Steps to Book Tickets for Trump Robstown, Texas Rally

Steps to Book Tickets for Trump Robstown, Texas Rally

This article covers a detailed guide that you can follow to book tickets for Trump Robstown Rally, along with other crucial information like schedule, venue, and more.

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So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

How to Book Tickets for Trump Robstown Rally

How to Book Tickets for Trump Robstown Rally?
How to Book Tickets for Trump Robstown Rally?

Former president Donald Trump has announced that he will hold a rally on Saturday, October 22, 2022, in Robstown, Texas. Save America Rally is one of the important rallies for Trump and his supporters. The rally in Robstown will be held right before the midterm elections. Trump is going to deliver his remarks at the rally.

Many high-profile guests will be attending the event in Robstown, Texas. To attend the event, you must register first and purchase the tickets. We will also stream the event live on World Wire once it starts. Let’s know the steps to book tickets for Trump Robstown rally.

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Steps to Book Tickets for Trump Robstown, Texas Rally

Trump is coming with his endorsed candidates to deliver a speech to his supporters before the midterm elections, which will be held in November 2022.

The next Save America Rally will be held in Robstown, Texas, on 22 October 2022. The event will start at 7:00 PM CDT Saturday.

Many guests like Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Attorney General Ken Paxton, and U.S. Rep Michael Cloud, R-Victoria, will attend the event. You can register and buy tickets to attend the Save America Rally.

These are the following steps to book tickets for Trump Robstown, Texas Rally –

Step 1 – Go to the official website of Save America Rally.

Step 2 – Then click on “Register” to get the tickets for the event.

Step 3 – Enter your name, mobile number, email id, state, and zip code.

Step 4 – After filling in the required information, click on “register.”

Step 5 – A notification will be sent on your given mobile to confirm the tickets.

Step 6 – After confirming the message, your name will be registered for the event.

(You can book one ticket with one mobile number. You cannot register for multiple tickets with the same number)

Trump Robstown Rally Schedule, Timeline & Parking Guide

The rally will be held at Richard M Borchard Regional Fairgrounds, and the event’s address is 1213 Terry Shamsie Boulevard, Robstown, TX 78380.

Trump will deliver a speech, and all the guest speakers will give a 20 minutes speech on the event day.

Here’s the schedule of the event –

  • 8:00 AM – Parking lots, vendor row, and registration will open
  • 2:00 PM – Doors open
  • 4:00 PM – Special guest speakers will deliver remarks
  • 7:00 PM – 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, will deliver remarks.

There will be musical shows, food, entertainment, and many more on the event day.

RMB Regional Fairgrounds map
RMB Regional Fairgrounds map

Richard M Borchard Regional Fairgrounds has its own parking garages. You can visit their official website to book a parking spot in advance. You will also find RV parking and handicapped parking available at the stadium.

You can enter your vehicle through Texas Boulevard Road or county road 40 to get to the parking spot as early as possible. On the event day, if you do not find a parking spot, there are many parking garages near the stadium at cheap rates.

Agenda of Trump Robstown Rally


Agenda of Trump Robstown Rally
Agenda of Trump Robstown Rally

The Save America Rally is among the important events for the conservatives. Trump has mentioned in a statement that he will hold the rally in Texas before the midterm elections to “advance the MAGA agenda by energizing voters” and show his support to the endorsed candidates.

Trump announced the guest speakers list who will be attending the Texas Rally like Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Tom Homan, former acting director of U.S. Immigration U.S. Rep. Michael Cloud, R-Victoria, and Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council. All the speakers will give a 20 minutes speech at the event.

Gov. Greg Abbott, who has been the 48th Governor of Texas since 2015 and also running in the 2022 elections against Democrat Beto O’Rourke, has mentioned that he welcomes Trump to Texas. However, he will not be attending the event and said, “I welcome President Trump back to Texas, though I won’t be able to welcome him personally since I will be out-of-state for a pre-planned fundraising trip to Florida.”

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All the details have been provided for steps to book tickets for Trump Robstown Rally.

Those who will not be attending the event can watch the live stream as we will be streaming the event live on World-Wire on the event day. If you still have any queries regarding the event, shoot them in the comment section, and our team will respond ASAP.

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