Tech - What Kind of Phone Does SafeLink Send You?

What Kind of Phone Does SafeLink Send You?

What Kind of Phone Does SafeLink Send You?

SafeLink Wireless, a government-backed telecommunications provider in the United States, aims to alleviate poverty by providing low-income families with free cell phones and services in select states. If you’re considering signing up for SafeLink, you might wonder what kind of phone does SafeLink send you.

This article will help you with the same while answering your other queries.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

What kind of phone does SafeLink send you?

What kind of phone does SafeLink send you

SafeLink, like the majority of Lifeline and ACP providers, does not provide a comprehensive list of the phone models available to qualifying customers.

You can get the phone you want if it is in stock; otherwise, you will get a different one. A reservation is not required to request a specific phone model, and the criterion for determining who gets the phone is first come, first served.

If you don’t want to buy a phone from them, you can always participate in BYOD, and if your old phone is SafeLink compatible, you can keep it and get a free phone plan.

So exactly what kind of phone does SafeLink send you?

After receiving customer complaints about their low-quality models, SafeLink has worked hard over the past few years to improve the quality of their phones.

As a result, you can be confident that you will always receive high-quality phones. The following are some of the best mobile devices SafeLink might send you –

  • Google Pixel 4 XL
  • LG G8 ThinQ
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro
  • Motorola Edge
  • LG Fiesta 2 4G LTE
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro 4G
  • LG Phoenix 3
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Motorola G4
  • Samsung Galaxy Sol 4G
  • Alcatel Cameo X 4G
  • Alcatel IdealXcite
  • LG Rebel 4G
  • ZTE Maven 3

If you qualify, the phone should be delivered to your home within a week of your approval. You can also pick up your phone at any SafeLink store.

How to become a member of SafeLink?

You can become a SafeLink member through Lifeline or ACP program.

For this, your household’s income should be 135% below the Federal Poverty Line, or you should be an active participant in any of the government assistance programs listed on the Lifeline program’s website.

Is SafeLink able to provide phone replacements?

All SafeLink phones come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty against material and quality defects that are not the result of normal wear and tear or accidental damage.

If your carelessness caused the malfunction or damage to your current phone, you might not be eligible for a free SafeLink replacement phone.

SafeLink may even replace your phone if it is lost or stolen; however, there may be a small fee involved.

The company will usually only provide one free replacement phone, and you must pay the full price if you want to buy it again.

If you misplace your device, notify them within the first 24 hours. This avoids situations where a single household receives multiple government-issued free phones.

Is SafeLink able to provide phone upgrades?

Is SafeLink able to provide phone upgrades?

If you’re tired of using the SafeLink phone or are having issues with it, you can easily go for a SafeLink phone upgrade. Given that you’ll have to pay an upgrade fee, the cost of upgrading varies depending on the phone model desired, and a higher price tag may be expected if the device in question is of higher quality.

In which states, SafeLink services are available?

SafeLink services are available in several states across the United States, and each state receives the same number of minutes, texts, and bytes of data.

You can enter your ZIP code on their website to see if you are covered, and you can sign up for a plan and receive a free phone if you live in a serviceable area.

How long would it take to get a SafeLink phone?

Once your application is processed, it will take three to seven days to get your SafeLink phone delivered.

How can I be certain that SafeLink is sending me a phone?

You’ll immediately know if you qualify for a free phone and services.

Are TracFone and SafeLink interchangeable?

TracFone owns the phone, and the wireless service provider is SafeLink. Even though TracFone owns SafeLink, the two companies are distinct entities with distinct offerings and focus areas.


If you want to use a government-sponsored phone service for free, SafeLink can be the best option. There are no hidden costs or taxes to worry about during the application process, and even extras, repairs, and phone upgrades are all reasonably priced.

The only issue you might have with SafeLink is that it does not provide a list of the phone makes and models available, so you might get a random pick from the distributor.

But no worries, as SafeLink phones are always top-notch and high-quality.

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