Cloud Mobile Free Phone – Eligibility, Application Process,and More

Cloud Mobile Free Phone - Eligibility, Application Process, and More

Are you looking for a Cloud Mobile free phone? If yes, you have opened the perfect page.

This article will provide a detailed guide on whether receiving free devices from Cloud Mobile is possible. What the eligibility is, the application procedure, and more.

So, without further delay, let’s begin –

What is Cloud Mobile? Is it a Phone Manufacturer or Provider?

What is Cloud Mobile?

Cloud Mobile is an American electronics manufacturer that provides various devices, including smartphones, flip phones, Wi-Fi hotspots, and tablets.

The company provides accessible, high-quality technology to people who need it most and cannot afford it. Several of these devices are available for very little cost or occasionally even free of charge to eligible low-income people through the company’s amazing deals and offers.

Does Cloud Mobile offer Free Phones?

Not actually. Cloud Mobile does not offer free phones. The company is neither a Lifeline nor an Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) supplier. Unlike other carriers, it does not provide monthly phone, wireless, or internet services.

The company does not participate in government assistance programs because it sells electronic devices.

However, Cloud Mobile collaborates with a few other service providers, like TruConnect, that provide Lifeline and ACP discounts, such as TruConnect free phone.

These Lifeline and ACP providers offer discounted or free wireless internet and phone services, including monthly voice minutes, texts, data, international calls, and other benefits.

In addition, some providers provide qualifying low-income households with cost-effective Cloud Mobile devices. However, you must qualify for certain requirements to get the same.

How to Qualify to Receive a Cloud Mobile Free Phone?

You must be eligible for the Lifeline program to obtain a Cloud Mobile free government phone through another Lifeline/ACP supplier.

The primary conditions for applying for these programs include the following –

  • You must be 18 years old or be an emancipated minor.
  • You must reside in one of the states where the chosen provider offers services.

If you meet these prerequisites, you can check for further eligibility requirements.

Program Income-Based Eligibility
Program-Based Eligibility
Affordable Connectivity Program
Your household must have an annual income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • Lifeline
  • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, Children (WIC)
  • Schools that participate in the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Community Eligibility Provision’s free and reduced-price school lunch or breakfast program
  • You are eligible if your family got a Federal Pell Grant in the current award year.
Lifeline Assistance Program
Your annual family income must be at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Documents Required for Cloud Mobile Free Phone?

Documents Required for Cloud Mobile Free Phone

You need more than knowing your eligibility to qualify for a free phone. You must submit copies of the specific official. These valid documents confirm your eligibility for assistance programs while applying for a Cloud Mobile free phone through a Lifeline/ACP provider.

You must furnish one of the following documents, depending on your eligibility requirements –

Income Proof
  • Your employer’s most recent income statement
  • Payment slips
  • State, federal, or tribal tax return from the previous year
  • Social Security benefit statement
  • Benefits statement for workers’ compensation or unemployment
  • Benefits statement from the Veterans Administration
  • Divorce judgment
  • The reward for child support
  • Benefits statement for pensions or retirement plans
Identity Proof
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Government, military, state, or tribal ID
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of U.S. Citizenship or Naturalization
  • Permanent Resident Card or Green Card
  • Government assistance program document
  • Emancipated minors must also present a formal document attesting to t
  • heir emancipation, such as a court order or certificate.
Address Proof
  • A valid government, state, or tribal identification card
  • A utility bill
  • A mortgage or lease statement
  • Most recent W-2 or tax return
Government Assistance Program Participation Proof
  • Consent letter
  • Benefits award letter
  • Letter of benefit verification
  • Benefits declaration
  • Educational records

Top 5 Government Programs that Offer Cloud Mobile Free Phone

Top 5 Government Programs that Offer Cloud Mobile Free Phone

Below, we have mentioned the Top 5 programs to help you get a free smartphone from Cloud Mobile.

Lifeline Assistance Program

Lifeline is a federal government initiative that offers low-income customers a monthly discount of $9.25 and $34.95 (Qualified tribal lands) on internet services.

Affordable Connectivity Program ACP

Like Lifeline, ACP is another federal government initiative offering a monthly discount of $30 and $75(Qualified tribal lands) on internet services.

In addition, it also offers a $100 ACP discount on purchasing tablets and other internet-connecting device such as desktops and computers. However, you must make a co-pay between $10-$50.

So, if you need a free tablet, you should look for a provider that participates in the ACP program and lets you apply for a free Cloud Mobile Government tablet.

How to Apply for a Cloud Mobile Free Phone?

You can apply for a Cloud Mobile free government internet and a phone at a Lifeline/ACP provider if you qualify for Lifeline/ACP programs.

You can follow the steps to do so –

  • Locate a Lifeline/ACP supplier that provides Lifeline/ACP qualified households with free Cloud Mobile phones in your state of residence.
  • You can visit to locate Lifeline providers in your area.
  • Visit to find ACP providers.
  • Speak with the supplier and inform them about your respective program qualification.
  • The company will then register you for its free devices.

