Ex-Trump appointee Federico Klein found guilty on January 6 Capitol Attack

Ex-Trump appointee Federico Klein found guilty on January 6 Capitol Attack

A former appointee of Trump has been found guilty of Jan 6 Capitol attack and facing several charges.

Let’s read the news and find out the charges against Ex Trump’s appointee.

Ex-Trump appointee Federico Klein found guilty on January 6 Capitol Attack

On Thursday, Federico Klein, a former political appointee of President Donald Trump, was convicted of participating in attacks on police officers on January 6, 2021.

The assault included one of the lengthiest attacks on officers by rioters in a tunnel at the Lower West Terrace of the U.S. Capitol ( United States Congress). The charges included obstructing an official proceeding, assaulting officers, causing civil disorder, and damaging government property.

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Klein and Cappuccio went to the Lower West Terrace, where their victims were. They attacked police officer Daniel Hodges, who was recorded on camera being pinned to a metal door frame by the mob with Klein’s help, in one of the most traumatic incidents of the day.

Klein was convicted on all counts, including 10 felony charges which involved six violent confrontations with law enforcement officers and obstruction of the electoral vote count, after a week-long bench trial before U.S. District Judge Trevor N. McFadden.

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Steven Cappuccio is facing six felony counts. However, McFadden acquitted him of the obstruction charge and a misdemeanor, saying that Cappuccio was not involved in stopping the electoral vote count.

A third co-defendant, Christopher Joseph Quaglin, was found guilty on 14 other counts on the first day of trial last week after admitting the facts laid out.

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Trump appointee Federico Klein found guilty on January 6 Capitol Attack

U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden said, “No police officer should have had to put up with these unprovoked assaults.” He pointed to specific video evidence presented during the trial to disprove Klein’s claims that he acted unconsciously.

A jury found Klein guilty after video evidence showed him attacking police officers and attempting to breach the Capitol. His defense claimed he was caught up in the moment and had no intention of causing harm.

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According to the schedule, Klein is set to receive his sentence (punishment imposed) on November 3, 2023. Meanwhile, Sept. 26 for Quaglin, Oct. 19 for Cappuccio. He could potentially be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison for each of the assault charges and up to five years in prison for each of the other charges.

Federico Klein’s role in the Capitol attack on January 6 led to his conviction, and numerous others have also faced charges and pleaded guilty. It is important to note that over 800 people have been charged with this heinous attack.

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