Geetha Govindam World Television Premiere: Channel, Date, & Time (Updated)

Geetha Govindam is a 2018 Indian Telugu-language romantic comedy film that is written and directed by Parasuram and produced by Bunny Vasu under the banner of GA2 Pictures. The film stars South superstar Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmika Mandanna in the lead role.  The movie was released on the 15th of August 2018 in India and later published in the US. The film has received a lot of positive accolades from the critics as well the fans.

Geetha Govindam World Television Premiere

Geetha Govindam is a Telugu language film that will have its world television premiere on the 9th of September 2022 at 6 pm on Asianet. The movie stars Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmika Mandana in the lead role, and it is a cute love story between the two lead characters. It is a heart-warming story between the two characters, so don’t forget to watch it today on the world television premiere.

Geetha Govindam Cast

Vijay Deverakonda as Vijay Govind

Rashmika Mandanna as Geetha

Subbaraju as Phaneendra, Geetha’s brother

Mouryani as Sirisha, Govind’s sister

Rahul Ramakrishna as Ramakrishna, Govind’s friend

Vennela Kishore as Kishore, Geetha’s bridegroom

Naga Babu as Govind’s father

Annapoorna as Geetha’s grandmother

Giri Babu as Geetha’s grandfather

Kalyani Natarajan as Neelu’s mother and Geetha’s MD

Aneesha Dama as Neelu

Abhay Bethiganti as Govind’s friend

Ravi Prakash as Ravi, a police officer

Chitram Seenu as a Taxi driver

Geetha Govindam Plot

The story of the movie revolves around two characters Geetha and Vijay. During a visit to a temple, Vijay realizes all the decoration of the temple is done by a girl named Geetha, who is unmarried, and he instantly is attracted to her. Before he could think more about it, his sister’s engagement is fixed, and co-incidentally, Geetha is his co-passenger. He tries to take a selfie with Geetha who is asleep he accidentally kisses her, and Vijay keeps apologizing for his behavior when he reaches the wedding.

A shocking revelation that his sister is getting married to Geetha’s brother he received when he reaches the wedding. Everyone forces Geetha’s parents to get her married, and Geetha’s brother takes the name of Vijay, and she accepts it, but Vijay refuses, as he doesn’t it to be an option. Her marriage is decided by another suitor, and Vijay instantly regrets his decision. Then the story follows how Vijay manages to win Geetha back and how he tries to correct his mistake. But rest assured it is a happy ending, the story ends how exactly it starts, begins with a sweet kiss, and ends with the same.


Geetha Govindam World Telsvion premiere will be on the 9th of August 2020 at 6 pm on the Asianet channel. The story is a sweet romantic one between Vijay and Geetha, who depart for moments but come back to each other. Don’t forget to stream this beautiful love story. And for more exciting updates, stay connected to world wire.

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