Nikki Haley, Endorsed by Gov. Chris Sununu of New Hampshire

Chris Sununu endorsed Nikki Haley

At a campaign rally on Tuesday night, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu endorsed Nikki Haley for the Republican presidential nomination.

To thunderous applause at a Manchester ski area, Mr. Sununu declared, “We are all in for Nikki Haley.”

Chris Sununu endorsed Nikki Haley

Sununu appeared very impressed with Haley’s performance, describing her momentum as “real” and “tangible” and her ground game and polling results as “absolutely unbelievable.

Sununu portrayed Haley as a new face of the party who could challenge the Washington elites and steer the country away from the “nonsense and drama” of former President Donald J. Trump.

Chris Sununu endorsed Nikki Haley
Chris Sununu endorsed Nikki Haley

Re-elected by more than 15 percentage points last year, Mr. Sununu is a well-liked state governor and a critic of President Trump. In a previous interview, he stated his intention to discuss his presidential race endorsement, emphasizing his search for a candidate capable of defeating Mr. Trump and establishing a strong, direct connection with voters.

Mr. Sununu praised Ms. Haley in front of the Manchester crowd, calling her a traditional Republican with the executive experience to guard the border, address mental health issues, and guarantee low taxes and limited government while taking digs at Mr. Trump and President Biden

Mr. Sununu remarked, “We have a president who is more concerned about nap time,” adding, “We have a president who is worried about jail time.

Haley’s Campaign Strategy and Response to Endorsement

Gaining momentum in New Hampshire polls over the past month, Ms. Haley is attempting to position herself as the primary challenger to Mr. Trump. This endorsement is a major win for Haley against Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida.

Ms. Haley admitted to reporters that she had been more concerned with winning over people than getting elected officials to back her; nonetheless, she hailed Mr. Sununu’s endorsement, which was a major victory for her campaign. 

To Sununu’s endorsement, Ms. Haley declared, “It doesn’t get any better than this — to go and get endorsed by the ‘Live Free or Die’ governor is about as rock-solid of an endorsement as we could hope for.”

Following the gathering, Mr. Sununu and Ms. Haley also refuted rumors that she would designate Mr. Sununu as her vice president if she wins the nomination.

Regarding the rumors, she asserted, “I think he is fantastic, but he has told me he doesn’t want anything to do with V.P.,” 

Mr. Sununu also shared how he feels the campaign is now between “Nikki Haley and Donald Trump.” When Mr. Sununu was asked if he thought Ms. Haley had appropriately confronted the former president, Ms. Haley responded, “There are differences with us.”

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She further added, “Anti-Trumpers don’t think I hate him enough. Pro-Trumpers don’t think I love him enough. I put my truths out there and let the chips fall where they may.”

Mr. Sununu might influence the moderate Republicans and independents whom Ms. Haley is depending on to give her a solid showing in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary on January 23. 

While we can’t deny that the former president has the ultimate lead among the candidates and has continued to be the race’s front-runner, Ms. Haley is also trying to gain maximum support while striving towards a showdown between herself and Trump. This endorsement might be Haley’s push to achieve the momentum she needed in the race. 

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