What’s happening in Donald Trump’s court cases this week

What’s happening in Donald Trump’s court cases this week

The United States former President Donald Trump is fighting his legal battles for several civil and criminal charges amid his 2024 Presidential bid.

Let’s look at the updates in all his lawsuits so far.

What’s Happening In Donald Trump’s Court Cases This Week

Beginning with the most recent, former President Donald Trump took the witness stand on Monday in Trump’s civil fraud case in New York.

In the trials, Trump complained of unfair treatment in defiant testimony on the witness stand while accusing New York Attorney General Letitia James of targeting him to gain political benefits.

Earlier, the judge had imposed a gag order, limiting Trump to no public statements against the prosecutor or anyone else involved in the case after he had insulted the judge and publicly criticized his law clerk.

In the case, Trump faces charges of fraudulently increasing his business values to show a profit and obtain better terms on loans and insurance. His daughter, Ivanka Trump, is expected to testify on Wednesday.

In Trump’s classified documents case in Florida, the former President faces 40 federal charges related to his illegal holding of classified documents at his residence, Mar-a-Lago in Miami, Florida and conspiring to keep them hidden when the government tried recovering the documents.

Judge Aileen M. Cannon, overseeing the case, has scheduled its trial for May 20, 2024. However, she had suggested she might delay the pretrial schedule and push back the planned timeline because of other legal demands on Trump’s time.

He is also fighting another lawsuit in Washington related to Trump’s efforts to remain in power by attempting to change the 2020 election result. He faces four federal charges for conspiring to obstruct the 2020 election results.

The judge presiding over the case, Tanya A. Chutkan, has scheduled jury selection for February 9, 2024. Hundreds of District residents will be called to the federal courthouse to complete a written questionnaire about the case.

Although the case may be delayed from its scheduled timeline, unlike the judge in Trump’s Florida case, the judge in his Washington case appears to move the trials quickly and adhere to the set timeline.

What’s happening in Donald Trump’s court cases this week
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Judge Chutkan issued a limited gag order at the beginning of October but put a hold on the order later. After a few days in the same month, due to Trump’s continued attempt to target his prosecutors and court persons, Judge reinstated the gag order against Trump, prohibiting the former President from targeting his prosecutors, witnesses and court staff involved in the 2020 election subversion case.

However, on Friday, a three-judge panel of the federal appeals court in Washington again put a hold on the gag order imposed on Trump by Judge Chutken, temporarily allowing the former President to attack the prosecutors or the potential witnesses involved in the 2020 election lawsuit.

This means Trump is free to issue statements against anyone involved in his case. As of now, the Judge has issued a “Stay” order in the case, temporarily halting the legal proceedings.

The order can be removed when the Judge may find it necessary to begin the case’s proceedings.

Trump’s fourth criminal lawsuit is again related to his unlawful acts to change the 2020 election results to win the ballot in the State of Georgia.

He faces 13 state charges for Trump’s alleged attempts to manipulate the 2020 election result in Georgia. Eighteen others were also indicted alongside the former President in the case.

The Judge has not yet set the trial date for the case.

Trump faces 34 felony charges in his hush money payment case in New York, where he is charged with making secret payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels to silence her from publicly speaking on an affair she claimed she had with Trump during the 2016 Presidential election.

The judge has set the date for the case to March 25, 2024. So far, there have been no significant changes in the case.

However, last week, Trump’s sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, appeared at the civil courthouse in New York and noted that they were not connected to illegal financial documents and argued their role only includes focusing on construction projects and development deals in the Trump Organisation and not on financial documents.

They asserted that the company’s financial documents were accurate, without edits.

Now, it remains to see what upcoming criminal trials bring for Trump, a frontrunner for the 2024 GOP nomination for U.S. president, and how all his trials affect his 2024 presidential run.

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