Brand post - WriteMyPaperHub Review: A Reputable Essay Writing Service

WriteMyPaperHub Review: A Reputable Essay Writing Service

At some point, every student feels exhausted and understands he or she cannot proceed on her own with the given amount of tasks. It is an almost inevitable point at which we face the limit of our capacities. No matter how motivated you are to study in general, sometimes you just cannot deal with some particular tasks. We are sure you have heard about writer’s block. It is something close but to students who need to deal with their writing assignments. One of the popular and proven ways out of this situation is having your papers written online, using reliable essay services, such as WriteMyPaperHub and its experts. As it is not easy to make a decision about which company to entrust with your assignments, in this article we will make a brief review of this service. It is only up to you to decide whether to order papers in general or not, and whether to use this particular service or not. 


A Multidisciplinary “Cluster” Approach is a multidisciplinary service that covers more than 60 academic disciplines. It was established more than 10 years ago, when they started with 12 disciplines only. Since then, as stated on their website, they have created a strong writing team covering “clusters” of similar disciplines. It allows having specialists with a specific professional and academic background in one group to increase efficiency. Also, additional training is held continuously and is obligatory for writers and editors. It is a good idea that sets this service aside, especially compared with freelance platforms where a performer’s level is almost impossible to define in advance. 


How Does the System Work? Two Real Orders

  • Pricing. We have decided to place two small orders for the sake of this experiment. One — in Management, another in Gender studies. One — 3 pages, 2d undergraduate year, 7 days before the deadline, $48 starting price. Another — graduate, 3 pages, 24 hours before the deadline, $114 starting price. For your notice, there are three major components that influence the final price — the proximity of the deadline, the number of pages, and the year of education. The proximity of the deadline influences the price more than the level of education. 
  • Extra services. When speaking about price, you should distinguish between the basic price and additional services. There are NO obligatory additional fees. You cannot be forced to add something to the basic rate of your order. However, you can use some extra service as a choice — and we recommend testing them. For example, choosing the “Advanced expert” option adds 25% to the final price of your order. We have used this feature for the second paper for Graduate students. For extra 20% you can get a service called “Smart paper” Detailed comments on the key writing aspects of your paper. This is how WriteMyPaperHub describes it:

“Get your paper with comprehensive explanations of structure, formatting, and so on, along with precise guidelines for your own writing.” We have refused, but it seems like a good option for those who want to use the ordered paper as a sample for later and don’t feel comfortable with essay writing. As far as we understand, many ESL writers choose this option.

Quality of service. The good thing is — everything is extra fast, and you don’t need to communicate with people much if you don’t want to. No one addresses you offering some extra service, an assigned writer communicates with you just when something is truly critical needs to be discussed, and it hardly takes more than 10 minutes. However, you have access both to the writer and your service manager, and if you like, you can ask questions all the way.

  • Timely delivery. Both papers were delivered on time. One (ordered seven days before the deadline) was delivered in 4 days, another (with 24h deadline) was delivered in 20 hours. We have made a conclusion that when the season is not peaking, even when you order in advance (like 10 days or two weeks) you have all the chances to receive your paper faster.
  • Quality of papers. We would like to add some scandal to this review, this way we would receive more attention from our readers, but the quality of papers was more than satisfactory. It was really good. The paper written in 20 hours was full of up-to-date citations and showed a great analysis of the problem (extra problems female doctors and nurses face during the pandemics). The one we ordered for the undergrad class was slightly less creative but very well structured and we couldn’t find mistakes or omissions. Both papers were obviously 100% plagiarism-free.


WriteMyPaperHub gives you 7 days to ask for a revision of a standard paper or essay, and we truly wanted to use this option and see how it works. However, the delivered papers were too good to invoke the revision request. Maybe we will be luckier with our next review.

How to Order Papers and Get Them On Time at a Minimum Rate

There are some rules that you should follow in case you want to delegate some of your tasks from time to time. First — you need to be prepared to place the order. Services promise that you will be able to place an order in five minutes or so, standing in a line waiting for coffee. It is true only partially and works only in case you need to order a brief essay without any extra instructions. In other cases, prepare all the requirements, sort them, put them in one folder so no attachment gets lost. It is your responsibility to attach all the instructions, you cannot change this part once the assigned writer starts working on your paper. Second-order in advance. We have ordered one paper in advance and another one with a 24 h deadline. We did it on purpose to check whether the quality drops when the writer is in a hurry, but you should try and avoid such situations. It is just not logical to pay twice or even more the price if you can avoid it. Don’t wait till the last moment — plan your academic writing routine wisely. Don’t expect that this semester, unlike others, you will heroically deal with everything yourself. It is better to delegate some of the tasks in advance, reduce procrastination risks, and pay at minimum rates.


We hope this article about WriteMyPaperHub, a reputable essay writing service, is helpful for you, as well as our tips on how to order papers and save money. 

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