India-China border dispute: Have Chinese occupied Indian territory in Ladakh, Rahul Gandhi takes on Rajnath

India-China border dispute

India-China border dispute: “If the Defense Minister has commented on the handprint, can he tell if the Chinese army has entered the Indian border in Ladakh?”

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi asked this latest question to Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday morning.

Earlier on Monday, the two leaders had a ‘poetic fight’ on Twitter.

Rahul Gandhi had ignored a part of Home Minister Amit Shah’s speech. On June 7, while addressing the BJP workers of Bihar, he said, “India’s defense policy has received global acceptance. 

The whole world recognizes that India is the only country that protects its borders after America and Israel. 

India-China border dispute: Rahul Gandhi takes on Rajnath


India-China border dispute
India-China border dispute

Rahul Gandhi wrote retweeting Shah’s statement:

Everyone knows the reality of ‘Seema’ but

To keep the heart happy, ‘Shah-yad’ is a good idea.

After this tweet by Rahul Gandhi, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh responded:

If there is a pain in ‘hands,’ medicine is given,

What’s the use of the ‘hand’ when there is pain?

After this, Rajnath Singh tweeted, “Many Congress leaders are asking questions as to what is happening on the India-China border? 

I want to assure the people of the country that I will give detailed information about this in Parliament.”

In another tweet, he said, “India is in talks with China at the military and diplomatic level on the border. On June 6, talks were held at the military level. 

We do not hurt the honor, truthfulness, and self-respect of any country.” Nor will we tolerate injury. “

However, the Defense Minister did not say when he will reply in Parliament.

On this whole issue, the war between the government and the opposition in India is increasing. The opposition is accusing the government of hiding facts, and the government is saying that it will reply in Parliament.

Here, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying has said that the two countries have agreed that mutual differences should not be allowed to become a reason for escalating the dispute.

Let’s take a look at the developments so far in the current border dispute between China and India:

Why is there a dispute?

India-China border dispute
India-China border dispute

In May, there were reports of conflict between the soldiers of different countries on the India-China border. There was a clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers in the Naku La sector of North Sikkim. 

After that, the news came that the soldiers of both countries have been facing face since May 5 on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh.

There is no boundary between India and China in the Pangong Lake and Galvan River areas. This lake is at an altitude of 4,350 meters in the Ladakh region in extremely cold terrain.

According to media reports, the soldiers of both countries are camping in this area, and both are accusing each other of infiltrating the area. 

India and China share an extremely long border, and both sides have been claiming their positions in many areas of the border.

According to reports, the current confrontation between the two countries has taken place in the Galvan Valley and Pangong Lake in eastern Ladakh, which has raised concerns about the future of the local people.

Meanwhile, both countries are increasing their troops on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The situation in Aksai China triggered this tension between the two countries over the Galvan Valley. 

India says that some tents of the Chinese Army have been seen along the side of Galvan valley. After this, India has also increased the deployment of the Army there. 

At the same time, China alleges that India is making illegal defense-related construction near Galvan Valley.

Recently, some pictures and videos related to the alleged violence between Indian and Chinese soldiers were shared on social media. However, the Indian Army did not consider them authentic.

What is the government saying?

India-China border dispute
India-China border dispute

On behalf of India, the first home minister Amit Shah said that the Narendra Modi government would not compromise on India’s borders.

In an interview with a TV channel on June 1, Shah said, “No sovereign nation can take lightly on the LAC. Our dialogue is continuing at the diplomatic and military levels. 

But let me clarify that Narendra Modi and the government will not compromise on our borders, and we will stand firm for this. “

However, Shah did not respond when asked if Chinese soldiers had entered the Indian border.

After this, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said in an interview on June 2 that a considerable number of Chinese soldiers are present on the border. However, he later denied it.

Between all this, there was a discussion at the Lieutenant General level in India and China on June 6. After military-level talks, the Indian Foreign Ministry said in its statement that the two countries have emphasized resolving disputes by respecting each other’s feelings.

What is the opposition saying?

India-China border dispute
India-China border dispute

On the issue of the India-China dispute, opposition parties are continually questioning the ruling BJP and accusing the government of hiding the real situation.

Many Congress leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, have asked the Central Government what is happening in Ladakh.

AIMIM chief and MP Asaduddin Owaisi have said that the central government should tell the country what is going on with China. 

Owaisi said, “Why is the government feeling ashamed? They should tell us if the Chinese Army has entered the Indian border in Ladakh.”

What has China said?

India-China border dispute
India-China border dispute

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying has said that Seem To resolve the dispute, dialogue is being emphasized at the diplomatic and military levels. 

He said that the two countries would not allow mutual differences to cause conflicts to escalate. He said, “The situation in the disputed border areas is completely controlled and stable right now. 

It has both the capacity and the will to resolve such border disputes through dialogue between India and China.”

In an article published in China’s official newspaper Global Times, it has been said that China and India have avoided the situation of mutual interaction like the Doklam dispute, but still, this dispute will not end so soon.

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