe Biden will reportedly visit the State on Thursday, July 6, 2023, to resonate his ‘Bidenomics’ principles amongst his supporters.

The President and the First Lady, Jill Biden, last visited South Carolina in the summer of 2023 to spend vacation time at Kiawah Island.

Jill Biden also attended a graduation ceremony on June 30 in the State where she gave a speech in the U.S. Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island. The last time Biden appeared and delivered a speech in the Midlands was in December 2021, when he spoke at a South Carolina State University graduation.

However, the recent White House announcement did not specify any details about his visit or where the President would visit.

South Carolina is politically important for Biden as the State plays a key role in the 2024 presidential election by being the first State to hold the Democratic primary.

In February, Democrats ratified a reordering of its 2024 presidential primary by replacing Iowa with South Carolina.

The President won the South Carolina Democratic Primary in 2020 but had a depressing defeat in Iowa and New Hampshire and had a second-place finish in Nevada.

The recent change is meant to empower Black and other minority voters who form a major list of Biden’s supporters in the State.

President Joe Biden to come to South Carolina this week

Biden’s visit to South Carolina comes after many Republican presidential candidates have visited the State in recent months, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, U.S. Senator Tim Scott, and most recently the former President Donald Trump’s rally in Pickens town of the state on Saturday to mark the State’s Independence Day, which reportedly drew a massive crowd. Trump has also been the Republican front-runner for the 2024 race and, as such, the primary rival of Biden.

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While the former President criticized Democrats and the Biden government for his indictments and federal charges he is facing, the current President appears to glorify his ‘Bidenomics,’ his strategy for growing the economy, multi-million dollar infrastructure investments in areas like broadband expansion, EV charging networks, water, and sewer upgrades in rural areas in South Carolina.

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Additionally, with his mental fitness being questioned for the upcoming race, the Biden government faced several setbacks from the U.S. Supreme Court last week.

This included the Court’s reversed affirmative action in selecting college admissions. Second, the Court dismissed the government’s debt relief plan to cancel debt up to $20,000 in loans for qualified borrowers, ruling that the program exceeded executive authority.

Biden has now released a new loan forgiveness plan that would work through the Higher Education Act 1965.

According to a recent poll from the South Carolina Policy Council, more than half of the polled voters in the State said the country would be in a better position if neither Biden nor Trump gets elected President in 2024.

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