List of speakers for the “We the People Fight Back” Event!

We the People Fight Back’ is a two-day event focusing on giving voice to people who stand against the Democrats.

It promises to give tools to have a voice against radicals. According to the republicans, conservative values are intricately woven into the fabric of the nation.

Conservatives claim that liberals are taking control over the nation and leading America into the dark abyss. They say the conservatives fight back peacefully and their voices must be heard.

The speaker’s list for the event:

  • John Di Lemmi
  • Brad Barton
  • Karen Kingston
  • Pastor Greg Locke
  • Tom Homan
  • Dr. Elizabeth Eads
  • Professor Toto
  • Doug Billings
  • Dr. Paul Williams
  • Alfie Oakes
  • Martha Avila
  • Allen & Francine Fosdick
  • Dr. Christa Krzeminski
  • Dr. Linda Lee Tarver
  • Sabine Durden-Coulter
  • Frank Valentine
  • Ian Farrar
  • Maurice LoMonaco
  • Domine Clemons
  • Keith Flaugh
  • Captain Wayne Smith
  • Frank De Varona
  • Jeff Preston
  • Pastor Stacey Shiflett

Apart from these notable speakers, there will be two guest speakers. The identity of the guest speakers is not disclosed yet. It is claimed that the identity of those speakers will be revealed closer to the event.

Steps to book tickets for the event

Anyone who wants to attend the event can book their VIP Tickets here!

This link opens to a ‘details’ column with a payment gateway. The VIP ticket includes not only the entry to the event but also entrance goodies, swag bags, Gourmet Lunch, and dinner.

The cost of the ticket, for now, is $397. It is said on the event’s official site that the ticket price may increase after a while.

Time, date, and place of the event

We the people fight back event will take place in Naples in Florida. The exact location of the event is Naples Hilton, 5111 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34103. The event will take place in the Royal Palm Ballroom of Hilton.

The event will be held for two days- 7th January 2022 and 8th January 2022. The massive event will start at 10 am and will conclude at 6 pm the following day.

Dress code at We the people fight back event

There is no such compulsory dress code at the event. People are recommended to have business attire. Along with this, people are free to wear patriotic red, white, and blue.

Purpose of We the people fight back event

As considered by Republicans and Trump supporters, the US 2020 elections were stolen. This is regarded as a huge loss of America by the ‘patriots’.

This event is organized to educate the ‘patriots’ through several speakers on how to have a distinctive voice.

The official site of the event reads:

“We all know that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen from President Donald J. Trump and the American People. There’s plenty of evidence to prove it. Unfortunately, the radical left and RINOS will do everything to hide the truth. Plus the fake news media is only focused on telling lies to the American people to strengthen the Democrat party. That’s why we must fight back and stay focused on Making America Great Again. This is no longer just a campaign slogan…it’s a battle cry of all Patriots fighting for America!”

Topics discussed at We the People Fight Back Event

The event will put light on many issues, including:

  1. The ways to recognize the dangers of communists in America. 
  2.  How Coronavirus exposed the Radical Left’s true agenda.
  3. Why Christians must follow god’s words and refuse to compromise.
  4. Pro-life movement & abortion – alternative options and education
  5. The truth about the depth of Joe Biden’s decades-long corruption.
  6. Why we must support small business owners and entrepreneurs in America.
  7. How the radical left cares more about illegal aliens than American citizens.
  8. Socialism versus Capitalism – why America can never be a communist country!
  9. How Joe Biden will murder tens of millions of children around the world.
  10. Why the Radical Left wants to divide our nation and cause chaos.
  11. The culture war that is going on right now in high schools and on college campuses.
  12. How to maximize Capitalism in America and take advantage of our free enterprise system.

Organizers of We the people fight back event

The event is organized by John & Christie Di Lemme. They both are the founders of The Conservative Business Journal.

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Steps to book tickets for the We the People Fight Back Event!

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