Ron DeSantis Plummets into Third Place in GOP Primary with Bookmakers

Ron DeSantis Plummets into Third Place in GOP Primary with Bookmakers

According to an amalgamation of bookies’ odds, Ron DeSantis has slipped behind Vivek Ramaswamy into third position in the race to represent the Republicans in the 2024 presidential election.

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Ron DeSantis Plummets into Third Place in GOP Primary with Bookmakers

Based on Newsweek’s examination of the odds provided on the OddsChecker website, DeSantis is receiving an average bookies offer of 7.1/1, trailing Ramaswamy’s 7/1.

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This is a further setback for the Florida governor when a Cygnal poll, released on August 10, revealed that only 10% of GOP supporters chose him for president, placing him third behind Trump (53%) and Ramaswamy (11%).

DeSantis was largely viewed as Trump’s biggest opponent, but after formally starting his candidature on X, formerly Twitter, in May, he has had trouble making an impact.

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To determine who will be the Republican presidential nominee in 2024, Oddschecker compiles the odds from 22 bookmakers, most of them are based in the United Kingdom. Industry behemoths like Bet365, William Hill, Paddy Power, and Coral are among these features.

The average available odds on DeSantis becoming the GOP nominee are 7.1/1 across all 22 companies. Ramaswamy’s odds to win are only offered by Bet 365, 10 BET, William Hill, Quinn Bet, and Matchbook, but they average out at 7/1, putting him just ahead of DeSantis.

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If Ramaswamy wins the Republican nomination in 2024, a 7/1 wager indicates the bookmaker will pay out $7 for every $1 staked.

DeSantis ranked third among potential GOP presidential candidates in a Tuesday Emerson College poll of New Hampshire Republicans.

DeSantis Plummets into Third Place in GOP Primary with Bookmakers
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Chris Christie, a former governor of New Jersey, came in second with 9% of the vote, followed by Ron DeSantis with 8%. Of those surveyed, 49% stated they would support Donald Trump.

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Since Generra Peck was replaced as the campaign manager by James Uthmeier earlier in August, the DeSantis campaign has experienced many significant changes.

38 DeSantis staff members were reportedly fired in the previous month, including a communications specialist who allegedly retweeted a video endorsing the Florida governor that featured a sign frequently used by neo-Nazis.

Giancarlo Sopo, a Republican social media expert from Florida who supports DeSantis, stated in an interview with Newsweek last week that the change has already enhanced the campaign of the Florida governor.

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He stated: “It’s not unusual for presidential campaigns to change leadership—both Reagan and Trump did this—and there have been noticeable improvements since this recalibration began a few weeks ago. We need leaders with high standards who are not afraid to make tough decisions when things don’t go according to plan. One can only hope Governor DeSantis brings this same level of accountability to our bloated federal bureaucracy.”

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