Please note that before you reach a specific provider to receive a Cloud Mobile free phone, you must qualify for these programs and get a confirmation from the government about your qualifications. Hence, you must apply for these programs. Let’s take this approach in the next section.

How to Apply for Lifeline and ACP for a Cloud Mobile Free Phone?

You can apply for the government assistance program to get a free phone from another Lifeline provider only if you meet the eligibility requirements for Lifeline and ACP and have the supporting documentation.

Moreover, you must first apply to the National Verifier to verify your eligibility. Only when the National Verifier approves you so, you can proceed with your Lifeline and ACP application.

Lifeline Online Application

Here is how you can apply for the Lifeline or Affordable Connectivity Program –

  • Please go to

  • Select your state by clicking on the drop-down icon.
  • Click the “Get Started” option below after selecting your state or territory.
  • A link to the online application form will be forwarded to you.

  • Please fill it out with all the required information and supporting documents.
  • Press “Next” at the bottom of each page and complete the details.
  • Finally, submit your application.

If your application is approved, you can apply to the Lifeline and ACP at any participant service provider.

ACP Online Application

  • Vist
  • Click the “Apply Now” icon.

  • Complete the application form.

  • Attach the essential documents and submit them.
  • Wait for approval.

Lifeline Application via Mail

  • Visit to print a Lifeline application.

  • Please fill it out completely.
  • Provide copies of your proof-related paperwork.
  • Deliver the package to the Lifeline Support Centre at PO Box 7081 in London, Kentucky 40742.

ACP Application via Mail

  • Visit to print an ACP application.

  • You may include a Household Worksheet, which is accessible at This step is optional but recommended.

  • Complete both forms.
  • Provide copies of your proof-related paperwork.
  • Mail your application parcel to ACP Support Centre, PO Box 7081, London, KY 40742.

Which phone do you get for Free from Cloud Mobile?

Although Cloud Mobile doesn’t produce any free 5G government phones, you can get a basic Cloud Mobile phone from the service provider. Below, we have  the following Cloud Mobile phones that you can get for free –

Feature Sky M1 Mist Flip Storm C3 Plus
Display 2.8-inch TFT display 2.8-inch TFT display 5.5-inch HD+ display
Processor Unisoc 6531E Unisoc 6531E MediaTek MT6580
RAM 512MB 512MB 2GB
Storage 4GB 4GB 16GB
Camera 2MP rear camera 2MP rear camera 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera
Battery 1450mAh 1450mAh 2800mAh
5G No No No

Wireless Provider that offers Cloud Mobile Free Phone

Currently, there is one known provider that offers Cloud Mobile free government phone, which is TruConnect.

These two Cloud Mobile phones are now available at TruConnect –

  • Cloud Mobile Stratus C5 Grey (smartphone)
  • Cloud Mobile Mist Flip

By combining the benefits of the Lifeline+ACP combo at TruConnect, you will get the following benefits with a Cloud Mobile smartphone.

  • Unlimited talk
  • Unlimited text
  • Up to 14 GB of monthly data
  • Free international calling to select countries

What to do if a Cloud Mobile Phone gets Damaged, Stolen, Broken, or Lost?

What to do if a Cloud Mobile Phone gets Damaged, Stolen, Broken, or Lost?

If you acquire your Cloud Mobile phone directly from Cloud Mobile, you can contact Cloud Mobile at if your phone gets damaged, stolen, broken, or lost.

Cloud Mobile might provide a replacement handset depending on the manufacturer’s warranty.

Nevertheless, if you acquired the Cloud Mobile free phone from another Lifeline/ACP provider like TruConnect, you must call the respective customer support, for example, TruConnect, here.

TruConnect does not provide gadget warranties, but they might give you a new phone based on the circumstances and the time of the incident.

What are the Free Service Limitations of Cloud Mobile Free Phones?

Cloud Mobile provides no paid or free monthly services. However, if you get a free Cloud Mobile phone from another Lifeline/ACP provider, you must abide by certain guidelines and restrictions of these government assistance programs.

A few important limitations are mentioned here –

  • Only qualifying households are eligible for Lifeline and ACP benefits.
  • Every qualifying household is only eligible for one Lifeline/ACP subsidy.
  • You can get only a single provider’s advantages at a time under these programs.
  • You cannot transfer the benefits of Lifeline and the ACP to another household or family member.
  • You must inform your provider within 30 days if your eligibility has changed or you are no longer eligible.
  • You must use the advantage of the program at least once every month to keep getting them.


Are TruConnect and Cloud Mobile the same thing?

No. TruConnect is a wireless service provider that provides qualifying customers free or discounted wireless services and internet-using devices, tablets, and Cloud Mobile phones, while Cloud Mobile is a manufacturer that produces electronic devices like phones, tablets, etc.

Where can I reach Cloud Mobile?

Please visit and select “Get in Contact” to get in touch with Cloud Mobile.

How can I find out the status of my Cloud Mobile free phone application?

You can see your application status when you log into your account with some providers as a customer. Otherwise, any modifications to your application status will be communicated to you by email.

Does Cloud Mobile offer a free Samsung phone?

No Cloud Mobile is a device manufacturer company that produces its own brand of devices.

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