America Fest: A turning Point USA Event 2021- Day 3 Key Highlights

According to its website, “Turning Point USA has earned the reputation of being the premier brand in events for young conservative activists across the country. Turning Point USA hosts 6 National Summits and 8 Regional Conferences each year, consistently attracting students from every state in the country. From the Student Action Summit to the Young Women’s Leadership Summit, Young Black Leadership Summit, and many regionally-based conferences in between, TPUSA is proud to host an array of events meant to energize and grow the conservative movement.”

Turning point USA of December 2021

On Saturday evening, the conservative student activist organization Turning Point USA kicked off their multi-day winter gathering in Phoenix, Arizona. 

America Fest: Day 3 Key Highlights

  • Dr. Gorka’s take on “evil being real.”

Dr. Gorka went straight down to business as soon as he walked onto the podium and said, “While you young people are the future of this nation, all patriots are needed to Take America Back.” 

Answering a college student’s question on how to combat communism, Dr. Gorka regaled the audience with an anecdote from his childhood and said, “Evil is real and present in the heart of man, and will win until and unless we stop it.” This is a jibe at Biden, whom Republicans paint as a demon from hell. Addressing prominent Democrats, he said they “chose the wrong enemy.” He ended his address with the glorious declaration of “bring it,” which targeted Democrats. 

  • Benny Johnson on “taking back culture.”

Benny Johnson’s address to the cheering crowd was centered around being a dad and his one-year-old daughter. He stated that it was his “daily routine” to watch Tucker Carlson while eating breakfast. “This is how we take culture back,” Johnson said. “We raise great children and say no to the trash culture that tries to give us sad lives that are socially distant.” Johnson’s remark was aimed at deriding Biden’s Covid policy. 

  • Congressman Louie Gohmert on the vote-counting controversy

In conversation with three other speakers during the Election Integrity: Our Priority debate, Congressman Gohmert commented that it was “wrong” not to allow the voters to view the counting of votes. “Every room requires a camera; they are cheap enough now.” 

Congressman Andy Biggs stated that “if you want to effect change, you need to pressurize your elected officials. They need to be awakened. They need to be ready and looking for this.” He also cited a need for these elected officials to “stop election laws that are coming from the left.” Biggs also alleged that 40000 illegal voters registered to vote after the constitutional deadline in Arizona. 

Congressman Paul Gossar emphasized the need to reform Section 230. “It has to happen, so that liability is extended to these big monolithic corporations,” he said. 

  • Jesse Watters on getting “the left to feel awkward.”

After a lengthy preamble regarding hookers, Tucker Carlson, Mercedes, Tucker Carlson, positive attitudes, and Tucker Carlson, Watters said, “we want the left to feel awkward.” He also said he was “sick and tired of Conservatives playing defense.” Accordidefenseatters, it was time for Conservatives to go on the “offense.” 

He then issued a collective call to action to the audience, decreeing them as “deputies” and urging them to “take advantage of the politicians pouring into their colleges and make them awkward.”

Just one such event on tape can change the whole conversation in the country,” he said to cheers and applause. 

Watters then regaled the audience with how he found the “secret to success.” In conversation with an 89-year-old, Watters discovered that the secret to success was to “keep your hair and keep your waistline.” He also emphasized the need to “sleep” well for success. “Don’t go to bed with a phone in your face, unless you’re watching Watters,” he winked. “When you guys are healthy, the country’s healthy to ambush bad guys,” he said to cheers and applause.

In a special message “for the ladies” that he claimed his wife had written, he said, “cherish your femininity” and “be different.” 

He concluded his address with a suave “I am Watters, and this is my world.” 

  • Congresswoman Boebert’s stand on ‘putting people first.’

Amidst cheers and applause, congresswoman Lauren Boebert put forth her stand on ‘principled public service which puts people first.’ She also made a backhanded comment on Republicans who have fallen from Trump’s grace like Shirkey and Chatfield, saying that America needs leaders “who aren’t afraid of the mainstream media, of the attacks and the lies.” 

Regarding her take on “mainstream media,” Boebert said that she ‘just smiles’ when she hears all the “things they say about me.”

Of liberalists, Boebert said, “They want to dictate your life.”They hate me because they can’t control me and hence can never control you.” Commenting on why she backs the second amendment, Boebert proclaimed, “they want to control everything, including how you protect yourself. This is why I back the second amendment.” 

Addressing Kyle Rittenhouse as her “friend,” she stated in Kyle’s context that he was the “equalizer” to the death threats she had received since thanksgiving. “You have a right to self-defense. Even if you show up somewhere with a firearm, that right does not go away,” she said, extending her support for Rittenhouse. “The 2nd amendment has nothing to do with hunting. It includes the right to self-preservation, even from an overreaching tyrannical government.” 

Taking a jibe at Alec Baldwin, Boebert said, “guns don’t kill people. Alec Baldwin’s ignorance does.” The left, according to Boebert, wanted to “shred the constitution.” 

Bashing Biden’s covid policy, Boebert stated, “your freedom of religion has been attacked. On account of a faulty Chinese-funded virus, our churches were shut down.” “The first amendment,” she went on,” the freedom to assemble does not have a medical asterisk next to it.”

Boebert chuckled as she came to the issue of freedom of the press. “There’s not much left there when we have the huter Biden laptop from hell story just disappear,” she stated. 

Boebert also pulled out the big guns on the Biden administration, saying, “One-party rule for one year has left us with crippling inflation and a humiliating exit from Afghanistan that left 13 people and 7 children dead.”

  • Kyle did the right thing that night.”

In the context of Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder trial, three speakers in conversation with each other at TPUSA believed that “hard authoritarian psychopaths don’t have a conscience. They suck the life out of people like Kyle to prove a political point.” Kyle was also hailed as “normal” and “not the monster that has been painted in the media.” The other speaker interjected, saying that the media was mad that Republicans  ` humanizedRittenhouse. The conversation centered around Rittenhouse being an average person ended on the note of “Kyle did everything right that night. Please support Kyle.”

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