Donald Trump to Deliver Remark in Clinton Township, Michigan

Donald Trump to Deliver Remark in Clinton Township, Michigan

On September 15, the UAW announced a strike against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis. The striking locations have been spread across 21 states. With 14, Michigan has the most strike plants in the country.

The former President will visit the site following President Joe Biden‘s Tuesday visit to the facility to join striking United Auto Workers (UAW) union members on the picket line.

Donald Trump to Deliver Remark in Clinton Township, Michigan

While skipping a second Republican debate on Tuesday, former president Donald Trump will address a group of primarily retired UAW workers in Macomb County at a plant that is not connected to the UAW.

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Early last week, Trump made his visit official and said he would speak with active and retired UAW members. The plant was made public on Monday, and Drake Enterprises is a non-union manufacturer and supplier, according to the Michigan AFL-CIO.

The former President also criticized Biden’s Tuesday visit to Detroit, claiming the Democrat did not announce until after Trump had arranged his trip.

Due to the conflict between the two presidents, Michigan will again be a crucial swing state in the 2024 presidential election. Biden received the UAW’s support four years ago and is currently running for reelection.

The current President of the UAW, Shawn Fain, stated, “Every fiber of our union is being poured into fighting the billionaire class and an economy that enriches people like Donald Trump at the expense of workers. We can’t keep electing billionaires and millionaires that don’t have any understanding of what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck and struggle to get by and expecting them to solve the problems of the working class.”

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On Tuesday, Fain was on the tarmac at DTW when Biden arrived, and they traveled to Belleville together as they stood next to each other on the picket lines as Biden addressed the members outside the General Motors redistribution center that they deserved a “significant raise.”

The union and the presidency were never closer; thus, it was a historic event for both. On Day 13 of a strike against GM, Ford, and Stellantis, however, the President was there with the picket line protesters.

Fain echoed the President’s comments before paying tribute to the factories’ importance during World War II.

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According to Fain, the democratic arsenal was constructed 80 years ago, and today, “it’s a different kind of arsenal democracy and a different war we’re fighting. Today, the enemy isn’t some foreign country miles away. It’s right here in our own area.”

“It’s corporate greed, and the weapon we produce to fight that enemy is the true liberators, the working class people, all of you working your butts off on those lines to deliver great products for our companies. That’s how we’re going to defeat these people, by standing together”, while everyone applauded for him.

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According to Charles Ballard, an emeritus professor of economics at Michigan State University, Michigan and its blue-collar workers are a big focal point for both parties. While Donald Trump is attempting to win over voters from the white working class, Biden is appealing to the UAW’s effort for better wages and benefits.

He stated, “I think he’s going to try to continue to appeal to white working-class voters, which includes a lot of people who are union members.”

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