Entertainment - Celebrities - Rumble.com founder – Who is the CEO of Rumble?

Rumble.com founder – Who is the CEO of Rumble?

Rumble.com founder - Who is the CEO of Rumble

Rumble.com Founder – Recently, Rumble.com garnered a lot of limelight when it allowed Andrew Tate to be a part of the platform. This article covers everything about Chris Pavlovski, Rumble Inc founder, along with the continuously growing userbase of Rumble.

Rumble.com Founder – Chris Pavloski

Rumble.com Founder - Chris Pavloski
Rumble.com Founder – Chris Pavloski

Rumble.com was founded by Chris Pavloski, an executive member and the backbone of the organization’s current marketplace. Not only Rumble, but Chris is also the brain behind other organizations like Cosmic Development and JMG Canada.

Chris Pavloski has accomplished a great deal in the corporate world. No wonder he would be a role model for young people who want to earn a name for themselves in this world.

Chris was born in Canada in 1990 to a very influential business family and is the eldest among his siblings. Being born into such a family and taking care of his younger ones have inculcated such qualities of leadership, innovation, and perseverance in Chris and led him to create a path of his own.

Not much is known about where Chris studied in his early years, but as per some sources, he enrolled in the University of Toronto Mississauga in Canada, the same year he founded his company, Cosmic Development.

Chris has never discussed his education in public, but considering the knowledge he has, he would have definitely studied technology. This fact about his education can also be supported by the fact that early in his career, he started as a junior network administrator in the Microsoft corporation, which is notorious for its high recruitment standards.

Rumble.com founder, Chris Pavloski, has a highly motivated persona, and just in 6 months of working with Microsoft, he understood his potential and moved on to establish his technology and workforce outsourcing firm, Cosmic Development. Just like Rumble, Cosmic Development is also very famous and stands on very firm ground.

But what most people don’t know about Chris is that his entrepreneurial endeavors started way back in 2001 when he established Jolted Media group and led the company for 12 years, taking it to new heights.

Not only this, but his knowledge also earned him a directorial position at Next Giant Leap, a company that specializes in space exploration and planning to provide commercial lunar services.

We can see through the timeline of his career that he is not the one to stop unless he spreads his wings in all directions, and this quality of Chris has earned him consideration for Ernst and Young award in 2010, which is given to the best upcoming entrepreneur.

Rumble Account Types

Rumble Account Types
Rumble Account Types

Rumble offers three different types of accounts, and these are –

Free Account

Most Rumble users will likely choose this option, especially grassroots content creators, and after creating a basic free account, you are allowed to upload and monetize videos with advertising. The free account gives access to all basic features.

Publisher Account

This is a minor modification to the free account, and you can sign up for this option if you want to upload and earn money from videos on Rumble and embedded on any websites or blogs you own.

The registration is nearly identical to that for the free account; the only difference is that you now have the option to add websites in addition to the Rumble platform itself, where you want to monetize videos. Additionally, free and ad support is the account’s normal default option.

Business Account

Although this account type costs money, it gives you more control over hosting and revenue. The business account is useful for people who operate their video streaming platform or service but don’t want to broadcast advertisements due to concerns about the user experience.

In that case, they can pay a monthly charge for a set amount of hosting, and the videos will play without ads.

You can pick up any of the monthly plans as per your needs –

  • $10/monthly basic package with 100GB storage and 250GB bandwidth.
  • The $25/month starter plan includes 250GB of storage and 1TB of bandwidth.
  • Team package: 1TB storage, 4TB bandwidth; $100/month.
  • $500/month for a small company package with 5TB of storage and 20TB of bandwidth.
  • $1000/month for a large business bundle with 15 TB storage and 50 TB bandwidth.

Disclaimer – Bandwidth is the amount of data consumed by people watching your videos. For example, let’s say you uploaded a video of 10MB in size. If someone watches that video till the end in the best quality, he will consume 10MB of bandwidth.

Rumble Active Users

Rumble Active Users
Rumble Active Users

The Rumble platform has continuously been spiking with an increase in the number of active users. Beginning in November 2020, Rumble had 80 million users, and Parler accounted for 72% of their referrals.

According to the Rumble.com founder, at the end of the first quarter of 2021, Rumble’s average monthly users had risen from 1.6 million at the height of the 2020 election to 31.9 million.

As of August 15, 2022, 44 million monthly active users were using the Rumble platform, according to a statement issued by Rumble Inc founder Chris Pavlovski.

It’s important to note that after the Capitol incident in January 2020, YouTube and other social media platforms permanently banned former President Trump from their platforms. This led to a significant increase in Rumble’s user base.

A similar surge was seen in the Rumble.com userbase when Andrew Tate joined the platform in August after getting banned from other social media platforms.

Even though we don’t know how much the user activity surged, some reports suggested it was a whopping 45.3% compared to the week before Andrew joined it.

Why did Andrew Tate join the Rumble, and what do people have to say about it?

Andrew Tate on Rumble
Andrew Tate on Rumble

Andrew faced a mass exodus from all social media platforms and joined the Rumble. He started his journey on Rumble by uploading the 13th episode of his YouTube podcast series “Emergency Meeting.”

In the beginning, the viewer engagement in his rumble video was just 4265 but later surged to 680000 views.

Some social media experts commented on Andrew joining rumble and called it a “well-trodden path,” as many popular figures joined Rumble after being banned on other platforms.

Some called Andrew joining Rumble a match made in controversial heaven, while others declared that he might not get as influential on Rumble as on other platforms.

According to Matt Navarra, a social media expert and industry analyst, “Mr. Tate may attract a sizeable audience on Rumble, but it is not comparable to the scale of the audience one can attract on the platforms he’s banned from.”

Even when Rumble.com founder and CEO, Chris Pavlovski, was asked about allowing Andrew Tate to rumble in a recent interview, he said that the platforms that banned Andrew still show content from him and manipulate the narrative the way they want.

According to Chris Pavlovski, the rumble is the only place where Andrew can exercise his right to free speech and speak his mind without fear of being disagreed with and judged upon.

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