Josh Hawley Wife – Who is His Wife?

Josh Hawley Wife, Erin Hawley

Josh Hawley WifeJosh Hawley is an American politician and lawyer. He is a Junior U.S. Senator from Missouri and a member of the Republican party.

This article covers detailed information about Josh Hawley wife, Erin Morrow, her early life, family, and more.

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Josh Hawley Wife, Erin Morrow Hawley

Josh Hawley Wife, Erin Morrow Hawley
Josh Hawley Wife, Erin Morrow Hawley

Josh Hawley wife, Erin morrow, is a law professor at the University of Missouri. She is a senior legal fellow at the Independent Women’s Law Centre.

Josh Hawley Wife Biography

Erin was born on 17th January 1980 in California, but she was raised in New Mexico on their generational ranch. Erin’s mother is Shari Morrow, while information about her father isn’t available anywhere on the internet. Erin has two sibling sisters, Maggie and Rori, and Erin is the eldest. Erin’s mother passed away in 2019.

As livestock was a generational business of the Morrow family, Erin also used to compete in livestock. Erin competed for Casper Junior College, and later she was transferred to Texas A&M. Here, she was a member of All American Livestock Team 2001.

Like her mother, Erin also wanted to study animal science. So, in 2002 she earned a degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M University.

Later, she received a degree in Law in 2005 from Yale University. While studying at Yale University, Erin was also working as a teaching assistant and an editor of The Yale Law journal.

After completing her studies, she worked in the Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts. Here she met Josh, who was also working under Robert.

Later Erin practiced with King & Spalding LLP in Washington D.C. and Bancroft LLP. She also worked in agricultural law and constitutional legislation at the University of Missouri School of Law, Columbia.

Besides that, she has authored books, contributed to Journals, and co-hosted podcasts. Erin authored a book named ‘Living Beloved: Lessons from My Little Ones about the Heart of God.’

Erin has published in several top law journals, including The Federalist, The Washington Examiner, and The National Law Journal. Erin has also hosted a podcast named Sacred Season. It started in 2019 and has three seasons still ongoing. Also, Josh and Erin together have hosted the podcast “This is living with Josh and Erin.”

Josh Hawley Family

Josh Hawley Family
Josh Hawley Family

Josh’s father, Ronald Hawley, was a banker, and Josh’s mother, Virginia Hawley, was a teacher.

Josh also has a younger sibling sister Lesley Hawley. She is a doctor, runs a private clinic, and works in Missouri as a Navy Vet.

In 2021, Josh came up with a post which was a note written by his sister that expressed the harassment he faced from her. There were a few Democrats who used to harass Lesley by showing up with the crowd at her clinic and threatening her, and also putting false posters in front of her clinic.

Josh Hawley Children

Josh and Erin have been happily married for 12 years. Together they have three children Elijah, Blaise, and Abigail. Elijah is the first child of Josh and Erin and is now nine years old.

In 2015 Hawley family welcomed their second child Blaise.

Last November, Josh came up with a post that he and Erin have been blessed with a beautiful daughter named Abigail.

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