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GREEN PORNO: A Book and Short Films by Isabella Rossellini Hits Bookstores Nationwide on September 22

Sundance Channel NEW YORK, N.Y., September 4, 2009 --/WORLD-WIRE/-- Sundance Channel today unveiled plans for its multi-platform third season premiere of the network's critically acclaimed and Webby Award-winning short film series, "Green Porno," from iconic actress Isabella Rossellini. The series, which focuses on the reproductive habits of sea animals, will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday, September 11. The series will then make its online debut at on Monday, September 14 followed by the on-air premiere on Monday, September 21 at 8 pm, ET/PT. In addition, HarperStudio will release GREEN PORNO: A Book and Short Films by Isabella Rossellini in bookstores nationwide on Tuesday, September 22.

Like previous seasons of "Green Porno," this batch of short films about the reproductive habits of non-human species is scientifically accurate yet extremely entertaining. Executed with a handmade aesthetic, the films are a playful mixture of real world and cartoon. Each film features Isabella speaking directly to the camera about the creature at hand, and uses animation, paper cut-outs and puppets to illustrate its particular, often peculiar, mating strategies. "Green Porno 3" introduces several new elements to the series as Isabella examines the routines of sea animals popular in human kitchens in the first three films of the series: "Bon Appetit: Shrimp," "Bon Appetit: Squid" and "Bon Appetit: Anchovy." The films also feature biologist Claudio Campagna, who talks about what we can do to keep our plates in balance with the sea. In the fourth film, "Harem on the Beach: Elephant Seal," Isabella explores the curious ways of the elephant seal and journeys to Argentinean Patagonia to see the animals in action. Here, too, she is joined by Campagna, who has studied elephant seals for 30 years.

The new episodes of "Green Porno 3" can be found at The mini-site also houses previous seasons along with exclusive photos and videos. The series will also be offered on Sundance Channel on Demand beginning Wednesday, October 7.

With nearly two million video plays and over three million page views, "Green Porno" is Sundance Channel's highest-performing online series (Omniture Hitbox, 4/1-8/10/09). In addition, the first two seasons have garnered robust VOD orders for the network with nearly two million plays (Rentrak, 4/1-8/8/09).

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