Ron DeSantis Drops Name He Is Considering As His Running Mate

Ron DeSantis Drops Name He Is Considering As His Running Mate

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dropped the name of his potential running mate for the 2024 Presidential race in the event in Iowa.

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Ron DeSantis Drops Name He Is Considering As His Running Mate

Florida Governor and Republican Presidential hopefuls Ron DeSantis has dropped the name of a potential running mate if he wins the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

In an event in Iowa on Saturday, when a reporter asked DeSantis whether he would consider the Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds as his running mate, the Florida Governor replied, “Of Course,” praising Reynolds as the top American servant.

The reporter asked, ” You have spent much time with Governor Reynolds; you defended her after President Trump’s recent statements. Would you consider her a potential vice presidential pick in this campaign?”

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DeSantis, who currently stands behind former President Donald Trump in the GOP presidential primary polls, said in response, “Of course, I mean, she is one of the top public servants in America; I thought the attacks on her were totally, totally out of hand and unnecessary.”

The Florida Governor continued, “We should be thanking good Republican officeholders. You know, we kind of joke about Iowa-Florida. Sometimes they do things before us. Sometimes we do. But honestly, I want them to do better than us because it is healthy.

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Ron DeSantis Drops Name He Is Considering As Running Mate
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When Republicans are doing well, I like that; I don’t get jealous of that; I want to see them do well.” In addition to suggesting the Iowa governor as a potential running mate, DeSantis criticized Trump for his recent attacks on Reynolds.”And so they have done a great job, and I think she has been a model public servant, and anybody who is a Republican that’s trying to denigrate her, I think, is way off based on that,”

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About a week earlier, after a report detailing a close friendship between DeSantis and Reynolds, Trump took to his social media platform to express his feuds with the Iowa Governor, who reportedly does not plan to endorse any Republican candidate in the primary race.

Trump wrote on Truth Social, “I opened up the Governor position for Kim, and when she fell behind, I ‘endorsed’ her, did big rallies, and she won. Now, she wants to remain ‘NEUTRAL.’ I don’t invite her to events. DeSanctus down 45 points.”

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Trump claimed that Reynolds could not have won in 2018 and 2022 without his support. Although the Iowa Governor previously vowed not to support any candidate, she has appeared with DeSantis in many rallies in her state.

Even she was recently seen with DeSantis’s wife at the rally in the state. Many reports have suggested that the former President is disappointed with Reynolds’ endorsement of DeSantis.

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Trump has led the GOP field since he entered the Presidential race in November. Also, according to several recent surveys, the former President has managed to widen his lead over DeSantis, and other candidates, most of whom are polling in single digits.

Trump’s constant rise in the polls puts extreme pressure on DeSantis, who has maintained a second position in the 2024 GOP primary polling.

As per reports, the Florida Governor’s campaign is making a great effort to execute an Iowa-first strategy to win the important background state of Iowa in January despite Trump’s commanding lead in polls and growing questions about DeSantis’s viability.
Sources close to DeSantis’s campaign noted, ”

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Even as he trails Trump by nearly 30% points in national polls, DeSantis and his advisers are sticking to a long-haul, Iowa-first strategy. They believe that an upset win in the state would hinder Trump’s momentum.”

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