Genencor Launches First Ever Commercial Enzyme Product For Cellulosic Ethanol

Genencor, a division of Danisco A/S, today announced a new product, Accellerase™ 1000, the first ever commercially available biomass enzyme developed specifically for second generation biorefineries. AccelleraseTM 1000 contains a potent complex of enzymes that reduces complex lignocellulosic biomass into fermentable sugars — an indispensable step for the production of cellulosic ethanol.

Over the past decade, Genencor has been developing biomass enzymes with the assistance of contracts with the Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The interest in second generation biorefineries has accelerated over the past two years in the USA and around the world, partly in response to government policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gases and increasing energy independence. With AccelleraseTM 1000, developers of pilot and demonstration plants will be able to reliably source biomass enzymes to improve process development, scale up, and integration efforts.

The company expects AccelleraseTM 1000 to be the first of a family of products tailored to biomass feedstocks and system conditions. The key features that are expected to be important at commercial scale are already built into this first product.

“The biofuels industry is at an inflection point with the development of cellulosic ethanol plants at the pilot and demonstration scale,” said Jack Huttner, vice president of biorefinery business development. “Every biorefinery developer needs to know how enzymes will work in their system. This product aims to address that need and to start a dialogue with potential partners about customized solutions and supply at the industrial scale.”

The enzymes developed by Genencor can serve as catalysts in making cellulosic ethanol a viable commercial product, helping President Bush achieve his goal of reducing oil use, said DOE Assistant Secretary Andy Karsner. “The use of ethanol derived from new feed stocks will not only enhance our transportation sector and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but will also provide America with more efficient fuel options for its transportation sector.”

In addition to product information and technical application information, AccelleraseTM 1000 can be ordered online at You can order AccelleraseTM 1000 by calling the customer service numbers below or contacting [email protected].


  • Enhanced saccharification performance on a variety of feedstocks.

  • Ability to operate in simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF) processes, two step sequential hydrolysis and fermentation (SHF) processes or hybrids of the two.

  • High beta-glucosidase activity to minimize residual cellobiose, which may lead to a higher saccharification and ultimately to a faster ethanol fermentation. Yields may also be improved.

  • Unclarified product. The remaining nutrients from enzyme production are available to the yeast in addition to the fermentable sugars produced by saccharification.

  • Minimal formulation to ensure that enzyme formulation chemicals do not interfere with saccharification carbohydrate profile analysis or subsequent yeast fermentation.

About Genencor

Genencor, a division of Danisco A/S, specializes in industrial biotechnology. Genencor employs 1,500 people in more than 40 countries to develop and market enzymes and biobased solutions that are used in laundry detergents, transportation fuels, and other industries to improve performance and reduce environmental impact. Danisco is the brand under which Genencor sells enzymes developed and manufactured by Genencor for food, beverage and animal nutrition. Genencor’s cutting-edge biotech platform provides competitive and sustainable solutions to our customers, technology leaders and other stakeholders, positioning Genencor as an emerging biobased economy leader.

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