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Brandon Orlando Tatum was born on 22 April 1987. The former football player was born in Fort Worth, Texas. Tatum also served as a Tucson Police Officer and is now a conservative political commentator.

In 2016, he made a viral Facebook Video that gained over 70 million views. In that video, he was at a rally supporting the former US President, Donald Trump. He alleged that he felt unsafe because of the people protesting against the rally.

Again in 2017, Tatum went viral for his opposition to players “taking the knee” during NFL games. In that video, Tatum said, “these clowns are doing stuff off of trendiness,” “Quit taking a knee and protesting and crying like a baby because, at the end of the day, all you’re doing is pissing people off.”

Tatum gave an interview on “Fox and Friends.” He spoke about the exact incident in the interview.

Tatum went on, saying, “I wanna see players go out and play and have a good time and enjoy the game. I don’t want to see politics mixed in with athletics.”

Talking about the importance of the American flag, Tatum said, “You have these people who want to turn around and take a knee and want to attribute all the negativity to the flag and the anthem but don’t want to attribute the positive.”

“If you feel that the American flag represents negativity and slavery and all this other stuff, then you have to give credit and credence to a flag that allowed you to go from cornfields and picking cotton to be the president of the UnStatesState of America,”

Brandon Tatum’s education and family

Brandon Tatum was born to Bobby Tatum and Brenda Burleson. Both his parents attended Tarrant County College. Tatum’s father is a captain in the Fort Worth Fire Department.

Tatum graduated from Dunbar High School in 2005, wherein he excelled in football. For his Bachelor’s Degree, Tatum went to the University of Arizona. He studied sociology during his degree and actively working on his Master’s in Business Leadership.

With his massive social media following, Brandon has been featured on The Ingraham Angle, Fox Business, Fox & Friends, Headline News, Newsmax, One America News, and podcasts for Diamond and Silk, Ben Shapiro, Salem radio, and many large local radio markets.

Tatum was invited to 26 Colleges and Universities from 20 different states in 2020. Tatum was also featured in the US-Army All-American Game. It showcases the top 78 high school football players in the US.

Brandon Tatum Career

Tatum entered the NFL draft in 2010. After he got undrafted, he started his career as a Police Officer in Tucson, Arizona. In October 2017, Tatum resigned from Tucson Police Department. He then Joined Liftable Media, The Western Journal, and The Conservative Tribune operator.

Tatum also served in The Turning Point USA as director of urban engagement. Tatum later found his own media company called The Tatum Report.

About the Tatum Report

In 2020, Brandon Tatum founded the Tatum Report, his own media company. The official site claims that it focuses on showing the real news instead of creating a sensation.

The official site says, “With tribalism and Fake News running rampant on BOTH sides of the political aisle, our team wants to bring the FACTS and stay 100! We fully intend to disrupt the mainstream narrative by delivering TRUTH.

Is the Tatum Report biased? YES!!! But our biases and opinions come from what we firmly believe in. We have a conservative political perspective and a Christian outlook. This team will not be swayed just because someone’s feelings may get hurt in the process.

We want to help our audience not only stay up to date on the news but also inspire our fellow Americans to stand firm on their core values.”

Brandon Tatum’s Youtube Channel

So far, over 600 million views have been recorded on the YouTube channel, which has more than 2 million subscribers. Different sources of traffic contribute to its average daily viewing of 500,000. From the advertisements on the videos, the site should generate more than $1 million in revenue each year ($4,000 per day).

Brandon Tatum’s wife and Children

Brandon Tatum is married to Corinne Tatum. They both are parents of two children.

Association with KWESST’s Non-Lethal Low Energy Cartridge System in the U.S.

In July 2021, KWESST announced Tatum’s agreement on being the advisor and advocated for KWESST’s Non-Lethal Low Energy Cartridge System in the U.S.

On this, Tatum said, “It is an absolute honor to partner with KWESST. The Low Energy Cartridge system is a game-changer for law enforcement, and it adds to a family’s ability to diversify home and personal defense. As a former police officer, I understand the value of having a reliable non-lethal cartridge-based firing platform as an option on patrol, giving great flexibility during tactical deployments. I also recognize that a significant population in America is looking for a tool that can keep them safe without having to resort to deadly force. The Low Energy Cartridge system is the perfect solution for America, and I am 100 percent behind this incredibly innovative strategy to make our world a safer and more responsible place.”

Upon this, KWESST’s executive chairman, David Luxton, said, “We’re very pleased with this collaboration with Brandon, who is a widely followed commentator on the use of force and is a sincere believer in better tools for law enforcement and personal defense. His views and advice will help KWESST bring to market variants of the LEC product tailored to specific operational purposes, with advance feedback from his audiences.”

Brandon Tatum’s Net Worth

YouTuber Brandon Tatum is known as Officer Tatum. Approximately $2.2 million is estimated to be his net worth. Videos of him talking about life, success, and politics are released every week. A platform allows him to convey his beliefs to his audience as a black conservative.

Brandon Tatum Book

Tatum has written a book called Beaten Black and Blue. This book tells about his struggles and the stories of other Police Officers. This book is available on Amazon for pre-bookings.

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