Jeanine Pirro’s net worth- How much is she worth?

Jeanine Ferris Pirro was a New York State judge, prosecutor, and politician before becoming a television broadcaster and author in 1951. When she worked for NBC News, she appeared on The Today Show often. She also made history as the first female judge elected in Westchester County, New York. Judge Jeanine Pirro is the first woman to hold the office of district attorney in Westchester County, New York, in the United States.

Pirro became well-known as a district attorney for his work on cases of domestic violence and crimes against the elderly. What is Judge Jenine Pirro’s net worth? Let’s find out.

Judge Jeanine Pirro’s net worth

Jeanine Pirro is a judge on the bench. Jeanine Pirro is an American judge and television personality. According to Forbes, Judge Jenine Pirro’s net worth is estimated at around $14 million. To have their 7,882 square-foot house in Westchester County, New York, constructed, Jeanine and Albert spent $425,000 in 1988.

Judge Jeanine Pirro's net worth

For a total of four times, Jeanine has listed her five-bedroom, seven-bathroom mansion, first for $5.2 million in 2000, then for $4.295 million in 2007, and most recently for $4.995 million in 2015. She has reduced the price from $3.8 million to $3.4 million as of August 2018.

Judge Jenine Pirro’s income

During her first year at Fox News in 2010, her compensation was $1 million per year, which has increased Jenine Pirro’s net worth significantly. Her pay has climbed by $7 million in the last decade. For her first job as an Assistant District Attorney in 1975, Jeanine Pirro was paid $14,000. When she was elected District Attorney in 1993, her yearly compensation rose to $50,000.

Judge Jeanine Pirro's NY mansion
Judge Jeanine Pirro’s NY mansion

A prolific author for more than three decades, Pirro has written or co-authored a slew of best-selling works. The author of six books, two of which are crime thrillers, she is known for her work. The royalty through these books has added millions more to Jenine Pirro’s net worth.

Judge Jenine Pirro’s assets

Jeanine Pirro’s possessions include nine homes, six cars, and a luxury yacht. More than $8 million in cash reserves are also part of Jeanine Pirro’s asset portfolio. Jeanine Pirro just purchased a $76,000 Volvo XC90. Jeanine Pirro has a $170,000 Mercedes-Benz G-Class. In addition, Jeanine Pirro maintains a $12 million investment portfolio of nine companies. In Elmira, New York, Jeanine Pirro lives in a 7,200-square-foot luxury mansion. An estimated $10 million was spent on Jeanine Pirro’s new home in New York City.

In 2006, Pirro ran for the Republican candidacy for US Senate against Hillary Clinton but dropped out to win the nomination for New York Attorney General; she lost the general election to Andrew Cuomo, a Democratic candidate. She wrote Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy. It was published in 2018 and was written by her.

Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy

Smartmatic sued Pirro for defamation in February 2021 for false charges of election fraud in the 2020 US presidential election. However, the claims against her were rejected by a court in March 2022. Pirro was identified as a defendant in the case.

Judge Jenine Pirro  Early Life and Career

New York-born Jeanine Ferris is the daughter of Lebanese-American parents who raised her in Elmira, New York. A mobile-home salesman father and a Beirut-based department store model mother raised her.

She completed her high school education at Elmira’s Notre Dame High School while working as an intern at the Chemung County District Attorney’s Office. When Pirro graduated from the University of Buffalo, she was awarded a bachelor’s degree in the arts.

She was awarded a J.D. degree in 1975 by the Albany Law School at Union University, and she was a law review editor at the time.

Judge Jenine Pirro’s Political career

District Attorney Carl Vergari appointed Pirro as an Assistant District Attorney in Westchester County, New York, in 1975. Pirro started her career by writing appeals and managing small cases in Westchester County. During the 1970s, Pirro contacted Vergari and asked him to seek a federal grant for the establishment of domestic abuse bureaus in local district attorneys’ offices.

Political career

After her November 1990 election as a judge of the Westchester County Court, Pirro resigned from her position as District Attorney. She had defeated Democratic candidate and New Castle Town Justice Lawrence D. Lenihan, as well as Right to Life Party nominee August C. Nimphius, Jr., in her races as a Republican and a Conservative.

When she was elected in November 1993, Pirro became the first female district attorney in Westchester County. In 1997 and 2001, she was re-elected. She declared on May 23, 2005, that she would not run for re-election to a fourth term as Westchester County DA.

For how many years was Jeanine Pirro a judge?

A pioneer among female district attorneys in New York, Pirro served as the first female president of the association. She served there for 2 years (1991 to 1993).

She was also appointed by then-Governor George Pataki to lead the New York State Commission on Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board when she served as district attorney. In the wake of its findings and recommendations, a bill was passed that strengthened the protections and safeguards for domestic violence victims.

Pirro as judge

O’Rourke’s projected Republican gubernatorial contender, Westchester County Executive Andrew O’Rourke, nominated Pirro as his running partner on May 26, 1986. In the end, O’Rourke and New York State Republican Committee Chairman Anthony J. Colavita chose Pirro after almost a dozen people refused the post.

On August 10, 2005, Pirro said she wanted to run for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate from New York in the 2006 election against Hillary Clinton, who was serving her first term as a Democrat. When party leaders kept pressuring Pirro, she finally pulled out of the race for the Senate on December 21st, 2005. After a sluggish fundraising effort and surveys showing she would be handily beaten by Clinton, she made the decision to get out. As of May 31, 2006, Pirro was the only Republican running for Attorney General of New York. At the state GOP convention, she was chosen as the party’s candidate by acclamation.

Media career


The Morning Program with Mike and Juliet, a nationally syndicated talk show, has featured Pirro on a regular basis. The Today show, Fox NY’s “Good Day New York,” has included her as a guest expert on many occasions. She is a legal analyst for Fox News and has been on a number of programs, including Larry King Live, The Joy Behar Show, and Geraldo at Large, where she served as a guest host. Fox’s late-night satire program, Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld, had her as a regular guest several times.

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