Jim Jordan: GOP has ‘Compelling’ Case against Joe Biden

Jim Jordan: GOP has 'compelling' case against Joe Biden

The House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan is arguing that Congress has a “constitutional duty” to investigate President Joe Biden, and the House is scheduled to vote on this resolution on Wednesday.

Jordan stated on “CUOMO” on Tuesday that, “If there’s bribery, high crimes, misdemeanor, we are compelled by the Constitution to move there,” while adding, “I think the case is already pretty compelling.”

Jordan, who is now one of the congressmen spearheading the impeachment effort

Jim Jordan: GOP has 'compelling' case against Joe Biden
Jim Jordan: GOP has ‘compelling’ case against Joe Biden

against Biden, once opposed the impeachments of former President Donald Trump. During that time, Jordan said it would be bad for the nation. But now, what makes the Republican pursuing one against Biden?

To prove his actions, Jordan claimed that “we have taken a much more practical approach” to the investigation than Democrats in 2021 during the second impeachment. 

He further tried to prove his point by adding, “There were no hearings; there was nothing; they just rushed it to the floor and did it.”

On Tuesday, the House Rules Committee passed a resolution to initiate an official investigation into the president, formalizing the impeachment process. A vote on the House floor will follow the committee vote. 

An official investigation would start if the resolution is approved, which would need the backing of almost all 221 Republican representatives.

Republicans argue that formal investigation would provide them greater authority to issue subpoenas and obtain documents that the White House has refused to provide.

Republicans have been investigating claims that Biden profited from his son Hunter’s business ventures by using his name and position for months. However, legislators have not yet been able to produce any proof that connects the president to any offenses. 

Legislators have heard testimony from Devon Archer, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, who claimed that during their association, he placed his father—the vice president at the time—on speakerphone more than 20 times in front of business associates.

Following their August meeting, Rep. Dan Goldman reported that Archer had testified that Hunter Biden was attempting to grant his father the “illusion” of access.

However, House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. James Comer, a Republican, reiterated his belief that Archer’s evidence supported then-Vice President Joe Biden’s purported involvement.

Jordan, who shared the same thought as Comer, asserted on Tuesday that he also thought Archer’s evidence connected Biden to the alleged crimes, namely utilizing his power as vice president to remove a prosecutor in Ukraine who was looking into Burisma, a gas firm that Hunter Biden was a board member of.

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The House Oversight Committee subpoenaed Hunter Biden to testify on Wednesday behind closed doors while Hunter’s attorneys asserted that he would give public testimony. 

Jordan claims he would only be open to testifying in public following the private session. On this point, Jordan stated, “In public, it’s always speeches and filibusters and a handful of questions and people trying to get the big moment,” 

He added, “We want to start with the deposition.”

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