Moto G Stylus Free Government Phone | How To Get

Moto G Stylus Free Government Phone | How To Get

Are you looking for a Moto G Stylus Free Government Phone? If yes, you have stumbled upon the perfect webpage.

As the federal government has endeavored to offer free communication services with free smartphones to low-income households through some of its assistance programs, people want to know whether they can get Moto G Stylus as a free phone from the government.

That’s why we have brought a detailed guide on how to get this phone for no cost. Please read our post and find a way to have a Moto G Stylus government phone.

So, without further delay, let’s begin.

Does Government Offers Moto G Stylus Free Phone?

Yes. The government offers free phones through their assistance programs, and Moto G Stylus is one of them.

There are two assistance programs through which you can get Moto G Stylus. These are Lifeline Assistance and ACP. Both programs offer free or discounted telecommunication services to financially weak people who cannot pay for phone services.

Program Non-tribal households Tribal land people Discount Additional benefits
Lifeline $9.25 $34.25 $9.25 None
Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) $30 $75 $30
One-time discount of $100 to purchase a tablet and any Internet-using devices, contribution of $10-$50 towards the purchase price of Internet-using devices

These discounts are provided by various wireless service providers participating in the Lifeline and the ACP program.

However, the benefits of the programs vary based on different providers, with some offering only service discounts while some offering only discounted devices.

Some providers also offer free smartphones under these programs to qualified individuals of low-income families.

Top 5 Provider Of Moto G Stylus Free Government Phone

Top 5 Provider Of Moto G Stylus Free Government Phone

The free phone you get from the government depends upon many factors, such as the providers, your state of residence, availability of models during the time of your application, etc.

Moreover, the lifeline and ACP providers do not reveal the phone models they offer through these programs. Additionally, you cannot select the phone models you wish to have after qualifying for the programs.

As such, specifying what providers offer Moto G Stylus phones is challenging.

However, as per our research, the top 5 Moto G Stylus free government phone providers include the following.

The other known providers of Moto G Stylus free phones are:

You can visit these providers’ official websites to learn whether they offer Moto Stylus via the Lifeline or ACP program.

How To Get Moto G Stylus Free Government Phone

Moto G Stylus free government phone is available via the Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program. Hence, you can get this phone by participating in and qualifying for one of these programs in your state.

The steps to receive a free phone via these programs are as follows.

Check for provider

First, find the Lifeline/ACP provider offering Moto G Stylus free government phone in your residence. You can find one by visiting “”

Verify your eligibility

Once you have found the provider, the next step is to check your eligibility for their program.

Collect the eligibility documents

If eligible, you must collect the essential eligibility documents to prove your eligibility.

Apply for the Lifeline/ACP program

The last step is to apply for the program operational in your state that offers Moto G Stylus free government phones.

Let’s discuss these steps in detail one by one.

How To Qualify For Moto G Stylus Free Government Phone

How To Qualify For Moto G Stylus Free Government Phone

You can qualify to apply for the Lifeline/ACP to get a Moto G Stylus free phone if:

  • You are 18 or older or an emancipated minor.
  • You hold citizenship of the state where you apply for the Lifeline/ACP program to get a free phone.

If you meet these above conditions, you must also be eligible by meeting Lifeline/ACP-specific requirements to qualify. These are listed in the next section.

The Lifeline, or the ACP, has two eligibility criteria: income eligibility and program eligibility. You must meet any one of them to qualify for the program.

Income Eligibility

  • The income threshold is prescribed at 135% of the federal poverty guidelines for the Lifeline assistance program. That means you must have your annual household income below or at this limit to be eligible for the Lifeline.
  • The income threshold for the ACP is at 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. Therefore, your household income must be below or at this limit to qualify for the ACP program.

Program Eligibility

If you cannot qualify for the lifeline/ACP on your income basis, you can still qualify as a beneficiary of other eligible government support programs.

Please check for your or any family member’s participation in the following programs to qualify for the Lifeline/ACP.

