Trump Gains Momentum: Key Endorsements Boost 2024 Bid

Trump Gains Momentum: Key Endorsements Boost 2024 Bid

Donald Trump has had the upper hand in the polls for quite a long time. He continues to be first in every poll despite not attending any debates.

Trump Gains Momentum: Key Endorsements Boost 2024 Bid

Though caught up in several lawsuits, Trump has an unshakable stand in the Republican presidential nomination.

At the same time, the other contenders have been giving their best to snatch that position away from Trump. So far, no one has been successful in that tactic.

He has quickly risen to the top of GOP primary polls throughout 2023 and beyond, demonstrating his ability to not only secure the Republican nominee but also win the general election next year.

With just a few weeks until the primary election season, he garners national support and endorsements for his reelection campaign. More politicians and lawmakers are endorsing 45-year-old Trump as he continues to gain popularity.

According to a new Harvard/Harris poll released on Monday, Trump leads Joe Biden by an astounding seven points nationwide (including undecided voters) in the prospective general election 2024.

Three major endorsements for Trump have come in just this week, beginning with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican.

The second endorsement was during a Thanksgiving event with Lone Star service members in Edinburg. Gov. Abbott formally endorsed Trump.

Gov. Abbott addressed the assembly, saying, “We need DONALD J. TRUMP back as our president of the United States of America,” He also applauded Trump for his sensible border policies, his commitment to upholding law and order, and his ability to preserve peace worldwide.

Thirdly, Sen. Roger Marshall, a Republican from Kansas, endorsed Trump. He blasted Biden for his attacks on American agriculture and the ongoing illegal immigration crisis.

In a statement to Fox News, he stated, “Our farmers and ranchers feed the world, and Kansans deserve a President who understands that and a leader who values the energy Americans produce. That is why I’m endorsing President Donald Trump. While others may try to imitate him, only President Trump will put our country back on track on day one.”

Additionally, Republican Attorney General of Indiana Todd Rokita recently joined the growing chorus of people endorsing President Trump.

She wrote on platform X (formerly known as Twitter): “Even while being wrongfully harassed by a weaponized justice system for his entire presidency, our economy, respect on the world stage, and the promise of an even better America for our children and grandchildren were as high under Trump’s leadership as they were during Reagan.”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the governor of Arkansas, declared, “I am so proud to endorse my former boss, my friend, and everybody’s favourite president – Donald J. Trump!” at a crowded MAGA rally in Hialeah, Florida, at the beginning of November.

Similarly, radio personality Larry Elder and businessman Perry Johnson, who recently dropped out of the presidential race, declared their endorsement of Trump. Johnson called him “the only candidate” to defeat Joe Biden and “save this country.”

Elder commented on X, saying, “He has my full support to Make America Great Again, end the epidemic of fatherless homes, reign in spending, and restore law & order.”

Additionally, numerous state legislators from states like New Hampshire, West Virginia, and South Carolina have endorsed Trump.

The Hill reports that in September, Trump received about 76 House Republican endorsements and 12 GOP senatorial endorsements; that total has only increased throughout the last three months.

Trump has a major lead and has gained even more momentum with the support from politicians, lawmakers and others. He holds a strong position in the Republican presidential nomination, and many hope he will be the President next year, considering his unshakeable lead till now.

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