Rumble SPAC IPO: Recent IPO Is Generating a lot of Buzz

Rumble SPAC IPO Recent IPO Is Generating a lot of Buzz

This article covers all the necessary information regarding Rumble, Rumble SPAC IPO 2022, and why the current IPO is creating a lot of buzz. So, let’s delve further to discover more about it. 

What Is Rumble?

Rumble is a Canadian video-sharing outlet that allows you to watch and also create content with a few restrictions. It emerged as a substitute for YouTube, a video-sharing platform. It has gained popularity among the Conservatives, and they now have a new strategy to enlarge its online audience.


It is paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to prominent media personalities. It says work to object to the status quo. It offers a safe platform for content creators with the menace of being censored, removed, or silenced.

The video distribution outlet is backed by its own infrastructure named Rumble Cloud, which is also being used by many other corporations captivated by a new and cancel-culture-free cloud.

What is the Rumble SPAC IPO?

Rumble, a well-known video-sharing platform, hosts popular content creators such as Alex Jones and Russell Brand. Moreover, it also features former President Donald Trump’s content, but now the company is in an antitrust legal action against Alphabet for 2 billion dollars. Now it is set to go public through a SPAC merger with CF Acquisition VI.

It went on sale to the public on 19th September 2022 under the ticker sign “RUM.” CFVI stock has started trading. The SPAC filing mentioned that shareholders retrieved only 0.1% of its 30 million public shares.

Rumble SPACs

There was a major erratically in CFVI stock since it got the approval. The stock hiked above $14 a share in the mid-week before it dropped to the $11 level, not even in the 24 hours. It can prove a great sign for the SPAC merger, and the video outlet has claimed to have 78 million monthly users.

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What is SPAC Merger? 

A Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) is primarily a publicly traded company with no operations, assets, or services; rather, they make money by selling shares of stock through an IPO. They mainly combine with a private company and, in most cases, Change ticker symbols. 

What is SPAC Merger

SPAC is primarily formed by a group of investors, also known as sponsors and these sponsors have a strong background in a particular industry and business zone.

They increase funds from other investors, use the same money to get a private company that already exists and stands in a good position, and then bring it into the public in an IPO ( Initial Public Offering).

The primary reason behind doing this is because of less paperwork, formalities, and time to launch, and it makes great sense considering the Rumble SPAC.


Traditional IPO takes rather more time than SPAC merger, and SPAC also needs less reporting, and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) doesn’t take part in the process.

It doesn’t take more than 15 weeks to make it done, but on the contrary, the traditional IPO process probably takes six to nine months and even requires much more control. The company must also file a long list of forms via a more in-depth procedure. 

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SPAC Pros and Cons

SPAC has innumerable advantages but also has disadvantages like any other investment. So, in this section, we will look over some of its pros and cons.

Advantages of SPACs

  • It is affordable: There are many SPACs that cost $10 per share, which is affordable and within the access of retail investors. Jay R. Ritter, who is an IPO researcher and a well-known scholar chair at the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business, says that “SPAC IPOs, on average, don’t jump on the first day of trading.”
  • Invest in the profit arena: SPACs always concentrate on the fully developed sectors in the tech and consumer fields. Companies such as Open door, Clover Health, and electric automaker Nikola are some companies that have gone public through SPACs.
  • They are free to individual investors: Institutional investors normally go to the front line for SPAC contributions. The higher number of shares is, the easier for smaller shareholders to get the work done.

Disadvantages of SPACs

  • Blind investment: The investors who usually don’t know how their money will be used and what is the target company of SPACs. So, it becomes very difficult for the investors to figure out the deal. In many cases, sponsors still need an idea, too.
  • Lag of time: Lag of time is another issue; there can be a long gap between the time investors invest in the SPAC and when it buys up a company and starts its process is totally not known. The money can be left unused for two or three years in an escrow account. If any acquisition doesn’t take place, then the investors’ money is returned.

Why is Rumble Buzz Worthy?

Russell Brand, who is a comedian and actor, has nearly 6 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. He posted a video criticizing YouTube for censorship. His content seemed to be of contradictory standards when it came to misinformation. Brand was later joined by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and owner of Twitter, saying that Brand made a reasonable point. Brand declared that he was shifting to a free-speech platform named Rumble, where he doesn’t fear his videos being canceled.

Rumble app

Rumble is an open and free speech platform that has increased its users at a great pace. Rumble had 1 million active users a month in the second quarter of 2020; in the second quarter of 2022, it had 44 million average active users. It created a cogwheel effect for Rumble, and its continuous growth has led the investors to salivate over possible stock gains.

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How does the Rumble IPO make money?

Rumble IPO makes money with the three sources of income. The first is through advertisements, leading to most social media and video distribution outlets. The second way of making money is via subscription services and its new featured tripping tools. The third and most important is making money by offering Rumble Cloud an infrastructure-as-a Service to the other outlets.

In the year 2021, it took control over It is a platform that assembles the content and promotes a community around it. Rumble lets creators make revenue from subscriptions, offering a source of income that is not affected by corporate advertisers and those with a special interest.

What is an IPO?

IPO is Initial Public Offering. When a private company first shares stock with the public, then it is known as IPO. In other words, a company shifts its ownership from private to public. It is also referred to as “going public.”

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