  • Medicaid
  • FoodStamps/ Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  • Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children.
  • Federal Pell Grant for the existing award year
  • Received Federal Pell Grant for the existing award year
  • Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefits

If you are a tribal land dweller, please look for your participation in the following programs.

Please note that you become automatically eligible to apply to the ACP program if you already receive lifeline benefits in your state.

Documents Required

You must prove your eligibility for the Lifeline/ACP program with the help of legal government documents. These documents are based on your eligibility through which you apply for the program.

Here is the list of documents that you can submit during your application procedure.

Income Documents
  • Current income statement
  • Divorce decree
  • Paycheck stub
  • Pension/ retirement statement of benefits
  • Social Security statement of benefit
  • Veterans Administration statement of benefits
  • Unemployment / Workers Compensation statement of benefits
General Documents
  • Birth Certificate
  • U.S. driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Government-issued, state, military, or Tribal ID
  • Utility bill
  • Lease/mortgage statement
  • Permanent resident card
Government Assistance Program Participation Documents
  • Benefit award letter
  • Benefit verification letter
  • Government approval letter
  • Statement of benefits

How To Apply For Moto G Stylus Free Phone – Application Process

You can apply for a Moto G Stylus free phone if you have ensured your eligibility.

To begin your application to get a Moto G Stylus Free Government Phone, you must first apply to the National Verifier to determine whether you can get a free phone. The application to National Verifier is available both online and offline.

Online Application For Lifeline

  • If you want to apply for the Lifeline program, please visit


  • Choose your state or territory by clicking on the drop-down icon.
  • Click on the “Get Started” icon.
  • You will be directed to the Lifeline application form of your state.

  • Fill up the application form with your details.
  • Attach the eligibility documents.
  • Finally, submit the form.
  • Wait for the approval.

Online Application For ACP

  • To apply for the ACP program, please visit “”

Get Internet

  • Click on the “Apply” icon.

  • You will be directed to the National Verifier’s application form.
  • Fill up the form with valid information.
  • Attach your essential eligibility documents.
  • Lastly, submit the form.
  • Wait for the approval.

You will be notified via email if the National Verifier approves your application. Once you receive the confirmation, the next step is to contact your Lifeline/ACP provider to sign up for their services and get a Moto G Stylus Free Government Phone

Offline Application For Lifeline

  • First, take the print of the application form at
  • Fill out this form.
  • Attach your eligibility documents.
  • Send the application to USAC, Lifeline Support Centre, P.O. Box 9100, Wilkes-Barre, PA, 18773.

Offline Application For ACP

  • Please print the ACP application form at
  • You must also include the household worksheet available at
  • Fill out these two forms.
  • Attach your eligibility documentation.
  • Send your application to ACP Support Center, P.O. Box 9100, Wilkes-Barre, PA, 18773.

Features Of Moto G Stylus

Features Of Moto G Stylus

Motorola manufactures the Moto G Stylus smartphone, and it was released for the first time in 2020. The phone is known to offer great performance and amazing features.

The Moto G Stylus differs from other Moto G series models because its stylus allows users to write, draw, and navigate the device accurately.

Here are the highlights of important features of the Moto G Stylus Free Government Phone

Moto G Stylus Feature Specification
6.4-inch Full HD+ (1080 x 2400 pixels) IPS LCD display
Qualcomm SDM665 Snapdragon 665
Storage 128GB
Rear camera 48MP
Front Camera 16MP
Battery 4000mAh
Operating system
Android 10 Upto Android 11

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a Moto G Stylus free government phone?

Yes. You can get a Moto G Stylus free government by qualifying for the Lifeline or ACP program, whichever is operational in your state.

Is the Moto G Stylus a good phone?

Yes. Moto G Stylus is a good smartphone with great features and high-quality performance. The phone is one of the best as a free phone.

What benefits do I get with the Moto G Stylus free government phone?

With a Moto G Stylus Free Government Phone, you can expect unlimited talk, texts, and data. However, the benefits depend on your Lifeline/ACP provider. They may or may not offer these free services with a free smartphone.

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